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Meet Taco Bell’s New Cheesy Core Burrito


Taco Bell announced this morning that they’ve got a cheesy new burrito for fans to crush. This one, unfortunately, won’t have Cheetos inside. No worries, though, this potential hit will be cheesy to the core.

The new addition will be Taco Bell’s first burrito with a melted cheese center. That “core” will feature a molten three cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce smothering either crunchy tortilla strips or slices of jalapeños. It also features seasoned beef, white rice and a special sauce on the layer above the cheesy core.


We think this might possibly the most photogenic Taco Bell item to date. Unfortunately, for our lactose intolerant friends, it’s strictly “look, don’t touch.”

You can now find the burritos at all participating Taco Bell locations natiowide for $1.99.