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Cheetos And Bad Bunny Release Exclusive adidas Fashion Drop

Having the cheesiest drip can be a good thing when you’re rocking the newest capsule collection from Bad Bunny, Cheetos, and adidas.

As part of the second phase of Cheetos’ and Bad Bunny’s Deja tu Huella campaign which was started in 2020, they’ve introduced an exclusive fashion collaboration with adidas and the Deja tu Huella Estudiante Fund, a contest that will give $500,000 in total prizing to students in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Deja tu Huella, which translates to “leave your mark,” is a campaign that celebrates the impact that Hispanic culture has contributed to society.

“It’s an honor to give back to the Hispanic community that has done so much for me,” said Bad Bunny. “Between music and fashion, there are so many ways to leave your mark on culture, and I want to encourage everyone to follow whatever path inspires them. That’s what the Deja tu Huella program is all about.” 

The Bad Bunny x Cheetos x adidas merch collection consists of two soccer-inspired kits and an all-over Chester Cheetah print track suit.

For a chance to get this exclusive gear early, pay attention to the following deets:

  • Starting today, fans in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can head to to use Cheetle iD, a first-of-its-kind Cheetos x adidas e-commerce experience designed to get the merch into the hands of Cheetos’ biggest fans first.
  • There, Chester will use Cheetle iD technology to detect whether fans have Cheetle® on their fingertips.
  • The first 100 people who pass the Cheetle iD detector will have direct access to purchase items from the collection before the rest of the public.
  • Not part of the first 100 fans to use Cheetle iD? No problem. All fans who didn’t get early access can sign up at to enter for a chance to purchase the merch on August 6 via the NTWRK app.
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Cheetos’ Latest Mexican Street Corn Flavor Has Us Hyped

Photo: IG – @junkbanter

Shout out to the elote man. Let me just get things started with that and give him his flowers. He deserves it for bringing joy to us all in the form of juicy corn on the cob that’s adorned with the delectable accoutrements of fresh crema, mayo, hot sauce, lime juice, chili and cayenne powder, and cotija cheese.

Now imagine all that in Cheetos form. Mmmhmm, nice mental picture right? Well the fine folks at Frito-Lay have decided to develop our collective mental pictures of this concoction by making the newest Cheetos flavor as Mexican Street Corn.

It’s a snack that’s sure to make this summer even hotter for sure. This elote-inspired banger of a flavor is only available for a limited time, though, so make sure to raid your snack aisles and secure multiple bags.

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Cheetos Mac And Cheese Boxes Are Now Available At Walmart

The boxed mac and cheese shelves of grocery stores just got a new competitor, as Cheetos has officially entered the fray.

Photo courtesy of Cheetos

The new boxes of Cheetos Mac N Cheese use the proprietary Cheetos seasoning and come in three flavors: Bold and Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeno, and Flamin’ Hot.

Photo courtesy of Cheetos

They’re the latest in a line of several Cheetos products that have shown up in both fast food and grocery stores in recent years, ranging from Cheetos Popcorn to boxes of frozen Mac N Cheetos, and even Cheetos-topped fried chicken sandwiches at KFC.

Photo courtesy of Cheetos

You can pick up these boxes at Walmart stores nationwide, and they’re also available for order online through Walmart.

Photo courtesy of Cheetos

Cheetos plans to roll them out to even more retailers in 2021. They’re available in a box or single cup format at a suggested retail price of 98 cents, putting it on par with longtime standards in boxed mac and cheese like Kraft when it comes to cost.

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Cheetos Gets It Poppin’ in 2020 by Releasing Popcorn

If you grew up in the 2010’s, where Hot Cheetos were breakfast at school and there was always that one kid that sold them out of their backpack, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten popcorn and thought “This would be amazing with that stuff they put on Hot Cheetos.” 

Just know that: a) you’re not alone in your hedonistic tendencies and b) this actually exists now. Starting this month, stores nationwide will be carrying bags of Cheetos Popcorn.

And, if you’re one of those people who likes regular Cheetos more— who am I to judge your lackluster chip preferences? — Cheetos Popcorn will be available in both regular and hot.

Each variant can be purchased in big bags (7oz for regular and 6.5oz for hot) at $3.99 as well as small, 2oz bags for $1.89.

Cheetos, unfortunately for my stomach, continues to know my weakness: putting hot Cheetle, the official name for “the stuff they put on Cheetos,” on any chip. I might have to stop by and pick up some from 7-Eleven on my way home from the office today and relive my after school, Cheetle-covered memories.

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KFC’s Buzzworthy Cheetos Sandwich Is Coming To Stores Nationwide

Just a few months after their test of the hypeworthy collab went viral, KFC and Cheetos are officially bringing their fried chicken collab to the masses.

Photo courtesy of KFC

Starting July 1st, the Cheetos Sandwich will be coming to KFC restaurants for a limited time. Just like it was in the tests, this version will contain fried chicken, a pile of Cheetos, and a custom Cheetos sauce made by Frito-Lay.

This is different than just mashing up Cheetos you can get in stores and a KFC sandwich specifically because of that sauce, which adds a level of sharp, cheesy flavor to it.

KFC and Cheetos will also be collaborating on a pop-up in New York City that features other exclusive Cheetos items. The restaurant, which will appear on June 27th, will sell items like a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and KFC Cheetos Hot Wings.

Those items will only be available for a four hour period, but the Cheetos sandwich will be available for all of July nationwide.

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Cheetos And Forever 21 Unleash A Flamin’ Hot Clothing Collection

Photos: Pete Pham

Cheetos, the cheesy snack with a cult following and fast fashion powerhouse, Forever 21, have linked up to release a seasonal collection of clothes that scream summertime hijinks. Stay on trend and on fuego with the fits with a capsule collection that celebrates the fun of Cheetos, minus the orange-dusted fingertips.

Launching today, June 6th, the limited-edition collection will consist of flamin’ hot gear the likes of graphic tees, shorts, swimsuits, crop tops, socks and slides. Comprised of women’s and men’s styles, the collection will be available online and at Forever 21 stores nationwide and will retail from $5 to $30. Check out the pics below for a glimpse into what’s in store for Cheetos fans.

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Cheetos Just Dissed Doritos’ New ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Flavor

If you haven’t heard, Doritos recently dropped its own Flamin’ Hot chip, and Chester Cheetah was not too pleased.

Dropping a diss track titled, “Flamin’ Hot Diss Track,” Chester made his hip hop debut in savage fashion.

“Come on Doritos, you can’t rep the Flamin’ Hot name, watch your step, I’m the OG in the snack game,” Chester said menacingly. “I’m Flamin’ Hot, and you’re flamin’ not.”

The diss comes on the heels of Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial, where Chance the Rapper masterfully remixed the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way.”

Of course, this is all just a cute commercial package, and no real beef exists between the chip brands, seeing how they’re both owned by Frito-Lay.

So just like most cases in the hip hop world, this is just fake beef, but it’s fun. Hopefully Chance the Rapper claps back.

Fast Food What's New

KFC Is Now Testing A Cheetos-Filled Sandwich With A Custom ‘Cheetos Sauce’

Our late night culinary fusions of fast food sandwiches and crunchy, cheesy Cheetos are becoming a reality we no longer have to hack for ourselves.

Photo courtesy of KFC

KFC’s newest item, the Cheetos Sandwich, takes that college food combo and elevates it to a point where you can’t just replicate it at your local corner store. In addition to cramming Cheetos and fried chicken into the same bun, they’ve also drenched the interior with a custom Cheetos sauce made by Frito-Lay.

It’s the nighttime guilty pleasure we’ve all either made or dreamed of creating ourselves. The only thing missing to take this sandwich beyond insanity? A Flamin’ Hot version.

The new Cheetos Sandwich is being tested for a limited time at participating locations in the following regions:

  • VIRGINIA: Roanoke, Richmond
  • NORTH CAROLINA: Raleigh, Greensboro
  • GEORGIA: Greenville