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Yogurtland’s New Create Your Own Smoothie Bowls Are Made With Real Fruit

Yogurtland will soon become the land of not only frozen yogurt, but all things fruit, as the California-based frozen yogurt shop launches its newest treat, Smoothie Bowls, this spring.

Premiered in our most recent News Bites, the new dairy-free, vegan Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl is made with real blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas — no sugar added*! Grab a bowl, pile up as much as you want, and in typical Yogurtland fashion, from there it’s up to you.

Yogurtland’s topping bar is a Foodbeast’s dream, with 30-plus options to choose from. And, just like their swirls of frozen yogurt or ice cream, you’re free to top your smoothie bowl with any of them. While the treat goes best with fresh fruit and crunchy granola, if gummy worms in smoothie bowls are your thing, go crazy.

We think the best addition to the smoothie bowl, is Yogurtland’s new Plant-Based Chia Pudding. The velvety, creamy delicacy has popped up in recent years as a popular addition to acai bowls and provides a boost of nutrients, including fiber and omega-3. But, unlike your average smoothie bowl shop, the amount of chia pudding in your bowl is at your disposal. Want some chia pudding with a side of smoothie bowl? Go for it.

We couldn’t help ourselves and, drunk with topping power, ended up making a massive Foodbeast version of the humble smoothie bowl. It’s unfathomable to think that it could get any bigger, but if you think you can make a better smoothie bowl then show us by taking a picture and post it using the hashtag #smoothiebowldare.

If this made you want to dive headfirst into some fruit, you’re not alone. They’ll be available at Yogurtland locations nationwide from March 2 to May 31, or until supplies last.

*Not a low-calorie food.

Created in partnership with Yogurtland.

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Simple Gradient Chia Seed Pudding Looks Like A Sunrise In A Jar

Whether it’s coming out of a sea blue bottle or fresh from a newly cracked coconut, coconut water evokes thoughts of a calming ocean breeze, sun-kissed everything, and tropical vibes. But, winter is here for us Northern Hemisphere folks. With the holiday season’s cloudy days, some coconut water can go a long way towards adding a bit of sunshine into daily life. One way to do that is with this unique recipe for ZICO Sunshine Chia Seed Pudding.

Chia seed pudding has made its way around the internet in the past couple years, usually in the form of an addition to acai bowls. But, it very much works as its own dessert so long as you use the right flavors.

Here, this recipe uses coconut water, coconut milk, and pitaya to give it a fresh, fruity flavor that doesn’t overpower itself with sugar as many chia puddings can. It’s a fine line to walk, but this pudding finds that balance.

Making the base for the pudding is relatively easy, as it’s nothing more than a few minutes of mixing and then leaving that to thicken in the fridge for an hour or so. From there, the finished product isn’t far off. Separate the base into four containers, mix each with increasingly larger increments of a pitaya and ZICO Coconut Water puree, and then lay these on top of each other.

The result should be a vibrant chia seed pudding that’ll add some color to any day or season.

For a more in depth view of the dish, check out the recipe below or the video above!


ZICO Sunrise Chia Seed Pudding 

Makes 4 Servings

1 C Chia Seed

24 fl oz ZICO 100% Natural Coconut Water

1 C Coconut Milk

¼ C Honey, Optional

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

½ tsp Kosher Salt

Pitaya Puree, Recipe Follows

Assorted Tropical Fruit


Pitaya Puree 

1 ½ C Red Pitaya

¾ C 100% ZICO Coconut Water


  1. In a large bowl, combine the chia seed, ZICO coconut water, coconut milk, honey (if using), vanilla and salt. Stir well to prevent lumps and allow to thicken for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  2. Meanwhile, in a blender, combine the red pitaya and ZICO coconut water. Puree until smooth. Set aside until ready to use.
  3. Once the chia seeds have fully gelled and thickened, separate the chia seed pudding into 4 bowls.
  4. In the first bowl, add 2 tablespoon of the pitaya puree. In the second bowl, add 4 tablespoon of pitaya puree. In the third bowl, add 6 tablespoons of pitaya puree. In the fourth and final bowl, add 8 tablespoons of pitaya puree. Adjust the color to your liking as needed with any remaining puree.
  5. To serve, layer the first bowl of pudding into a clear glass jar or cup. Layer the second bowl and continue with the third and fourth bowl to achieve a gradient effect.
  6. Top the pudding with your choice of assorted tropical fruit and enjoy.

Created in partnership with ZICO Coconut Water.