A-List Celebrity Commissions Viagra Ice Cream, Of Course


There’s a big difference between thinking about eating Viagra ice cream and actually commissioning someone to make it. Except, I guess, if you’re a celebrity.

Recently, “award-winning food inventor” Charlie Harry Francis (who previously brought us glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream) was enlisted to invent a bright blue Viagra-laced ice cream for an unnamed A-lister’s party. He dubbed the champagne-flavored treat “Arousal,” and infused each scoop with 25 mg of the erectile dysfunction pill, which is basically “…the same about in the lowest dose of the drug,” HuffPo reports.


Though the celebrity’s identity remains confidential, Francis was assured he or she was “very happy with the end result.” Based on the super-subtle promo image below, hell, we believe it. Talk about your blue balls.


Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Costs $225 Per Scoop


Ice cream rules, even when there’s something offbeat or unusual about it (see: Facebook-flavored and spaghetti ice cream). Our latest find gives even the strangest of varieties a run for their money, because this ice cream glows in the dark.

Food inventor Charlie Harry Francis of Lick Me I’m Delicious came up with this never-before-seen creation that is, in fact, edible. So what’s the secret behind the glow? It’s caused by “calcium activated proteins that react when they are agitated,” AKA the stuff that makes jellyfish glow. Basically, if you lick the ice cream, it starts to radiate light!

Unfortunately, the ice cream would set you back $225 per scoop, because apparently jellyfish glow is expensive. Francis achieved the same result another way though, using “quinine from tonic to make a glow in the UV dark gin and tonic sorbet,” which we can only assume is a bit more affordable.

Picthx Lick Me I’m Delicious