Never Drive While Eating Spaghetti & Burgers For Life [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This unbearably hot week, people in Arizona were actually able to cook steaks on the streets. Like, right off the pavement. A dude decided it was a great idea to whip his wiener out at the checkout counter, much to everyone’s horror.

Kentucky Fried Chicken created a meal box that you can plug your phone into and charge it while you’re chomping on the Colonel’s original recipe. A burger chain in Australia says they’ll give you hamburgers for life if you’re willing to change your name.

Finally, meet Danny. This guy tried to eat spaghetti while driving and became a cautionary tale.

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Guy Whips Out And Scans His D*ck At A Self-Checkout Counter, Terrifies Employees

self checkout

Self-Checkout counters can make grocery shopping a pain. The lines are sometimes just as long as regular checkout, you have to manually push buttons yourself, and now we have to worry about the stank from dudes putting their junk on the scanner. READ MORE

This Heatwave Has People Literally Cooking Steak On The Street [WATCH]

street steaks

It’s that time of the year where everyone complains about the hot weather, as they sit in air-conditioned buildings, and only feel the unbearable heat on the walk to the parking lot.

Sure, some complaints are exaggerated, but it’s safe to say it really is ridiculously hot on the west coast right now, as you can literally cook steaks outside using the heat from the sun. Some call them “Heat Street Steaks! READ MORE

KFC’s New Meal Box Will Actually Charge Your Phone While You’re Eating

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.44.49 PM

KFC has been very experimental in 2016. From tweeting a NSFW ad that obviously conceptualized a dude getting a hand job on a couch, to developing a line of edible nail polish that actually tasted like chicken, KFC’s been bringing the heat. With that said, KFC’s newest item is even more outside the box.

Well, actually, it is the box. READ MORE

The Terrifying Tale Of Danny, The Guy Who Ate Spaghetti While Driving


Yes, we’ve heard all the cautionary tales that come with eating and driving. There’s something about crushing a beautiful sandwich during a long commute that’s just so perfect. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly dangerous. READ MORE

Guess What Your Name Has To Be To Get Free Burgers For Life


Every time I pick up an Archie comic, I always see that Jughead Jones winning himself a lifetime supply of hamburgers. Though I’ve yet to see an actual person get themselves that deal in real life. Turns out there’s a Burger chain in Melbourne that will do exactly that. READ MORE


Starbucks Adds Wireless Phone Chargers to the List of Reasons Its Customers Never Go Home


When going to Starbucks, the need to Instagram your coffee order can be pretty insurmountable. The only problem is your phone is practically dead and all the wall outlets are either taken by studious college students or guys writing life-altering screenplays. If only there was a way to get a quick charge before that whipped cream melted on your caramel macchiato.


Teaming up with Power Mat Technologies, Starbucks launched a series of test chargers at 200 of its San Francisco Bay area stores. Customers only need to grab a charging ring and connect it to their cellular device. They then just place it on the Powermat and wait for the battery to fill up. No need to carry around a bulky charger and no need to wait for an outlet to open up.

The San Francisco stores will be the first indicator of the Powermat’s success before a national launch. The rings can also be purchase at Starbucks stores for $9.99.

H/T Recode


This Gadget Charges your Electronic Devices While Boiling Water



Roughing it in the woods is tough when you’re addicted to your mobile device. The whole time you’re just counting down your battery, figuring out what apps to close, and writing out that last Instagram caption before your battery dies down. You think about it so much, you probably won’t even enjoy the experience.

Thankfully, for those technology junkies that can’t stay off social media, there’s now a way to keep your phone at a healthy battery level even in the great outdoors. BioLite has developed a device called the KettleCharge, which allows you to boil water and simultaneously recharge your electrical devices.


Energy is created by using the heat from the boiling water. The kettle is built with a heat-resistant, flexible USB extender that keeps people from shocking themselves by extending the port to a respectable distance. All you really need is a heat source, gas stove, hot plate, or even a home stove to activate the device.

For who those who absolutely need to stay connected, no matter how frivolous the excuse (looking at you Snapchat), the KettleCharge is available for $149.95.

H/T DesignTaxi


Starbucks to Install Wireless Smartphone Charging Mats Nationwide


As if people weren’t addicted enough to Starbucks already, the caffeine-shilling giant is now installing wireless smartphone charging stations to guarantee you never have to get real sleep ever again.

Provided by Duracell Powermat, the stations are set to roll out in Starbucks and Teavana locations on the west coast through 2014, then the major cities nationwide through 2015. According to The Verge, each store should receive about 10 mats which will be seamlessly installed into tables and countertops —in essence, forcing guests to put down their devices for the minute it takes for their names to be called. The horror.


It’s not all whipped cream and syrup though. Like similar charging mat technology, the Powermats will require additional hardware to make phones compatible with the stations, such as special cases or firewire charging rings. It’s unknown whether Starbucks plans to sell these rings in-store.

PicThx Starbucks


New Coffee-Powered Phone Charger Proves Coffee Fixes Everything


It’s about time your morning cup of coffee quit being just a caffeine dump and started providing support for your electronic devices as well — at least, that’s the thought process that produced the Epiphany onE Puck charger. According to the folks over at Greatist, the coffee-powered charging pad converts the energy produced by the temperature of a hot (or iced) beverage into chargeable power of up to five watts, which is about the same amount used by a traditional smartphone charger. Another bonus? The device is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Androids, meaning that it’s accessible for pretty much any phone with a USB charger.

The only downside is the fact that the charger’s effectiveness will vary a lot depending on how hot or cold a particular beverage is, but we’ll take some environmentally friendly variation over being trapped in a Starbucks with no available outlets any day. The onE Puck charger is not yet available for sale, but you can track its progress here.

H/T + PicThx to Greatist