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Raclette Hot Dogs At This South Korean Restaurant Each Get A Perfect Cheese Blanket


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One of the fastest food trends to rise up in the past couple of years has to be the Swiss raclette. Made by melting cheese from a cheese wheel and scraping it onto whatever food item you desire. Hot dogs have become one of the more popular foods to top raclettes with, but not many places have truly mastered the form of the raclette hot dog like South Korean restaurant Joone Gane has.

As shown in the above video by Instagram user booboo049, each frankfurter at this joint gets it’s own little special cheese blanket, warmed and melted to silky perfection in a specialized spatula griddle to drape the cheese over the sausages perfectly. The result is a perfect, even layer of gooey dairy to complement the hot dog, rather than having to deal with uneven large clumps of cheese that can result from the traditional raclette form.

This is definitely not a traditional food, but is rather a refined spin on raclette hot dogs that is done just right. Hopefully, we can get some of those spatula griddles over here in the United States ASAP so we can start crafting our own.