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McDonald’s Reveals Their Entire Breakfast History

McDonald’s had it pretty rough last year with their sales. However, things turned around for the company once they started offering All Day Breakfast for select items, and more recently, the complete breakfast menu.

As a result, customers have been flocking to the fast food chain to get their breakfast fix at all hours of the day. The Golden Arches reported that a huge amount of orders from lunch or dinner include Sausage McMuffins or a similar breakfast dish.

In some key insights into the appeal of their breakfast menu options, McDonald’s finally revealed the entire history of their breakfast with a new infographic chronicling the timeline for the popular menu.

The infographic can be seen below and takes a fast food journey through the early morning rushes of McDonald’s’ past. The Egg McMuffin being around for 45 years really puts its enduring appeal into perspective.


Photo: McDonald’s

This Pizza Chart Schools You On 40 Different Kinds Of Pizzas

Click HERE to see the chart in all its pizza glory aka full size!

Food Republic put together this chart showing 40 types of pizza. If you think about it, it’s a pizza pie chart. But don’t think about it too hard, because it’s technically not a pie chart at all. It’s just a regular chart with pizza pies on it. A few concerns: is a calzone really considered a pizza? I thought a calzone was a calzone. Then again, what do I know? Haha! Trick question! Not much, but I do know the hell out of some pizza, that’s for sure. As for the second concern, I can’t remember. Got too hungry with all this talk about pizza. To the pizza parlor!



Written by Brittany High, IncredibleThings


Infographic Reveals Brain Foods That Will Make You Brilliant, And Why


There’s a ton of food out there that’s said to boost your brain power. Your mom might serve you a dinner of salmon the night before a test, or you might devour a bowl of fruit before a big presentation.

BlueBrainBoost crated a Brain Food Pyramid that highlights every food that will help improve your brain. Naturally, the fruits and veggies are the clearest solution to boosting your brain. Then, it’s proteins and other smaller bites.

The pyramid details all the major foods that help improve your body overall and details the effects of each item. It also sections off the ones you should eat the most of from the ones you should eat the least of. Y’know, like a regular food pyramid.

Check out the awesome infographic below and start prioritizing you brain food.


Photo: Brain ProTips


Mayonnaise Dethrones Ketchup as Most Popular Condiment



Think ketchup reigns supreme when it comes to America’s favorite condiment? Well, time to shatter your reality. Pulling data from Euromonitor, Quartz graphed the growth of ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce , barbecue sauce, mustard and steak sauce markets from 2000 to 2013.

The verdict: The US consumes $2 billion worth of mayo each year, while the ketchup market is worth around $800 million — less than half of mayo’s. Soy sauce follows close behind ketchup at $725 million last year, with barbecue sauce coming in at $660 million. Mustard’s market, on the other hand, has been shrinking since 2009 and falls slightly under $450 million.


It’s worth it to note that while hot sauce is valued at $550 million, it’s grown by 150 percent since 2000 — more than ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and mustard combined. As Quartz points out, “Hot sauce is having more than just a moment; it’s having a decade.”

A lot of the love is due to America’s rising immigrant population. The influx of Asians and Latinos has made spicy dishes more commonplace and has helped fuel the US’ current obsession with sauces like Sriracha and Tabasco (please refer to the great Tabasco vs Sriracha debate).


Naturally, the rising popularity of hot wings have also played a big part: Americans consume a whopping 25 billion chicken wings per year. “Sriracha, Tabasco, and Frank’s Red Hot, in particular, have really benefited from that,” Matt Hudak, Euromonitor’s US food industry expert, explained.

Charts via Quartz


Science Rules! The Periodic Table of Alcohol


This genius periodic table of classic boozy drinks  just  made your life a lot easier and a lot more interesting.  Mayra Artes, the illustrator of this great graphic, uses the grids of the periodic table to systematically organize the drinks into an easy-to-read chart.

Color codes add to the ease of reading the chart, with different colors for different kinds of alcohol.  In a cider mood? Look for the yellow squares.  If you’re feeling vodka, brandy, or cognac, find green, while  tequila is coded in black. This definitely beats 6th grade science by a long shot.

Each square also features the year of the drink’s creation, its alcohol percentage, and its dominant flavor.  So as long as you know what you’re in the mood to drink (which is a challenge in and of itself) you can pretty much find what you’re looking for somewhere on the table.  Here’s to science (sort of)!


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This Ambitious Pasta Chart Maps 250 Shapes, from the Supermarket to Italy


Pop Chart Lab highlights it penchant for alliteration with it’s newest addition: The Plethora of Pasta Permutations.

We have a ton of respect (and a bit of envy) for the person whose job it was to track down the over 250 shapes of pasta: generic supermarket brands or handmade from Italy, down to the last tortellini.   And we can’t wait to work our way through each delicious carb-tastic shape.  I know I’ll be stocking up on lots of Parmesan cheese and homemade tomato sauce. 250 days worth, to be exact.


The 24” X 36” poster can be pre-ordered for now, and the first batch will be shipped by August 8.  While you wait, maybe consider a pastasaurus, just to keep your new routine interesting.

PicThx Pop Chart Lab


The Most Straightforward & Hilarious Guide to Coffee, Ever

types of coffee-feature

Sometimes you want an espresso and sometimes you want whiskey. For example, take today: I got up and contemplated stopping by Starbucks to swoop up a red eye. But let’s be real, all I really wanted were a few shots of early morning Jameson, so I asked the barista for an Irish espresso. Unfortunately, when I explained to her what exactly went into  an Irish espresso, she gave me an incredulous look and told me that it was a “bit early.” Hmph.

For those of you finding yourselves in a similar sitch every morning, here’s a handy how-to-guide on your basic and not-so-basic coffee drinks.


types of coffee

Head over to Pleated Jeans for mo’.

H/T That’s Nerdalicious + PicThx Pleated Jeans


The Trendy Food Flowchart for Hungry Hungry Hipsters

flowchart little

In today’s slow-roasted, gluten-free, organic, Stevia-based, what-do-you-mean-you-like-McDonald’s-french-fries world, it can be hard to know what to do for a quick-fix. It’s midnight, you’re hungry, and you’re fresh out of vegan bacon cheeseburger flavored soy chips. What are you gonna do? Nom on some Cheez-Its? What are you, a heathen?

What you need to do is refer to this Trendy Food Flowchart from Thought Catalog. That way you know whether you should be snacking on Sriracha-covered bacon, starring in a YA novel, or living the #FROYOLO life.


flowchart big

H/T + PicThx Thought Catalog