New Foodmento App is Basically Yelp Mixed With Instagram


Another day, another food app to distract diners from enjoying a hot meal. The latest smartphone app to hit the market, Foodmento, is described as “a hybrid between Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram”. Confused? Let us elaborate.

Basically, this app can be used to search for your favorite dishes around the world. How users use Yelp to search for specific types of food or restaurants, Foodmento lets people comb through user submitted photos to find a specific dish. The dishes are ranked by customers using the app so users can see at a glance how popular the food is. What’s particularly great about this app is how it has been integrated with other apps. If a user finds a dish they’re interested in trying Foodmento offers directions via Google Maps, reservations via OpenTable, and even takeout using Seamless where restaurant where the dish is offered, making it simple for users to stop drooling over food porn and start grubbing on it for themselves.

Besides locating dishes this app also helps to start a dialogue between pals when users find a restaurant that a friend has previously visited or checked into. Both users receive a notification so they can start chatting about their favorite dishes and how they enjoyed the restaurant.

Foodmento is currently available in the Apple App Store.

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Foursquare Tries to Lift Us from Game of Thrones Depression with ‘Game of Cones’

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.44.58 AM

Game of Thrones mourners in San Francisco and New York, brace yourselves. Good news is coming. Foursquare has released a new in-game app called Game of Cones. The concept is simple, but brillant, considering the only way to soothe our grief and cool our rage is ice cream. Obviously. Between June 7th and June 21st, check in at any of the participating ice cream shops in the New York or San Francisco areas with the hashtag #GameOfCones. The shop with the most check-ins (cough House Bi-Rite cough) wins the Iron Cone . . . which appears to be an ice cream cone that will shred the roof of your mouth while you try to enjoy your dessert.

Sounds just like the show, doesn’t it?

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Fast Food

Check In 100 Times At Dairy Queen and You Could Win $100,000

Dairy Queen Oreo Check In Contest

You know what’s cool? When someone gives you a present on their birthday. To celebrate 100 years of Oreo goodness, Dairy Queen’s newest check-in promotion, known as the Oreo Blizzard 100 Promotion, will give you and your friends the chance to win $100,000 and other prizes until the end of August.

For your chance to win up to $100,000, all you have to do after signing up is visit your nearest Dairy Queen and  check-in via or through Facebook on your smartphone. You can’t check-in twice in the same day by using both methods, since they count as the same.

If you’re thinking, “Check-in by myself 100 times by the end of summer? DQ, YOU CRAZY!” then have no fear, my soon-to-be brain-frozen friend.

What’s unique about the promotion is that it allows you and your crew to form a team (10 people max) and lets you track your check-in progress as the contest goes on. Absolutely no purchase is necessary and, according to DQ, purchases won’t increase your chances of winning.

Feel free to peep the complete set of rules here. The contest goes on until August 31, 2012, so you’ve still got a solid two and half months left. Best of luck to you and your crew!