The New Birthday Cake Croissant About To Ravage New York City Sweet Tooths

Bouncing around NYC like a ping pong, Chef Thiago is the current undisputed innovator in the dessert scene until Dominique Ansel figures out his followup to the Cronut. His #HitMe dessert completely demolished the Internet a few months back, and now he’s serving up innovative dessert dishes at Union Fare, a gastro hall in the historic intersection in Manhattan.

Walk inside and you might just catch a glimpse of a pleasantly balanced Birthday Cake Croissant.


And here’s what our resident NYC eating champion Jessica of @CheatDayEats had to say about the croissant:


Video Of This Whimsical ‘HIT ME’ Dessert Just Got A Million Views Overnight [WATCH]


You’re looking at roasted white chocolate ice cream, layers of brownie and devil’s food cake and a Liquid “Klondike” bar as the cherry on top. Yeah, a liquid Klondike bar. You tap the bar when you’re ready to eat, and what looks like a solid bar of chocolate explodes with goodness that moistens your entire cake.

It’s called the “Hit Me chocolate cake” and it’s the brainchild of masterful New York-based executive pastry chef Thiago Silva. At its core, it’s simple as fuck and inspired by Thiago’s love for milk and chocolate growing up. In its current iteration and what looks like years of mastering, it’s now one of the whimsically simple dessert experiences I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

If you’re looking to try it for yourself, it’s currently on the dessert menu at NYC’s CATCH restaurant.

Looks like people are resonating with the magic as well. As I was creeping on my Instagram friend Chef Kelvin’s feed yesterday, another awesome New York-based chef, I noticed he had popped over to Thiago’s restaurant to crack open the dessert for himself. I shot Kevil a message asking if I could share his video on the #foodbeast accounts, and he obliged like the boss that he is.

I put the video up around 1am PST last night, and by the time I had woken up it had crossed 1 million views. By the time of this post, nearly 17 hours later the video was approaching 2 million views.

Chef Thiago, you are a G my friend. Can’t wait to see your next addition to the ranks of dessert wizardry. We’ll be creeping: