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This Naked Chef Is Going Viral For A BIG Reason [WATCH]


I had to replay the video a few times, but I eventually figured out what this dude was cooking. Sure, I could have read the video’s description from the start, but like most of you, that’s not the first thing I looked at.

Franco Noriega has found a niche in the kitchen, and that niche is in his pants.

He’s being called “The Naked Chef,” and while he still has underwear on in his videos, he might as well be naked, as his well-endowed eggplant emoji makes you feel like the video’s in 3D.


Of course, his latest recipe video went viral on Facebook, to the tune of over 9 million views, and you’d have to believe it’s because of his Captain America-like physique, because there’s no way anyone cares that much about Chia Pudding.

According to Mirror, Noriega is a Peruvian model who moved to New York seeking a career in acting, but found his way into modeling instead.

Now he’s using his culinary skills to gain attention. Kind of.

I don’t know how sanitary it is to keep that thing so close to food, but he seems to be getting away with it.

I also suspect that there’s some Ratatouille action going on here. Whatever the hell is in his boxers, has to be pulling the strings while he’s cooking.

Check out his Chia pudding recipe below, since I’m sure you have a sudden urge for it: