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This Business Card Doubles as a Cheese Grater

In case you were wondering what the appropriate way to promote a new cheese shop was, here’s your answer: Network with a business card that doubles as a mini cheese grater. Genius.

This clever idea was developed by ad agency JWT for Bon Vivant, a cheese shop located in Brazil. The agency describes the process of bringing this grater card to life:

We wanted something that represented the owner’s passion for the product he sells. Then an idea of a single piece came up: a grater business card. The business card grates all kinds of cheese, becoming a nice gift.

It’s probably a good thing they went the grater route, I can’t imagine printing their info on some slices of sharp cheddar would have worked as well. Plus, as an added bonus, this “card” comes with a protective sleeve, so as not to destroy a cheese connoisseur’s fancy wallet.

Check out the video below to see the grater in action.

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This Butter Cheese Grater Is Your Key to Fluffy, Greasy Bliss


As I was trying to title this post, a few possible endings came to mind: This Butter Cheese Grater Is . . . “the best thing since sliced bread,” “too awesome for words,” “the answer to our every possible need.” But it’s so much more than that.

For everyone who’s sick of using butter pats, Japan has invented a butter “cheese-grater” that transforms solid sticks of butter into fluffy, easy-to-spread strings. No longer do you have to tear up your toast every time you eat breakfast, infomercial-style — now you can share your greasy, greasy love with the world. Or you know, your waffles.

Just stick your stick in the stick holder and watch as the “Easy Butter” cranks out beautiful, noodle-like fibers all over your favorite slice of brick toast, or, as Rocket News suggests, straight into your mouth. Go hard or go home.

Easy Butter Butter-Former: ¥2300 or $23.22 USD @ Metex


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Guitar Cheese Grater

Some serious shredding on this guitar is grounds for one thing in my mind: Quesadillas. I’ll be he’re all night folks! Seriously though, here’s another novel kitchen accessory for those obsessed with music and freshly grated cheese. Just make sure you don’t strum this guitar without a block of cheese in your hand if you like having your knuckles around. ($10 @ GamaGo)