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Man Dines And Dashes Straight Into The Sea After Eating Hundreds Of Dollars In Seafood

If you can’t afford to pay for dinner, you probably shouldn’t order hundreds of dollars in food. We feel this should be pretty common sense by now.

An Australian man and aspiring rapper found himself in hot water after he ordered $621 in seafood from Omeros Bros Restaurant in Main Beach, reports ABC Australia. Items he allegedly devoured included one baby octopus, two lobsters, 17 oyster shooters, and a lot of beer.

Not wanting to pay for such a lavish meal, Terry Peck (aka 2pec) decided to partake in the age-old art of dining and dashing.

What sets this particular dine-and-dash tale apart from countless others is that this guy decided he could make a clean break straight into the ocean. Check out this footage of his beach arrest.

Like Poseidon himself, the patron ran into the ocean.

Unfortunately for the dimwitted diner, authorities jumped into a life guard boat and pursued him.

So why did 2pec decide to take off into the ocean like the devil himself was chasing him? Peck claimed that he only left the restaurant to help a friend who was giving birth on the beach.

Could that friend of his possibly be Princess Atlanna of Atlantis? Either way, Peck says that he was arrested by authorities before he could find his friend.

He is currently facing charges of stealing and two counts of assault of a police officer.

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This Coffee Shop Charges You Every Minute You’re Sitting Inside


We’ve been guilty of purchasing a small coffee and spending an entire day working remote at a Starbucks before. With the free bathrooms and WiFi, working in a coffeeshop is probably one of our preferred places to crunch out some editorial pieces like this beauty.

A new cafe in Brooklyn, however, won’t let you just lounge around all day just for buying a small drink. Williamsburg’s Glasshour charges customers $6 for the first hour they’re at the coffee shop and 10 cents for every minute after the first hour.

The model is similar to those of cyber cafes where you’re charged by the time rather than purchases, Grubstreet reports.

While you’re there, you can relax and play some board games, drink coffee or tea, and even get some free snacks.

Customer’s won’t be charged more than $24 bucks though. So think of it as a parking garage for your butt.

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Saudi Arabian Restaurant Charges for Leftovers

According to the global news site Bikyamasr, a Saudi Arabian restaurant has begun charging customers for the food they leave behind after dining.

The Damman Marmar, in an effort to reduce food waste in the Gulf Kingdom, is charging customers depending on how much food they have left on their plates.

“There are many clients who make large orders to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige,” said Fahd al-Anezi, owner for Damman Marmar, regarding the fines.

According to al-Anezi, new system has been met with positive reception.

[THX: Bikyamasr]


Vitamin Water: Charge (Lemon-Lime)

“I’m sure our old friend Sun-Tzu would have something fierce to say about preparation and one-upping your opponent, but the bottom line is that when it’s time to kick some you-know-what, you best be ready (you know, hydrated). So next time you try riding into battle on a yorkshire terrier, make sure you grab an electrolyte-packed charge. It’ll add a little bite to your bark”. (Thx Vitaminwater)