Ugh, Cute: Hans Off My Cookie!


Who knew Chewie could look so dashing as a cookie?

Packaged Food

New Chewy Brownie-Filled Chips Ahoy! Are the Perfect Brownie to Milk Delivery Vehicle


Why do we even eat regular Chips Ahoy cookies anyhow? The Original is chalky garbage, the Chewy ones are too small. You have the Chewy Gooey Megafudges, which get a little closer to the requisite chocolate flavor, but even they taste like they were designed by someone who maybe once had chocolate as a child and was then asked to describe that taste to a blind and deaf food scientist (I exaggerate).

But at least Chips Ahoy’s new Chewy Brownie-Filled cookies look promising.

The net-consensus so far is that these slightly thicker, slightly richer, slightly chocolate-ier takes on the beloved Chewies definitely taste like brownies, albeit artificial and somewhat grainy grocery store ones. The fellas over at Junk Food Guy describe them as follows: “These not only smelled like brownie, but they definitely tasted like brownies…deep cocoa flavor that morphed into a nice not-too-sweet chocolate taste as I chewed more. Plus, and this could all be in my head, but I felt like these had that great stick-to-the-root-of-your-mouth sensation that brownies typically give.”


Of course, Adam from Impulsive Buy is a bit more exacting with his approval: “It’s not quite fudgy or chocolaty enough to really convince you it’s a brownie (even a packaged brownie like the one Fiber One makes) and not quite as classic tasting as a chocolate chip cookie, so I can’t guarantee it’ll satisfy your craving for either.”

It will, however, let you fulfill all your childhood fantasies of dipping brownies into milk without having them fall apart, which can’t be a bad thing.

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Literally Eat Yourself . . . In Gummy Form


Are you a narcissistic foodie or know someone who is? Thanks to the innovators at Japan’s FabCafe and White Day, you can indulge your sweet tooth while basking in the sight of a miniature gummy replica of you.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, the process is fairly simplistic. First is a trip inside a 3D full-body scanner, which creates the beginnings of your gummy self. With scan now complete, a custom human-like mold of yourself is made to be filled with gelatinous, sugary wonder.

So if you have roughly $65 to spend, plus money for a plane ticket to Japan, this isn’t a tough choice. Not to mention it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “eat me.”

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Craving: Tropical Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are definitely one of my favorite candies to eat, the rare times I do have candy. Something about the multitude of artificial flavors being chewed up in your mouth just makes them fun to eat. Oh and if you lick the back and stuff them to someone they’ll stay there for a very long time. That’s always a fun joke to play on your friends, stick one to the back of their neck. (Thx Photoattempts)


Albanese Gummi Army Guys

Ever get tired of eating the same ol’ original gummy bear? Well if you do then these are perfect for you! They’re molded in the same familiar shapes of those little green plastic army men from your childhood. Line these soldiers up and if they don’t listen to your orders, turn them into your afternoon snack. These might be hard to find in individual packs, but if you wanna get yourself an entire army, get twenty-four 4.5 oz bags for $38 here.