18 Cheese Names You’re Pronouncing Wrong [WATCH]


In another edition of things you’re doing wrong (and other ways to run your life) comes our guide to pronouncing popular cheeses around the world. We recruited Popsugar to help us out, because Elie has a tendency to butcher a Denny’s menu, and got to taking your food game to the next level.

We suggest bookmarking this one for future reference. Particular scenarios in which it might come in handy include: wine parties your significant other drags you to, shopping at the overpriced cheese “boutique” that opened down the street, and random opportunities to throw it into conversations.

Friend: My kid is the funniest thing, he just won the spelling bee at school today.

You: Oh, that’s cute. But can he pronounce Ossau-Iraty? Didn’t think so. I recommend putting him up for adoption.

You’re welcome.


Brie All That You Can Brie


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Some Syrah with Your Bacon? The World’s Most Practical Wine Pairing Chart EVER


It’s happened to all of us before: You’ve got a nice meal planned, but you have no idea what wine would be best. Yeah, white wine goes with fish and a red wine goes with steak, but what about something like . . . smoked bacon? Roasted broccoli? Couscous? If you don’t just happen to have a neighbor who conveniently happens to be a wine sommelier, this wine-pairing chart might just be the next best thing.

Thanks to the awesome fine-diners at Wine Folly, this helpful chart will help to break down the tricky process — all you need to know is what food category your main course falls under. Is it fish? A rich fish, like lobster or grab? Is it vegetables? Are they roasted?

Or, conversely, maybe you have a nice bottle of Chardonnay that you don’t know what to do with. This chart will let you know that a brie is just fine, but a harder cheese won’t be all that pleasing with that particular glass of wine.

Added bonus? We’re pretty sure the stylish design of this easy go-to reference chart would look great hanging in our kitchen or living room. Check out the original visual here.

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Lasagna Pizza

Yes, this looks incredible! The Lasagna Pizza brings the best out of Italy’s two most famous dishes, pizza and lasagna. This pizza pie is coming straight from Balistreri’s Bluemound Inn, a Milwaukee based restaurant known for its Italian cuisine. Check out a slice of this bad boy!