How To Get Completely Free Chick-Fil-A This September

It’s rare to see a deal where you get free food with relatively no strings attached, but you can actually get some free Chick-Fil-A this September.

Little by little, we’re seeing major fast food restaurants adapt to phone apps, and when you download Chick-Fil-A’s new “One” app, they’ll thank you by giving you a free breakfast item. You can choose between the chain’s chicken biscuit, hash brown scramble bowl, or egg white grill.

I downloaded the app myself—because journalism—and it’s legit. You just pick one of the three entrees, and have them scan the QR code on your next visit.

Yeah, there is a bit of effort involved, as you have to download the app, but it won’t cost you anything but space on your phone.

If you want some free Chick-Fil-A breakfast, make it work. If you don’t, then screw it, thanks for reading my article anyway.

WHO: Chick-Fil-A

WHAT: Free breakfast entree when you download their “Chick-Fil-A One” app

WHEN: Through September 30

WHERE: All participating CFA’s

WHY: Because they want you to download their app