Kogi BBQ: December 2010 Featured Menu Items

It’s the first of the month (December, what’s upppp!), and that means our favorite brand names across the foodiesphere are gracing us with some new tastes for the month. In the case of the iconic Kogi BBQ food truck out of Southern California, we’re graced with three new menu items for the last month of the year.

First up will be available at most of their truck stops, and it’s humorously called the 1965 Blue Impala Quesadilla. The Kogi chefs have substituted flash and pizzazz for a dish of nostalgia this time around. We’re looking at (pictured above) sauteed chinese broccoli, water spinach and soy chicken with their branded Salsa Azul on top. The chefs mention this dish means to be a nod back to the times you spent driving in your “hand me down rust bucket[s], that sent you on many adventures and misadventures in life.”


Craving: Chego Wok Seared Calamari Bowl

You’re looking at one of the latest dishes from the Chego restaurant, from the same minds who brought you the Kogi BBQ Truck! Wok seared calamari congee is litterred through a bowl of spring chanterelles, spring English peas, Thai basil, bread crumbs and a loosey goosey egg. This dish will set you back $8.00, check it out!