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Watch 7 Of TV and Screen’s Most Epic Food Fights Ever

Real-life food fights are few and far between. No one wants to waste perfectly good food in a heated argument, especially when there are tons of malnourished people around the world who would kill to get a morsel of the Salisbury ammunition.

Film and television, however, are a completely different story. Because nothing you see on the screen is real, directors are given the opportunity to create pandemonium with peas and some mashed potato mayhem.

Check out these seven epic fictional food fights that could only be found on-screen.


The Cheers gang finds themselves alone on Thanksgiving after a series of unfortunate circumstances and decide to spend the holiday together. Tensions from their less than ideal holiday situations comes to a head in a brutal food fight, marking this as one of the sitcom’s most memorable moments.

Kung Fu Panda

Leave it to DreamWorks to come up with a beautifully choreographed animated montage where the titular Kung Fu Panda is being trained by Dustin Hoffman. In the “food fight” scene, the young Panda is given the simple task of successfully eating a dumpling. However, this proves more difficult than he thinks, leading to a ballet of kung fu food fightery.


Speaking of Dustin Hoffman, a memorable fight scene comes straight out of our favorite film of all time: Hook. A grown-up Peter Pan, played by the late Robin Williams, forgets what its like to use his imagination and is nudged to recall his youthful sense of wonder with the help of The Lost Boys, leading to quite possibly the most colorful food fight you’ll ever see.

Animal House

One of the most memorable food fights in cinema has to be from Animal House. John Belushi’s character inadvertently starts a food fight after getting into some trouble with the smug One Theta Pi fraternity members. We recall the zit-popping moment fondly.

Rest in peace, Mr. Belushi.

Family Matters

This memorable sitcom food fight comes from Family Matters, where main character Laura Winslow gets into a catty dispute with her frenemy Myra. The two pour different cafeteria foods down each others’ clothes, which eventually leads to an all-out food fight in the middle of the high school cafeteria.


Another animated example, this food fight from the Recess episode “The Tattletale Heart” is a focal point of the beloved Disney animated series. A brutal food fight breaks out in the Third Street Elementary School cafeteria, leading to a school-wide interrogation to find out who threw the first ball of food.

The 3 Stooges

From the classic short In The Sweet Pie and Pie, the Three Stooges engage in one of their earliest pie fights.

According to Larry Fine, this was one of the most difficult scenes to shoot from the film, because after they ran out of pies to throw, the prop guy would sweep up the used fillings (which had collected nails, splinters, and tacks) and smack each other with them until the director was happy with the shots.

SmackDown: Del Rio v. Randy Orton

The then-rivalry between pro wrestlers Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio led to a brutal brawl between the two professional wrestlers on the WWE’s SmackDown program. The fight carried over to the craft services section where tons of dishes fell victim to the heated dispute between the two sweaty behemoths. This was but one of the many food fights seen in the WWE, as they’ve had more than an epic few go down over the years.