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Charles Barkley Legitimately Thinks Vegetarians Don’t Exist, Here’s His Explanation

It was a crazy night on TNT’s Inside The NBA, Thursday, as Shaquille O’Neal damn near burned his face off with the One Chip Challenge, and Charles Barkley adamantly claimed that vegetarians do not exist.

Yeah, I know, you’re feeling a bit perplexed by that statement, but he did not shy away from an explanation, saying, “Vegetarians, that’s not a thing. Nobody doesn’t like meat. Just because they say it, doesn’t make it true.”

Um, no, Chuck. That’s literally a vegetarian—someone who doesn’t like meat.

This might be more ridiculous than flat Earth theories that circled the NBA last year, and the worst part is that Barkley seemed dead serious. He casually made the statement, and tried to continue with his basketball analysis, like if he didn’t just say something that was bat-sh*t crazy.

Co-host Ernie Johnson didn’t let it die, though, circling back and asking Barkley, “You don’t think there are actually vegetarians?” and Sir Charles didn’t stutter, repeating, “There’s no such thing as a vegetarian, nobody doesn’t like meat, Ernie.”

Well, OK then. I can only imagine the conversation he’s going to have with PETA after they come after him and protest the hell out of the TNT studio.