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Burger King Flusters Customers By Using ‘Chick Fries’ To Explain Women’s Price Gaps

Burger King isn’t shy about stepping in with some social commentary or two when they feel some type of way. They’ve done it in the past regarding net neutrality, and just presented their take on the “pink tax” with a brand new social experiment.

To make their point on how women’s products cost more 42% of the time, the chain created “Chick Fries” sold only to ladies in a social experiment. Anytime a woman went up to the counter to order Chicken Fries, the price went up from $1.69 to $3.09 and the crispy chicken strips were served in a special pink box.

chick fries

Of course, the ladies were peeved at having to pay nearly double the price men were charged for the fries, and let the BK staff on hand know about it. You can view their fiery reactions in the above YouTube video.

Calling something “chick fries,” putting it in a stereotypical pink box, and upcharging women for it? It was definitely a sexist move by the chain, but done with purpose so that Burger King could get their real message across. They wanted people to react so that they could bring up how unfair and discriminatory the “pink tax” is in the real world.

The BK team found a pretty simple and brilliant way to explain the Pink Tax using their Chicken Fries, opening up the discussion around the stark price differences in products for women and men.

Their reasoning behind displaying this message now? Currently, there’s a bill called the Pink Tax Reform Act in Congress that would prohibit changes in pricing for “substantially similar products” based on gender. Burger King is standing behind it, and asking those that agree with them to call their Congressional representatives to back the bill as well.

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Burger King Is Now Coating Their Chicken Fries In PRETZELS

One of the first dishes I ever became obsessed with was pretzel-crusted chicken. The combination of salty pretzel and fiery mustard already left my mouth watering, so adding succulent chicken to the mix let the floodgates open.

Burger King is now fueling that nostalgia for me with their newest item: Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries.

chicken fries

Photo courtesy of Burger King

The new Chicken Fries take strips of white meat chicken, and coat them in a seasoned pretzel breading. They’re then deep-fried to a golden brown, with the pretzel breading adding a slightly crunchier texture.

Lately Burger King’s been innovation around the chicken fries has revolved around spice, with jalapeno and buffalo being recent examples, so this is a twist is definitely going to shake things up in their innovation space.

To me, the only drawback here is that BK doesn’t have a spicy mustard dipping sauce to really take me back to one of my favorite dishes.

Still, I’m down to binge on a bunch of these with a generous helping of their honey mustard.

You can find the Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries at Burger King for a limited time, and an order of 9 carries a recommended price of $3.09.

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How To Make Burger King’s New Cheetos Chicken Fries At Home

Today is the day Burger King’s new Cheetos Chicken Fries drop nationwide. The fast food chain announced early this week that they would be releasing this new item and fans were more than eager to get their hands on some.

HellthyJunkFood, were among those who couldn’t wait for the new menu item to drop and decided to take things into their own hands by creating their own recipe.

A homemade batch of Cheetos Chicken Fries essentially uses white-meat chicken breasts that are cut into long even slices, which are then drenched in egg wash. Your chicken strips are next covered with a mixture of crushed Cheetos, flour, and the mix that comes in Mac & Cheese packets. The batch is then thrown into the deep fryer.

That Mac & Cheese sauce mixture was a pretty genius touch to the dish, as it seems to add that extra cheesy element to tie it all together. Check out the video for the complete recipe, in detail.

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Burger King Adds CHEETOS Chicken Fries To Menu


It was only a matter of time before Burger King found a way to combine their Chicken Fries with their trending Mac N’ Cheetos. Enter the fast food chain’s newest addition: Cheetos Chicken Fries.

Set to hit participating Burger King locations this week, the item features a cheesy twist on Burger King’s breaded chicken fries. The strips of white-meat chicken are dusted with Cheetos’ cheese seasoning and served in a fry box featuring the lovechild of Chester the Cheetah and a chicken. He’s cool though, he’s wearing shades.

According to USA Today, you can get a box of nine pieces for $2.89. You can find the Cheetos Chicken Fries for a limited time beginning Wednesday September 14.

Photo: Burger King

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UPDATE: Buffalo Chicken Fries Are Coming To Burger King, Here’s What We Know


Burger King sure is placing all their bets on Chicken Fries. The breaded sticks of poultry made a triumphant return to BK menus last year as they found a permanent home at the fast food chain. Now, another variant of the Chicken Fries is quietly being advertised: Buffalo.

GrubGrade reports that Burger King is mailing out advertisements promoting the new fries. You may remember that BK released another flavor of the fries, Fiery Chicken Fries, a few months ago.

The Buffalo Chicken Fries probably won’t be as spicy as its “fiery” predecessor, but might just be a nice middle ground between that and the original flavor.

No word yet on whether Burger King plans to take the Buffalo Chicken Fries nationally or regionally.

UPDATE: Burger King has confirmed that the Buffalo Chicken Fries are available now at participating restaurants for a limited time. The fries will feature a dusting of buffalo spices and will be served with the patron’s choice of dipping sauces.

Each order of Buffalo Chicken Fries will be available for around $2.89.

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Burger King Has Lost All Control, Puts Fate Of Chicken Fries On This Clucking Chicken

In an absurd move, Burger King is letting a chicken decide where its Chicken Fries will be sold in the US.

A chicken. Deciding where dead chickens should be served.

I’m not exactly a PETA activist, but that’s pretty fucked up.

Burger King did go through some extra trouble to show how comfortable Gloria, the chicken, would be in her special coop during her cross-country tour:

It all seems like a quid pro quo deal because Burger King can obviously never kill Gloria, nor can anyone else. Betraying your species and endorsing a product made out of your family seem like a good way to guarantee a long life, even if you don’t actually know what’s going on.

So far, she’s only been to two cities, accepting Maryland and brutally denying New Jersey:

Even chickens hate New Jersey.

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Not Surprising: Burger King Kills ‘Satisfries’ Because No One Wanted Them


If the overwhelmingly positive response to the return of Burger King’s Chicken Fries is any indication, their healthier alternative Satisfries were always doomed to fail.

First introduced almost a year ago, the reduced calorie and reduced fat crinkle cuts were designed to absorb less oil than their non-“Satis” counterparts. According to Business Week, franchisees were given the option earlier this week to keep Satisfries on the menu or drop them entirely. About 2/3 of the chain’s 7,370 North American locations opted for the latter.

Universally considered “mediocre” and just “crinkle cut fries with clever marketing,” Satisfries’ demise will probably pass without too many tears from Burger King fans. Besides, the King has already graced us with a suitable replacement. Long live Chicken Fries!