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How Caffeine Keeps Us Awake, Explained In A Whimsical Animated Short

Have you ever wondered how the world’s most widely-used drug works? While some of us consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis as if it were water, we don’t actually know what it does to keep us awake on our morning commute.

Ted-ED created a whimsical animated short that explains in detail the science behind caffeine.

The video (which can be seen above) explains the origins of the chemical, how it acts as a stimulant for the nervous system, and how caffeine blocks the body’s sleep-inducing molecule adenosine. Ted-Ed also goes into deeper detail on the positive and negative affects of the chemical stimulant.

So now the next time you’re about to down a hot cup of coffee, trying to keep awake after a night of restless sleep, you’ll know exactly that your body goes through once that first drop of coffee touches your lips.


FDA Is Banning Certain Pizza Boxes We Use Cause They Might Kill Us


In a shocking development for pizza lovers, the Food and Drug Administration is saying that there are chemicals in your pizza boxes that may cause serious health problems.

Three substances are being banned by the FDA, specifically for the waxy pizza boxes designed to prevent grease and water from soaking in. The substances all contain perfluoroalkyl ethyl which are classed as aspoly and perfluoroalkyl substances.

These chemicals are said to increase health problems and increase the risk of cancer as they can stay in the body for years. Common household items like wax pastry bags and microwave popcorn bags may also contain the substances.

Numerous health groups filed a petition against the chemicals leading to the ban which went into effect Monday.

Fast Food

Subway to Remove ‘Rubber’ Chemical From Bread, Make Subs Less Bouncy


It’s no secret processed foods are filled with all sorts of chemical additives that probably have no business coming anywhere near your stomach, the majority of which barely manage to eke by on FDA safety standards — but still do, of course, because that’s the way the world works. The latest boogeyman buzzword? Azodicarbonamide, an odorless powder used by many American companies as a flour bleaching agent and dough conditioner, but also for foamed plastics like yoga mats and shoe soles.

Now, thanks to the efforts of blogger/food activist Vani Hari of, sandwich chain Subway has officially stated it is working toward a new formula which will remove the chemical from breads made for American stores. Earlier this week Hari started a petition calling for Subway to offer Americans the same azodicarbonamide-free bread as used in their European and Australian markets. As of 11:10 PST today, the petition gained 68,555 signatures.

Subway has since released a statement that it was already working on a new recipe before the petition started, and that it will be ready “soon,” reports the Associated Press.

Just one question Subway: will this change make your stores smell less?


Your Brain on Beer vs Your Brain on Coffee [INFOGRAPHIC]


Drunk writing rocks. You hunker down, rauchbier in hand, and just tell your inner critic to piss the f@#k off. No idea is too silly or too bizarre and as long as you’re not thinking, everything spewing out of your mad little fingers is digital gold. At least, until you wake up tomorrow and find that 1) you forgot to save and 2) even if you did save, there’s no way it was anywhere near as brilliant as you thought – and why is your desktop background that freaking Ylvis fox guy?

You see, what you should have done is followed up that beer with a nice cold press. Apparently when alcohol hits your cerebral cortex — the part of your brain that regulates conscious thought and language — you become more creative, because your brain can’t focus on the things that normally occupy it. When you drink coffee on the other hand, the caffeine binds with your adenosine receptors and prevents you from getting drowsy, thereby making you feel more energized.

In short, beer helps you figure out what sh*t to get done, coffee helps you actually get sh*t done.

The infographic below by I Love Coffee JP breaks down the unique effects both beer and coffee have on your brain, and how best to use them to fit your particular needs. So the next time you’re facing down a creative project, yes, you could spend the night staring at a blank screen, wondering why you can’t think of any good ideas. Or you could go on a bender. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the forest trying to talk to a horse in morse.



H/T Nerdalicious + PicThx I Love Coffee