Wrap Your Cock in This Reusable Diaper


And by your cock, I mean your pet chicken. Obviously.

Still confused? That’s okay, I’ll walk  you through it. Apparently, the number of chickens kept as pets (and not as poultry) has skyrocketed in the past few years, meaning that there’s an increasing demand for chicken-related pet products. And you know what they say — where there’s chickens, there’s chickensh*t. Enter the reusable chicken diaper: a festively patterned pouch that you wrap around your favorite barnyard fowl to catch all of the less desirable parts of chicken companionship. Because nothing says “love me” like “I am a bird with a thumbnail-sized brain currently strapped to a sack of my own sh*t.”

I won’t comment on the odor implications of this particular invention, but the diapers do come in two different colors for maximum versatility. And as for the whole cock vs. chicken confusion earlier . . .


Diapers $12.50 @ Pampered Poultry

H/T Incredible Things