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Taco Bell Tests Deep-Fried Cheese Curds In Southern California

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

There’s something magical about deep-fried cheese curds that can’t be explained. Either it’s crisp exterior revealing a gooey molten cheese center, the richer flavor than that of mozzarella sticks, or that you don’t have to commit to the entirely of a mozzarella stick as you do with cheese curds.

If only we’d see it more as a fast food option.

It seems Taco Bell is already on it, testing what they call Cripsy Cheese Dippers at a select location in Southern California.

The new item features nine pieces of cheddar cheese curds that are served with a creamy chipotle sauce. Taco Bell has also added Crispy Cheese Nacho Fries, including the chain’s famous Nacho Fries topped with the fried cheese curd dippers, a nacho cheese sauce, creamy chipotle sauce, sour cream, and diced tomatoes.

While still in testing stages, Taco Bell enthusiasts can try them at the Taco Bell located at 131 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Fullerton, CA.

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For One Day, Tim Hortons Is Serving A Poutine Donut In The United States

Photo: Tim Hortons

Things are about to get a little more Canadian here in the United States — at least for one day.

In honor of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, US locations of Tim Hortons will be serving a donut that draws inspiration from our neighbor to the north.

The Poutine Donut is the chain’s signature Honey Dip Donut topped with potato wedges, gravy, and cheese curds. It will be available for about $1.49, depending on the region.

Other Canadian-inspired items include Maple Timbits (donut holes) and a Maple Bacon Iced Capp (frozen coffee). That’s a lot of maple.

Unfortunately, you can only get the exclusive donut on July 1. This means if you’re near a Tim Hortons and you’re a fan of poutine, don’t sleep on it.

Hopefully, if proven popular, Tim Hortons may think about adding the poutine donut to the menu, or at least extending its run of availability beyond a single day.

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OH, CANADA: Carl’s Jr. New Poutine Burger Has Cheese Curds, Gravy, Fries & Potato Chips

We haven’t tried any new Carl’s Jr. product since they were testing their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich last year, but one of their newest items have our curious tastebuds piqued.

Carl’s Jr. Canada has just released a burger they claim is #TrulyCanadian: the Poutine Thickburger.

The burger features a traditional Carl’s Thickburger beef patty topped with potato chips, peppercorn bacon, criss-cut fries, cheese curds, and poutine gravy. There’s so much starch, and we love it.

Carl’s new Poutine Thickburger will be available for a limited time at participating Carl’s Jr. locations in Canada. Residents of our great neighbor to the north will be able to download a coupon for the new item that gets them a small fries and drink with purchase of the burger.

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McDonald’s Is Selling Deep-Fried Cheese Curds In Wisconsin

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McDonald’s is testing a brand new menu item that cheese lovers are gonna want a piece of. The fast food chain has just begun selling battered, deep-fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, reports Brand Eating.

The solidified pieces of curdled milk are a huge element of Wisconsin cheese culture. As of Nov. 28, McDonald’s will make the fried curds available throughout the state. Initially, the test began in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin only.

Unfortunately, with all the cheese curds available in the state, McDonald’s will only keep the item around for a limited time. Hopefully if tests do well, we can hope to see these deep-fried beauties make a national expansion.

Until then, we’ll be living vicariously thorough our Wisconsin brothers and sisters.

You can find an exclusive image of the product courtesy of Scripps Media.


These Are 10 Of The Most Mouthwatering Foods At This Year’s Minnesota State Fair

While we’re devouring vegan tacos at the start of this year’s LA County Fair, there was another major exhibition coming to an end on the other side of the country. Our friends, the Food Dolls, spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair to highlight the most appetite crushing items they had to offer.

Known as the second largest state fair in the US, behind Texas, we were stoked to see what kind of foods the Dolls got to try.

Here are some of the hottest food items they hit us back with on their recent trip.

Maple Bacon Tipsy Pie (Tipsy Pies)


What we have here is a hand-made pie made with locally sourced whiskey and wine topped with bacon served in a miniature pie tin.

Deep fried pickles (The Perfect Pickle)


Peaking out of a deep-fried crust is a fresh pickle just waiting to be dunked in a pool of ranch.

Tater Dog (Texas Steak Out)


Potato lovers can wield their very own spiral cut potato wrapped around a Hebrew National dog and covered in parmesan cheese.

Deep Fried Nachos Supreme (Texas Steak Out)


This melty masterpiece is made from jack cheese cubes coated in a mixture of crushed seasoned tortilla chips and nacho cheese. The cubes are then deep-fried, covered with taco meat, guacamole, more nacho cheese, and sour cream.

Sheep Dog (The Lamb Shoppe)


Check out this lamb dog served in a bun with garlic sautéed kale, raw fermented sauerkraut, quinoa, and a honey mustard drizzle. Probably one of the healthiest things on this list.

Macaroni & Cheese Curds (Oodles of Noodles)


Cheese lovers will get hyped after trying this macaroni and cheese blended with fresh cheese curds.

Candied Bacon Donut Sliders (Minnesota Wine Country)


You can’t have a fair without some kind of donut dish. These glazed donut holes with thick candied bacon and a chocolate red wine ganache are this year’s answer to that annual craving.

The Gizmo (Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich)


The Gizmo is an Italian-style sandwich, made with ground beef and Italian sausage covered in red sauce. Sure you can’t see much under this blob of melted mozzarella, but just let your imagination take the wheel from there.

Curd Bucket (Mouth Trap Cheese Curds)


Who wouldn’t want to carry around a bucket of deep-fried cheese curds all day? You can find this bad boy at Mouth Trap Cheese Curds.

Cookie Pail (Sweet Martha’s Cookies)


One of the hottest stops at the Minnesota Fair, Sweet Martha’s Cookies serves about a million cookies a day. Their cookie pail is $16 and comes overflowing with the baked dessert.

Photos by Food Dolls

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McDonald’s Canada Brings Poutine Countrywide


Canada seems dead set on spreading the joys of poutine. And why wouldn’t they be? Nothing beats the cold like  potatoes and meat sauce, a warm gooey mess of salt and fat. The new item from McDonald’s, featuring a combo of classic salty fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy is now Canada-wide. 

Though the general consensus is that the poutine only tastes “alright,” it looks pretty delicious in those cute little boxes. And honestly, as the weather gets colder, cuddling up with a box of starch sounds like a great idea.  Way to go Canada, you did good. Now, unfortunately, we had to add the McPoutine to our list of foreign McDonald’s foods we want, but don’t have, in the states. Maybe our neighbors will be a little friendly for the holidays and send us some.

What do you think, would you try the McPoutine?

Picthx @The_Alex


Insane Bloody Mary Topped with Popcorn, Nachos, Burgers & Obligatory Bacon

We didn’t think it was possible, but this Bloody Mary may be more insane than this previous behemoth.

This $5 drink-turned-smorgasbord hails from O’Davey’s Pub, a restaurant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin that unleashes a new food-stuffed cocktail on the first Sunday of every month.

This edition — piled high with cheese curds (duh, it’s Wisconsin), popcorn, nachos, pickles, sausages, soft pretzels, bacon and burgers — was created in honor of Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s available for drinking (eating?) after 11:30 a.m. while supplies last.

If you don’t live in Wisconsin, you likely just missed the Cinco de Mayo version. But, hey, June is full of opportunities. Red, white and blue foods for Flag Day? Beef jerky bourbon with a fishing pole as garnish for Fathers Day? The possibilities are endless and a little scary.


H/T + PicThx Eater


Jones Soda Appeals to Our Northern Neighbors with New Poutine-Flavored Soda


Enough is enough, America. Yes, Canada has funny-colored money. Yes, their cops are called Mounties. And yes, Justin Bieber is entirely, entirely their fault. But they also have plenty of redeeming qualities (like Ryan Gosling, for instance). And if we don’t wise up and stop picking on them, that good old Canadian hospitality is bound to run out and then we’ll never get a chance to try poutine-flavored soda.

Offered exclusively in Canada, Jones Soda’s new limited edition “Poutine” flavor is currently available in select regions all across the Great White North, including Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver.

Described as having “a nice balance of rich, savory gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine,” the soda sounds, honestly, absolutely horrendous. Which means it’s probably delicious, especially when paired with a piping hot plate of actual poutine.

Mmm, poutine.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating