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Watch This Guy Cannonball Into A Tub Full Of Cheese Balls

Whether it’s tubs of beer, Coca-Cola, or even hot sauce, people seem to have an affinity for taking baths in food. While all those have been liquids, the next evolutionary step is to dive into some solids. Roi Fabito of the Guava Juice YouTube channel is leading the way in this ridiculous journey.

Fabito has made a habit of jumping into tub-fulls of strange things, and his latest cheese puff dive is no different.

The tub was filled with 20 of those giant 35-ounce containers of Utz Cheese Balls, with the end result looking like a cheesy foam pit.

“Who needs a bath full of money, when you have a bath full of cheese balls?” Fabito posed in the video.

After dumping all the cheese balls, Fabito did a Scrooge McDuck cannonball into the tub, leaving him with a Donald Trump-like orange glow.


I’d probably pass on hot sauce tub dives, but going for a cheese ball swim sounds extremely therapeutic, and I’m 100 percent behind it.


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