Jack in the Box: Holiday Shakes are back!

What a great way to bring some holiday joy to your boring life. Jack in the Box brings back their classic Holiday shakes: Pumpkin Pie & Egg Nog. Now apparently made with real ice cream! Jack clearly knows how to do it right, because he even tops em’ off with whipped cream and a cherry. Get your slurp on. Uh, get your slurp on.


Cherry On Top Drive-Through

How fast paced has California become? Buena Park-based Cherry on Top plans to open a drive through yogurt shop at the end of the month near Culver City in Los Angeles! This expansion will be the first drive-through store of its kind and a first for any leading frozen yogurt company. Company founder David Kim said that “This will give guests the opportunity to come in the store for a self-serve experience, or got through the drive-through for a quick fix.”  Sounds like an interesting idea David, but I don’t know how you will give a self-serve experience through a drive-through window!