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Chicken & Waffles Pizza Is Officially Coming To Papa John’s This Year

Over the past couple of weeks, Papa John’s has been throwing up polls on Twitter asking fans to choose what the next pizza creation they debut should be. In an overwhelming majority, folks have asked for the pizza chain to bring chicken & waffles pizza to life.

Photo courtesy of Papa John’s

While there’s no official timetable as to when the pizza will launch yet, Papa John’s has released a concept photo of what the pizza will look like. The Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza will be topped with pieces of fried chicken and waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese, and a spicy honey drizzle.

The brunch-inspired ‘za had a commanding lead in the fan vote from the start, and final results gave it 70% of the votes compared to the alternative, Huevos Rancheros.

Other options that didn’t make the first cut included a pulled pork “Roast Pizza” and pizza dippers, or as Papa John’s called it, the “Un-Pizza.” Whether any of those will get a chance in the future to find a home on the menu as well remains to be seen.