Protesters Sling Fries and Mayo at Belgian Prime Minister, Mayo and Fries Upset [Watch]


The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, got a surprise snack when he started a speech at a business conference in Namur, Belgium. A few anti-austerity activists threw fries and mayonnaise on Michel in protest of budget cuts and “the criminalization of the poor.”

Michel laughed it off and didn’t press charges against the four women from the organization LililthS, a branch of Femen.

Michel, 39, is the youngest prime minister in the history of the Belgian title and his coalition government has been subject to protests amid a recent announcement of plans. The government plans to raise the retirement age to 67, cancel a typically automatic annual cost-of-living raise, and numerous other austerity measures to cut government spending.

“French” fries with mayonnaise are a Belgian specialty.

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