Fiat to Release the First In-Car Espresso Machine

No reports confirm whether Xzibit was the mastermind behind this idea, but this ride seems pretty pimp nonetheless.

Fiat, the car that has made entire cities chase Jennifer Lopez down the street and turned Charlie Sheen into the Drift King has announced that its 500L model will be the first car in the world to come standard with a built-in espresso machine.

Naturally, the Italian company’s 500L and its interesting little machine will make its debut in Italy this October before making its way through the rest of Europe.

Fiat is teaming up with Lavazza, an Italian coffee company known for being “Italy’s favorite Coffee,” and will be using the concept from its A Modo Mio” coffee capsules.

Fiat said that its target audience is people who feel that texting isn’t extreme enough and need an extra distraction while operating a motorized vehicle. And while obviously, Fiat really didn’t say that, the potential risk of the built-in espresso machine being a distraction will probably lead to the feature never seeing the light of day in the U.S..

So Americans might never find out if this is the distraction that breaks the stereotype that distractions lead to people not paying attention to their driving and causing accidents.

The concept of a built-in espresso machine sounds cool at first, until you think of the pouring process and how easy it is to spill things inside a moving car. If there is a built-in Frappuccino, or iced coffee maker in the works, then interest might shoot up considering the element of burning yourself goes out the window.

Congratulations, Italy. You’ve officially been “pimped.”

[Thx Huff Post and Gawker]


Tiger Blood Donut Now For Sale

Trust me, we’re as sick of Charlie Sheen news as the next person, but this donut was much too curious to not show off to the foodie community. Created as a special item on the California-based Psycho Donuts menu in honor of the actor-gone-crazy. We’re looking at a pastry topped with orange icing, stripes of ‘Adonis DNA,’ Raspberry Blood (for fueling your F-16) and the dust of a 6 gram sugar rock. Available now.


McDonald’s Jokingly Tweets About a “McWinning” Sandwich

McDonald’s Official USA Twitter page tweeted to its over 100,000 followers that despite rumors that it is working on a new item called ‘McWinning’. The tweet comes in conjunction with the burger giant speaking and denying the rumors of any plans to bring the McLobster or McSushi to their US menus. It seems Charlie Sheen’s brand of media takeover knows no bounds, even the double arches are chiming in. #McWinning, if it were a real sandwich/burger, what would it consist of?!


“Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes” Cooking Show Debuts Its First Episode

Can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen? As much as we think his antics, “winning” phrases and media coverage is starting to become a bit stale, he catches off guard with his own cooking show, aptly titled, “Winning Recipes”.

The show debuted earlier today, proclaiming that this episode “shows you how to cook using all of the power of a warlock.” The video was constructed, hosted and publicized through, because we’re guessing that Food Network wasn’t to keen on giving him a 30-minute slot of his own.


Bi-Winning Tiger Blood Now On Sale

Charlie Sheen memes have reached their inevitable end, a tangible product. While this particular drink doesn’t look at all officially endorsed by Sheen, it’s absolutely relevant and ridiculous. Tiger Blood energy potion promotes a Bi-Winning formula of 100% passion that is specifically designed to make your brain fire in a way that’s not from this particular terrestrial realm (had enough Charlie Sheen-isms yet?).

In actuality, this product is fruit punch flavored and packs 80mg of caffeine. It’s almost the same as “banging crack rocks,” except will not have the same adverse side effects actual drug use might entail. Drugs are terrible and we don’t endorse them, full disclosure. ($4 @ HarcosLabs)


The Definitive Charlie Sheen Sandwich

Our friend Nick has definitely hit all major aspects of actor Charlie Sheen‘s spiraling behavior with the different sectors of this sandwich. The skinless chicken breasts showcase the alcohol, one of which was cooked in Vodka and spices, the other was drenched in Tequila, lime juice and cilantro. Of course, what’s a sandwich without bread? Thick, luscious beer bread, to be exact. The breasts (hehe) were then topped with smoked ham and smoked turkey to pay homage on multiple levels to Charlie Sheen’s favorite time passing activity (besides sleeping around).

Finally, the sandwich is rounded out with some sharp cheddar cheese (the dude’s on point lately, have you seen his interviews?) and of course, since his life is making a subsequent turn-around, the sandwich is topped with a couple sunny side up eggs. He’s happy and optimistic, right?!  The best part are the appetizer lines of white powder, just to get the party started. For you youngins reading, those lines are actually just powdered sugar, they’re meant to be sprinkled on your sandwich and drenched with maple syrup. How are you #WINNING today?

Fast Food

LA Hot Dog Shop Announces “Charlie Dog w/ Tiger Blood”

You’re under a rock if you haven’t encountered the news reports about the recent craziness of actor Charlie Sheen. The latest news about the actor is that he has registered for a new Twitter account which allows him to connect more rapidly with the outside world. As a result, we get some great pictures that he tweets, including this shot of what we believe to be a menu chalkboard from LA-based hot doggery The Infield out in Sherman Oaks, CA advertising the Charlie Dog With “Tiger Blood”.