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Check Out This Brilliant Recipe for Lamb Bacon

Chef Michael Ponzio of the Union League Club of Chicago is an accomplished food content and recipe creator on social media, drawing eyes to his fun and creative recipes like a Surf & Turf Wellington and Short Rib Lollipops.

This time around he’s caught our attention by way of his wildly inventive Lamb Bacon recipe.

As if I needed any more reason to love bacon, Chef Ponzio went ahead and gave it the uniquely savory upgrade via lamb breast meat. Though there’s plenty of steps to the delicious final product, the end result of biting into crispy Lamb Bacon would make all the effort worth it. It’s like working out and getting a beach bod, but instead you’re working towards the self satisfaction of a tasty treat.

The logic is true, trust.


Short Rib Lollipops are a Delicious Reality Thanks To This Instagram Recipe

The way my jaw dropped when Chef Michael Ponzio, executive chef at the Union League Club of Chicago, clenched the short rib meat causing it to obliterate into juicy smithereens, it felt like my chin thudded on the floor.

Chef Ponzio’s Instagram recipe for a short rib lollipop is a new, reimagined presentation of bone in short ribs that yield unending levels of tender from a sous vide cook.

Check out the recipe video above from Chef Ponzio and try not to clutch your pearls at the sight of the supple short rib practically melting in his hands.


You Gotta See This Next Level Scotch Egg Recipe

So a deviled egg and Scotch egg walk into a bar…

It starts off as a joke but gets deliciously serious once we realize that their combined goodness translates into some next level Scotch egg action. Chef Michael Ponzio, executive chef at Union League Club Chicago, has managed to give this dynamic duo a collective glow up with his own recipe that creates a silky egg mixture using mascarpone, mayo, Tabasco, and salt. The creamy affair is then enrobed in Italian sausage for one smooth makeover.

I can only imagine that first bite being equal parts ecstasy and satisfaction with a side of ‘Lemme get five more, please.’