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McDonald’s and Disney Will, Once Again, Live Happily Ever After

After much deliberation, Disney has decided to take back McDonald’s.

Disney and the Golden Arches have finally reunited. After over 10 years apart, the two will thankfully have McDonald’s Happy Meals featuring Disney characters as the toys accompanying your child’s delicious meal that you will eventually steal from.

Starting off this shift is the “Incredibles 2,” with toys featuring characters from the highly anticipated new Disney film.

The only Disney film that seems like it could potentially helm the role of Happy Meal toy is “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2,” but that doesn’t come out until November ’18, so the “Incredibles 2” better live up to its name and reputation.

But it’s alright, it’s been over a decade, we’ll cut them some slack for now. The reason Disney severed its ties with the fast food empire was because they found the Happy Meals to be too high in caloric intake. In 2006, the obesity epidemic was huge, and Disney thought it best to relinquish any further desire of the Happy Meals that children harbored.

It was a smart move on Disney, to keep McDonald’s to a healthier standard. The fast food franchise showed it really understood the change by announcing this February that it would reduce the calorie count on their Happy Meals by 20 percent, as well as cutting the cheeseburger from the meal.

So, it seems the children of 2006 were gifted with toys and calories galore, and the little tykes nowadays are going to be getting the same, just maybe a fewer toys and fewer calories. That ain’t so bad, is it?

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The Nerd Lunch Burger Has a Burger on Top of a Burger


Our buddy Nick over at Dude Foods likes to push the limits of burger creations and his Nerd Lunch Burger is certainly no exception.

This thing has 16 different ingredients packed inside, plus an additional burger mounted over top of it. Among the 16 items are two burger patties, onion rings, bacon, fries, chili, a fried egg, mushrooms and six different cheeses.

The mini bacon burger is just the cherry on top. It’s like a little top hat for this monstrous burger.

Unfortunately, there are no instructions on how to eat this behemoth, so you’re on your own if you actually try to make this and put it in your mouth.

Recipe, PicThx Dude Foods

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Cheeseburger-Flavored SpaghettiOs Sound Like The Ultimate Munchies Cure


There are certain foods you’ll only eat if you’re a child or high. New CheeseburgerOs from Campbell just happens to be both.

Growing up, we always begged for the original SpaghettiOs because of the cool skateboarding pasta on the label and because for some reason, we actually kind of liked that weird aluminum flavor. But for anyone past the age of 10, there hasn’t really been much reason to go back to those canned pasta days until now.

Perfect for nights when you’re craving both cheeseburgers and spaghetti but don’t have the willpower to make either, the new CheeseburgerOs are the first new flavor for SpaghettiOs in over twenty years (past renditions have included PizzOs and CheesOs). They also feature an estimated 750 pieces per 15-ounce can, all swimming around in a cheeseburger-flavored meat sauce which – we hope – also tastes excellent when spread on top of an actual burger.


Plus, it’s cheap, easy and fast, and when you’re wandering around the grocery store after 2 a.m., can you really ask for anything else?