These ‘Sacrilicious’ Bacon Latkes Are Not Kosher


First, there was bacon. Then came bacon chocolate, the maple bacon donut, and then the bacon lollipop (does anything not come bacon-flavored, anymore?) It was only a matter of time before the Bacon Latke would come to realization.

The savory creation comes from The Food Monkey, when a curious blogger decided to test drive a bacon latke creation at a friends Hannukah party, despite the potentially offensive implications of the fried porcine platter. Latkes, to fill some of you in, are fried potato pancakes typically eaten during the Jewish holiday and eating pork is expressively prohibited in the Torah.


We know what you’re thinking. The idea of latkes made from the fatty, meaty goodness which is bacon, instead of potato (in fact, there’s NO potato in this fried adaptation at all) isn’t exactly, well, kosher. . . Note: For those who adhere to a kosher diet, please ignore this post.

For the rest of you, here’s the recipe.

H/T The Food Monkey


5 Boozy Christmas Ornaments To Warm Up The Season

Time to ‘fess up, guys. The only reason ANYONE gets cheery around the holiday season is because it’s totally acceptable to drink around the clock. (As a newcomer to the Big Apple, I refuse to believe that anything else in this frigid weather could make someone happy.) Eggnog at the office, candy cane-themed happy hour martinis, spiced apple cider at the ice rink and mulled wine by the fire… Booze is just the means by which we stay warm and look forward to the upcoming vacation days that will soon be gone.

Strings of popcorn and tiny lights might be pretty, but it’s better to deck the halls and decorate your Christmas tree (or Chanukah bush) with something that’s a little more, well… festive, don’t you think? Or just, holiday-appropriate?

And by holidays, we mean alcohol. Those two words are pretty much synonymous by now. Happy alcohol to you and yours. Have a wonderful alcohol season. Last minute holiday shopping. Yeah, we’ll stop talking now and refill our glasses.

Below, a list of cheeky alcohol-related holiday ornaments from Sur la table:

1. Champagne Bottle Ornament:


2. Jamaica Rum Bottle Ornament


3. Irish Cream Bottle Ornament


4. Margarita Ornament


5. Cognac Bottle Ornament

Which boozy holiday decor is your favorite?

via Sur la table


Jones Soda Chanukah Pack

This new product goes out to my Jewish bretheren in the audience. Get your menorah arcenist tendencies started right with this flavorful four pack, containing delights such as Chocolate Coins, Apple Sauce, Latke and Jelly Doughnut. Sounds weird, but for $6, you know Jones Soda never steers you wrong when it comes to quality carbonated beverages. The box depicts the kosherness of the drink, coupled with the complimentary dreidel with every package. Drink on!