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The Humble Janitor Turned Exec Who Invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Is Getting His Own Movie

Richard Montanez, the man who went from factory janitor to top-level executive after inventing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, is getting his own biopic.

According to Variety, FOX Searchlight and producer DeVon Franklin will bring the film to life. It will center on how Montanez went from picking grapes to a Frito-Lay janitor to the head of their Hispanic marketing team. The current working title for the movie is “Flamin’ Hot,” after the iconic snack Montanez created that became one of Frito-Lay’s top-selling products.

There’s no specific timetable as to when the movie will come out, but there’s been at least one suggestion online for who should play the role of Richard Montanez.

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Cheetos Popcorn Is Coming To Regal Cinemas For Its First-Ever National Launch

A couple of years ago, Frito-Lay began testing Cheetos popcorn as a new snack option for movie theaters. Nowadays, the cheesy snacks are getting tossed on top of just about anything, to which they’re taking advantage.

cheetos popcorn

Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay’s Cheetos popcorn is now officially coming to all Regal Cinemas nationwide. The new popcorn features both Cheetos and popcorn flavored like the iconic snack, and will be available in 32-ounce buckets, according to a press release.

While the popcorn has been spotted at various spots in the past, Regal’s partnership with Frito-Lay makes it the first national movie theater group to have the novel item. Regal Cinemas owns Regal, Edwards, and United Artists (UA)-branded theaters, so you can expect to find the cheesy popcorn and chips there once it launches.

Speaking of launch dates, Frito-Lay got theirs in just under the wire for this Cheetos popcorn. It will debut nationally on December 15th, just in time for the premiere of the hyped blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Burger King Just Quietly Dropped Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos

UPDATE, Nov. 29: The Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos will officially release November 30, according to Burger King. Only available for a limited time, they can be found at all participating Burger King restaurants.

Burger King is not afraid to push the boundaries of its menu, as it often proves with Lucky Charm shakes, Farmhouse Burgers, and of course its famed Mac n’ Cheetos that released in 2016.

Now it looks like BK might bring back its Mac n’ Cheetos, this time in Flamin’ Hot form. They’ve recently been spotted in different Burger King locations, and we even found some at our local Santa Ana, California BK location.

At $2.99 for a pack of five, the Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos were similar to its predecessor, as they had a mozzarella cheese stick feel to them. The inside was filled with mac n’ cheese, and of course, the fried snacks are rolled in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust.

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As we tried them in the office, we honestly weren’t big fans of the hot new menu item. Our own Constantine Spyrou described them as tasting like, “vegan macaroni and cheese.” Not a knock on vegans, but anyone who has tried the mac, knows its reputation of being a bit dry and stale.

It’s possible we got a bad batch, but we felt it definitely wasn’t the King’s best achievement.

The sign on the door said they’ll only be around for a limited time, so we have to believe an official drop, possibly for the holidays, should be coming soon. We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything further.

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Chuck. E Cheese’s Threw Cheetos On A Mac N Cheese Pizza And We Need It NOW

It’s safe to say that Cheetos has been peaking these past few years.

The classic cheese curls we all know and love have been popping up everywhere in ways we didn’t think possible. As if their pop-up restaurant in New York wasn’t big enough, they’ve also launched their innovative creations on a nationwide scale with Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos. We’ve also seen Cheetos being used in grilled cheeses, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, bagels, and even poke burritos.

Now, pizzerias are even starting to embrace the glorious Cheetos.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is now offering their Cheetos Mac-Cheesy Pizza at all participating locations starting today until the end of the year. For cheese-lovers, this is the real deal: A cheese pizza is loaded with macaroni and cheese, and then topped generously with crunchy Cheetos for a texture of creamy, gooey, and crunchy. Try getting it on their cheese-stuffed crusts for an even cheesier experience.

Brb, time to find a kid to babysit.

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This New Foodie Clothing Line Just Might Be The Most Punny of Them All

Once upon a time, fashion and food were in two entirely different business lanes. The only people who bought restaurant-related shirts with only a logo plastered on the front were tourists who visited In-N-Out for the first time and realized how superior it is to all other burgers (Don’t @ me).

But ever since McDonald’s launched their first official clothing line back in 2015 and had consumers climbing all over each other for the exclusive apparel, other food companies have taken a page out of their book. Cheetos, KFC, and Taco Bell have all followed the business model of producing limited-time only apparel, and have all been equally met with interest and praise from the public.

Sure, exclusivity has a huge part of how well these clothing items are selling, but another big aspect of it is that, well, they actually look good. Instead of just throwing a logo on the shirt and calling it a day, designers have really worked to create something that’s not only creative and inclusive, but also wearable in public.

Now if you crave something that incorporates food, fashion, and even music into the mix, look no further, That Food Cray !!! has you covered.

What first started off as an Instagram account centered around food and hip-hop, That Food Cray !!!  has now evolved into a community where people can find all things food-related, including delicious recipes and guides to the best eats around the world.

So when That Food Cray !!! dropped their first season of clothing, cleverly named “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” it was only right that they represented what they started from and where they are now. The line features five graphic shirts and a tote bag that flips some of your favorite lyrics with the help of a series of hand-drawn designs.

You may recognize some of the popular lyrics from Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West cheekily made into punny graphic tees like “Bish Butter Have My Money” and “1-800-Hotcake-Bling.” There’s even an adorable tee that couples will love that takes on John Legend’s romantic lyrics of “All Of Me” into “Cause Olive Me Loves Olive You.” Food and love? Sounds like #relationshipgoals to us.

Exclusively sold at Urban Outfitters, you may want to grab a piece of this collection before they sell out.


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The Recipes Of The Dishes At Cheetos’ Pop-Up Restaurant Are Now Available To You

Cheetos is currently in the middle of serving up some scrumptious looking cheesy chip dishes at The Spotted Cheetah, their exclusive pop-up restaurant in New York City. With only 300 seats available in their OpenTable reservations, you can imagine that they filled up quickly once news broke. According to the Wall Street Journal, it took just six hours for all of the seats to fill up, and a waitlist that was developed afterward had over 1,000 spots on it. Basically, that means getting into the restaurant now is nigh impossible.

Frito-Lay, the company that owns Cheetos, still wants to make sure you can at least get a tasting of what the Cheetos restaurant is like. To do that, they created an online cookbook that contains recipes for every single item that could be ordered off of The Spotted Cheetah’s menu. So if you really wanted to know what it would be like to try their Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos or wanted to recreate the Cheetos Crusted Fried Pickles for yourself, you can do that. You do have to go and buy the ingredients yourself, however, but with prices at the restaurant ranging from $8 to $22 based on what you order, you’ll probably be saving a bit of money by DIYing it anyway.

Still, it would’ve been cool to experience the upscale Cheetos restaurant firsthand, and with the overwhelming demand for this first iteration, there could always be a second Cheetos pop-up happening just around the corner. It’s definitely a possibility.

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For Three Days Only, Cheetos Is Opening An ALL-CHEETOS RESTAURANT

Putting Cheetos on everything, from pizza to macaroni and cheese, has become such a major food trend of late that the chip brand has decided to go “all in” on the Cheeto recipe game.

They’ve teamed up with celebrity chef Anne Burrell to launch The Spotted Cheetah in New York, a restaurant whose entire menu is laced with regular and Flamin’ Hot versions of this classic cheesy chip.

Customers of this exclusive pop-up will get to choose between four appetizers, four entrees, and four desserts that all incorporate Cheetos.

Some menu highlights include Cheetos crusted fried pickles and green tomatoes, Flamin’ Hot Mac and Cheetos (as a pasta dish, not to be confused with Burger King’s snack item), Flamin’ Hot Limón chicken tacos, and a cheesecake made with a Cheetos Sweetos crust.

If that all sounds as droolworthy to you as it does to us, head on over to the website FAST. The restaurant, which is located in New York, will only be open from August 15-17, and just began accepting OpenTable reservations, so if you wanna claim a seat, I’d recommend doing it right now.

EDIT: It looks like all of the initial OpenTable reservations are filled. If you still want a chance at getting into this all-Cheetos restaurant, however, a waitlist has been set up that you can put your reservation on. Who knows? Maybe you can still get in through that way.

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Cheetos Just Dropped A Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Flavor

If you’re the type of person who walks around with Hot Cheeto fingers, you’re going to be stoked that a chipotle ranch flavor has hit store shelves.

As first seen at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago this past May, the Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos have hit stores sooner than expected, according to Junk Banter.

The new spicy snack was supposed to make its debut in July, but has been spotted in stores across the country, from Target, to Safeway, to Walmart, and even Ralphs.

As someone who despises ranch, I will not be taking the bullet to let you know how they taste, but I trust our buddy Ben at Snack Cellar when he said, “I didn’t think it was possible to beat the GOAT Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but these new Chipotle Ranch Flamin’ Hot Cheetos just might have what it takes.”

So give these a try, ranch lovers. You just might have a new favorite Hot Cheeto.

featured photo by Snack Cellar