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The Most Colorful Foods To Try At This Year’s LA County Fair

County fairs are widely known for fun and decadence, whether it be through the rides, attractions, or the food. And speaking of the food, in recent years its become the main attraction for many looking for some prime time indulgence. Usually deep fried, a sweet treat, or both, fair food scratches cravings that you didn’t know you had, like a sudden hankering for deep fried butter. However, most of these foods are noticeably missing some pops of vibrant color. That’s why the LA County Fair is going POP this year for their theme and rolling out a special discount POP Menu, where select foods are full of color and only $6.50. Check out some of our favorite picks below:

Tajin Dole Whip

Nitro Treats is taking Dole whip from Disneyland and bringing it right to your favorite mangonada stand. In a varied take on the treat, they’re topping a smooth pineapple Dole whip with Chamoy and Tajin to give it that sweet chili flavor with a little bit of spicy zest.

Deep Fried Uncrustables

Chicken Charlie is a Southern California fair staple that’s serves up a constantly rotating menu of off the wall fried foods. This time they’re using a familiar after school snack: the Smuckers Uncrustable. By dipping it in a colored batter, they’re turning the Uncrustable into a red nugget of deep fried deliciousness. Topped with a strawberry drizzle, powdered sugar, and fruity pebbles, this treat is bursting at the seams with vibrancy and flavor.

Rainbow Pop Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches might be the most comforting of comfort foods, but they’re not much fun to look at. The Dog House is addressing this by giving the cheese some POP. By using four different colors of cheese, once this sandwich has been grilled, it becomes a gooey, yummy rainbow.

Unicorn Elote

Though delicious, all elote is usually similarly colored. Crazy Corn is here to fix that. They’re covering their corn with the usual mayo and butter combo, and then smothering the whole thing in different colored cheese to give it a full rainbow spectrum of colors.

Poprock Texas Donut

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the donuts. Aptly named Texas Donuts, this donut shop is covering a massive donut with a classic glaze, and then pop rocks. This gives the donut some color pop and a literal pop once you bite in.

32Oz Root Beer Float

How could you make a root beer float better? It’s already sweet, creamy, and delectable. Well, you could super-size it, shooing the disappointment of finishing off until later. And that’s exactly what MacPherson’s Ice Cream is doing. This root beer float comes with a leaning tower of soft serve surrounded by a 32 oz. moat of root beer.

Chocolate Dipped Jerky

This sweet meat just got even sweeter. Timbo’s Beef Jerky will have giant sticks of their chewy, savory jerky covered in luscious chocolate and sprinkles, to give it some color.

Which of these items sounds best to you? Luckily, it doesn’t matter, as each item on the POP Menu only costs $6.50, so it’s entirely possible to try all of them. And you can do this all at the LA County Fair in Pomona, CA, until September 22nd.

Created in partnership with LA County Fair. 

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The Wildest Eats You Can Find At This Year’s LA County Fair

This year, the LA County Fair is going on a bit of a nostalgia trip with a Route 66 theme. As an homage to the iconic highway, several vendors at the fair will be serving up special items that cost just $6.60.

We’ve eaten our way through the entire fair and found some of the wildest $6.60 deal options that you can find. Each of these has visual pop and loads of flavor, making them worth putting both in your mouth and your Instagram feeds.

Of course, there’s also plenty of regular items at the fair that are just as out-of-bounds, and you’ll want to check those out too. Below is a list of both $6.60 and other festival foods that are worth heading to the LA County Fair for.

$6.60 Items

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese Waffle Cone | Chicken Charlie’s

SoCal fair food legend Chicken Charlie is back at it, this time with a spicy, creamy mac & cheese waffle cone. It’s a combo of spicy buffalo chicken with cheesy mac, piled inside of a hot rod-red cone that’s sure to catch some eyes.

Texas Panhandle Pastrami Fries | C&C Concessions

If you’re looking for loaded fries with a twist, these pastrami fries will satisfy that craving. Crispy spuds are loaded up with hot pastrami, a blend of shredded cheeses, and pickles.

Nitro Popcorn | Nitro Snack Dragon Breath

Nitro Snack Dragon Breath is bringing back this viral item from last year’s fair. The kaleidoscopic popcorn is served after a dip in some liquid nitrogen, so you’ll be breathing “smoke” like a dragon when you take a bite.

Deep Fried Pecan Pie | Fried-a-Fair

It’s not a fair unless something outlandish heads into the deep fryer. This time around, it’s a hefty slice of pecan pie that’s getting the treatment.


Other Items To Check Out

Nitro Sourbomb | Nitro Snack Dragon Breath

Sour Bombs, wafer-like candies with sour powder in the middle, are also getting the liquid nitrogen treatment. Nitro Snack dips a stick of them into liquid nitrogen so they’re served at temperatures way below freezing, creating a smoky effect.

Cowboy Sundae | Chuckwagon

If you’re looking for dessert, this is not the treat for you. But if you want BBQ, this IS what you’re looking for. Chuckwagon’s “sundae” consists of beans, slaw, mashed potatoes, meat, BBQ sauce, and topped with a “cherry” tomato.

Giant Rib | Biggy’s

Biggy’s is selling a MASSIVE beef rib that you can show off to everyone. Mad props to anyone who struts around the fair chomping on this like a carnivorous badass.

4 On The Floor Pizza | Absolutely Italian

Pasta and pizza unite in this creative mashup of Italian foods. A creamy penne pasta is loaded onto cheese-covered pizza dough before taking a trip through the oven.

PBJ & Sriracha Funnel Cake | Dutchman’s Funnel Cake

The classic combo of peanut butter and jelly gets piled onto a funnel cake, but with a spicy kick. A hit of sriracha is added to take this fair food classic to the next level.


The LA County Fair runs through September 23rd in Pomona, CA. You’ve got until then to check out all of these crazy eats PLUS everything else the fair has to offer.

Created in partnership with the LA County Fair. 


This Fair Vendor Is Charging $125 For A Twinkie

A photo posted by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

A while back, everyone thought that Twinkies would be gone forever. Folks were mobbing grocery store shelves stocking up for themselves or gearing to sell them on eBay for a ridiculous amount. Then Hostess brought the Twinkie back and everyone calmed down.

For those who were already set on paying a ridiculous amount for a Twinkie, Chicken Charlie has the one for you. At the OC Fair this year, the fried-food stand will be serving a $125 Twinkie. What sets this Twinkie apart from all the others is that it will be topped with what they describe as “the finest caviar“.

You can find the $125 Twinkie at the Chicken Charlie booth at the OC Fair. The fair will be open from July 17 through August 16.


Fair Famous ‘Chicken Charlie’ Looking To Open Restaurant in OC or SD


Fair Food Stand Owner and Entrepreneur Charlie Boghosian, AKA Chicken Charlie, told FOODBEAST exclusively about his current search for an appropriate retail space for his first brick-and-mortar restaurant. That’s right Southern Californians, imagine all the totally fried Oreos and Klondike Bars you want, anytime of the year.

Orange County-ites and San Diegans (/glass case of emotion), where should the first Chicken Charlie’s restaurant come to fruition? Main Street Huntington Beach? The Gaslamp District?

Chicken Charlie released 4 new items at the San Diego and Orange County Fair including FryBQ Ribs (Deep-Fried BBQ Ribs), Totally Fried Cool Aid, Fried Thin Mints and Totally Fried Browines. Chicken Charlie serves approximately 3,000 customers a day at the OC Fair, otherwise known as 3,000 diets broken.


Chicken Charlie also told FOODBEAST of plans to launch a home fryer appliance of similar novelty to the George Foreman Grill (estimated price around 75 dollars). And lastly don’t be surprised if you see a Chicken Charlie Recipe Book down the line to be sold with his collection of rubs, marinades and sauces. Charlie’s Spicy BBQ sauce is our favorite, and we want to see FryBQ in Orange County real soon.

Any California residents have a chance to try any of Chicken Charlie’s Fair Food? Which were your favorite?



OC Fair: Chicken Charlie’s

It has begun! The OC Fair is running on all cylinders and is not slowing down for anyone! From their enticing Las Vegas lights, stomach turning rides,  to their intense variety of edibles! They are not taking any prisoners, especially my brother from another mother Charlie! This man has one of the most impressive booths at the fair and is using it to its fullest potential! He’s muscling out any type of food your heart and soul desire. Whether you are on your healthy game, thats right, healthy foods at the OC Fair! Or you looking for the original comforting deep fried specialties like “Deep Fried Klondike Bars”! Charlie is the CHIEF at “Chicken Charlie’s”!