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Little Caesars’ Launches 50/50 Cheesy Breadstick Pizza

One of the more recent trends in pizza is to make a pie that’s 50% ‘za, 50% something else. Pizza calzone hybrids, for example, have become popular on Instagram.

Little Caesars is capitalizing on this trend by making their own version of a half-and-half pizza, this time using their cheesy breadsticks to go alongside the slices.

Photo courtesy of Little Caesars

The new Slices-N-Stix Pizza features four slices of pepperoni baked on the same crust as eight pieces of Little Caesars’ cheesy breadsticks. It comes with a side of Crazy Sauce, which is the chain’s take on a marinara dipping sauce.

For those ordering individually from Little Caesars, this could be an interesting pizza used to get your full meal in one box. It reduces cardboard waste and leftovers all at the same time: If you usually go for half a pizza in an order, that is.

The Slices-N-Stix Pizza is a limited time offer that will be available starting August 31st. You can pick up one for $6.