We Just Heard About CHEESE TEA And We Had To Try It

We’re always down to hear about cool new food and beverage innovations. The thing is, the more that come across our desk, the more we think we’ve seen it all. Not so much the case with this beverage from Little Fluffy Head Cafe.

The Los Angeles-based cafe and boba shop serves what they call Cheese Tea.

How’s that even work??

Well, Cheese Tea features freshly-brewed tea that’s topped with a layer of decadent creamy cheese foam, with the type cheese foam varying from drink to drink.

The owner, Jenny Zheng, first discovered the Cheese Tea trend in Asia and decided to introduce the concept stateside.

Among the line-up is a Chedd-Cha (iced matcha latte with whipped cheddar cheese), Fluffy Medium Oolong Tea (medium roast oolong tea with whipped cream cheese), Dirty Mess (black milk tea with creme brûlée flavor cream and crushed Oreo), and Fluffy Light Oolong Tea (light roast oolong tea with whipped cream cheese).

Foodbeast’s fried chicken fanatic Richard Guinto got to try it last night and had this to say:

For the most part the cheesy whipped topping tasted great. However, it had an odd mouthfeel as some of the whipped cheese curdled and ended up in the consistency of small bits of cottage cheese

He did note that the camouflage tea looked dope, though.

You can find the Cheese Tea line-up at Little Fluffy Head Cafe. Just be sure to drink it fast before it curdles.