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Deep Fried Cheesy Ramen Hot Pockets Are The College Food Mashup You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The Pho King Awesome Truck is one of Southern California’s most recognizable Asian-inspired food trucks, thanks to their delicious original creations like Spamusushi and Spicy Asian Tacos.  

Thanks to a partnership with Hansen’s Natural Soda, Pho King Awesome is getting ready to show off its cheesy side with a deep fried cheesy ramen patty you can only find for a limited time.

On October 7, Pho King Awesome Truck will be one of the many vendors at Fresh Coat Mural Festival in DTLA’s Arts District, serving up their limited-time item, which is a deep fried cheesy ramen patty, mixed with diced ham, Gouda and brie cheese.

Served with a crispy outer shell, Pho King Awesome’s ramen-based creation is  intensely creamy, and the perfect snack for any cheese-lover.

The Pho King Awesome Truck will also be serving up their deep fried cheesy ramen patty on October 14 at FOODBEAST’s OOZEFEST 3 event.

However, that’s not all. The deep fried cheesy ramen patty is taken to another level, as it is served on a bed of creamy cheese sauce made of feta, parmesan, cheddar cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes, Chiffonade basil, and – of course – crispy bacon bits for extra flavor and texture.

Be sure to come check out Fresh Coat Mural Festival October 7 in Downtown LA, or swing by FOODBEAST’s 3rd annual OOZEFEST on October 14.

Photos by Evan Lancaster 

Created in partnership with Hansen’s Natural Sodas

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Feast Your Eyes On The Cheesiest Musubi Ever

Tell me the last time deep frying something didn’t make it taste exponentially better, and I’ll tell you that you’re a damn liar!  Deep fried avocados, deep fried pizza, deep fried musubi… I just went from six to midnight.  Now add melty cheese.  *head explosion*

Enter the ‘Cheesy Musubi’ from Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max, located in Seattle, WA,  which in specific is a classic spam musubi with egg, fried to crispy perfection.  Drench that in a velvety béchamel cheese and consider us lost in the sauuuce (Brrrrr).

If you were looking for a new way to have a Hawaiian classic, this is your place and dish.  If nothing else, consider this your excuse to make a trip up to the Pacific Northwest.

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Watch How To Make Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza At Home

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut launched a new Stuffed Crust Pizza designed specifically for lovers of Grilled Cheese. The pie featured a cheddar-filled crust and buttery bread crumbs, perfect for the most gratuitous of cheese pulls.

The folks over at HellthyJunkFood, however, decided this option simply wasn’t cheesy enough and set out to create their own version. This simple variation requires a couple rolls of Pillsbury Pizza dough, a packaged of Kraft singles cheese, butter, and pizza toppings.

Essentially, the entirety of the pizza dough will have a layer of cheese inside and not just the crust. Every bite will have  two outlets of the melted dairy product oozing into your mouth.

Check out the video for the complete recipe in detail. You might want to try this pizza-making process out over the weekend, if you’re a lover of all things cheesy.


The classiest food hack I’ve ever seen


Recipe: Food Fu


Say What: Toy Camera Looks Like a Tiny Wedge of Cheese


The phrase might feel a little outdated, especially with our #selfie generation, but thanks to this adorably pun-friendly camera from Japanese company JTT, there’s never been a better time to “say cheese!”

1.8 x 1.2 inches and tapered just like a wedge of actual yellow Swiss, the Chobi Cam Cheese is not a “good” camera by any means, but it can capture 1280 x 1024 stills, 720 x 480 24 fps video, and, presumably, mice. It’s also chargeable via USB and microSD compatible. As the product description reads, “If you don’t use this Camera and instantly fall in love with it, you simply don’t know Jack.”


Nab one from Amazon for about $34.

H/T Design Taxi


Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg Team Up for Hot Pockets Music Video


In the last few years, Kate Upton has been in practically everything. The model, and sometimes actress, has almost become a household name with her commercials, magazine covers and movie appearances.

Hot Pockets, in their latest marketing campaign, just released a video starring (surprise surprise) Kate Upton herself. And you know what? It’s not that bad, entertaining even. “You Got What I Eat” is a direct spoof of Biz Markie’s classic hit “Just a Friend.” The spoof plays up the battle between Hot Pocket’s “meat” and crust” in a cheesy 90s-esque music video. Also starring Snoop Lion Snoop Dogg, the clip features cameos from Larry King, Bow Wow, Oliver Cooper, YouTube sensation Kevin “KevJumba” Wu and features the voice of none other than the Clown Prince of Hip-Hop Biz Markie himself.

Overall, it’s a hilarious mash up of characters, flying sheep, rainbows, and  gratuitous shots of food porn.

So what do you guys think? Does it measure up to Biz Markie’s original song and video?

As for me? I know it’s already gonna be stuck in my head all day.


Husband Turns Wife’s Drunken Story About Tortilla Chips Into a Hilarious Short Film [VIDEO]


The best stories are usually preceded by an impressive amount of booze. Well, at least this one was.

After polishing off an entire bottle of wine, an animator’s wife began to share the unfortunate yet adorable tale of two tortilla chips. Luckily, her husband was there to record it and later bring the story to life via a hilarious short film, using her drunken dialogue as the narrative.

The animated clip if rife with just the right amount of “I’m nacho friend” jokes and if it doesn’t make you cry from laughter, then it’s probably because you have no soul.

Also, spoiler alert: The chip on your left gets shanked and left for dead. It’s a tough world out there, kids.

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Europe Gives Homer Simpson His Own Donut-Themed Menu


First, Universal Orlando opened a Simpsons Theme Park featuring actual eateries (Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern) seen on the animated television series. Now, it seems as if Europe wants to bring the concept overseas.

Fast food chain Quick (think the European Burger King) is launching their own Homer Simpson-themed menu this summer. The lineup will include burgers, donuts and packaging branded with Homer’s lovely visage. Through August 5th, novelty glasses with Homer’s signature catchphrases come free when you purchase a meal off this particular menu.

Although the burger appears to be your same ol’ donut sandwich, it’s actually just a bun shaped to look like a donut and more closely resembles a breakfast bagel sandwich. The actual sweet donuts come in either “maxi” (large) or “mini” sizes. The large donuts are offered in strawberry, chocolate, and caramel flavors, while the mini sizes come in what appears to be plain glazed, marble and chocolate with nuts.


Sticking with their Homer’s pastry obsession, Quick is also rolling out with cheesy donuts made with cheddar dough and filled with cheddar fondue.  The chain encourages guests to share. Pouah!


H/T Eater + PicThx Quick