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10 Drinks That Are Guaranteed To Induce A Hangover

Alcohol can be a best friend one night and a sworn enemy the next day. It’s a fickle relationship, to say the least. That sworn enemy part? It comes in the form of a hangover, which will greet you in the morning with the gentle warmth of a sledgehammer to the face.

Now, while there are many variables at play when it comes to a hangover — drinking on an empty stomach, not enough water in the evening, etc — it all comes down to pretty simple reasons. You get hangovers because of things like, sugar, carbonation, and congeners.

Instead of going through the science outright, though, let’s get all hyped up on science by walking it through a few drinks that are sure to do damage to your body.

Red Wine

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Red wine may be a class-act accessory the night before, but it’s an aggressive bully the morning after. Congeners, a fermentation byproduct that strikes up the morning hangover band, contribute to a wine’s color. So the darker a wino goes, the worse they’ll feel. White wine may not always prove its worth as an evening drink, but it’ll keep a drinker’s head from caving in the next day.

Darker Liquors

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Likewise, liquors of a darker shade —  your bourbons, your brandys, your dark rums — are ready to sabotage the morning-after for the same reason, those dang congeners. Bourbon’s actually the fiercest culprit, having the 40 times the quantity of congeners than in vodka.

Cheap Liquor

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Liquor tends to have higher alcohol concentrations than its beer and wine brethren. And the cheaper the spirit, the more congeners. So scooping the cheapest booze is the fastest route to a forced day in bed. Honestly, though, who’s surprised that the most affordable thing at the bar betrays you in the end?


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Why a more lofty drink like champagne ends up as a head pounder always seems to be up for discussion. It’s a go-to celebratory toast drink, but it’ll knock out the brain come sun-up. The reason is it comes down to the fact that it’s jam-packed with bubbles. That carbon dioxide helps get the alcohol into a drinker’s blood stream faster than other kinds of alcohol.

Booze Mixed With Soda or Juice

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This is basically just pouring sugar down the gullet, so it’s no surprise it makes a person feel like hell come morning. The fact that alcohol is involved is doing absolutely nobody any favors — except maybe the tastebuds. Whether it’s whiskey and cola or vodka and orange juice, if the mixer is super sweet, there’s a chance the next day will come with a super headache.

Fruity Colorful Cocktails

This is going to strike the same way soda and juice do, mostly because they may be hiding beneath that tiny umbrella. Anything that has a pretty color to it has a good chance of becoming your frienemy. It’s going to be an entire witch’s brew of booze that then disguises the whole festive monstrosity with sweeteners. Witchcraft, I say!

Booze with Energy Drinks

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Not only are energy drinks major players when it comes to hangovers, but mixing a depressant and a stimulant together is no good for a human being from the start. It basically has the potential to rile a person up to drink more for longer than one’s body would initially agree to. Plus, the sugar content of energy drinks is bonkers to begin with.

Gimmicky Nonsense Shots in a Dive Bar

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This will priority mail your brain a hangover for a number of reasons. It could be a goofball sugary concoction with some innuendo name, it could be the cheapest booze in the house that they hide with sugar, or it’s some maniac pour like a ‘bar mat shot’, which is exactly what it sounds like — all the spilled liquid on the bar, squeezed into a shot glass. This kind of lunacy is best (and hopefully only) limited to a 21st birthday, and even then, like, why?

Long Island Iced Tea

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If anyone orders a drink that at its core is a selection of gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and triple sec — especially one that hides them vixens and villains with sour mix and a splash of cola — it can’t really be that much of a blindside once everything goes haywire. These will deliver a boxer-like hangover because the drinker is simply downing all the booze together in what will surely be an accidental half dozen orders.

Literally Any Drink With ‘Adios’ or ‘Goodbye’ or ‘So Long’ or ‘911’ in the Title

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These kinds of drinks essentially take the spirit of Long Island Iced Teas, but turn it into more direct chaos. Sometimes, they’ll act like it’s a mystery concoction that just randomly showed up one day. This could be anything from a Slushee that’s, like, three-fourths Bacardi 151 to a blue lagoon fishbowl of tequila that looks like someone could swim in it. Anything that hints at a blackout in its name can, will, and should absolutely beat a person up like crazy. This is how you lose an entire weekend.


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Watch Man Drop A $42,000 Bottle Of Champagne At A Night Club

If you thought dropping your cup of beer was the ultimate party foul, then you’re going to cringe watching this dude drop a $42,000 bottle of champagne.

According to Munchies, this dude was at a night club in Ibiza (Although some commenters have argued that it was in Mexico) and was ready to pop open the 30,000 euro bottle. As you can see in the video clip, as soon as he popped it open, he lost control — shattering and spilling all over his guests.

A YouTube commenter who claimed to have worked for a liquor distributor, said the bottle looked like a 6 liter Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne, which he said often sells for about $1,000. If true, that Ibiza night club markup was pretty damn steep for the reportedly $42,000 bottle.

Regardless of the bottles true value, this was the ultimate party foul. The dude had a nice suit on, was about to serve some expensive champagne to his guests, and fumbled the bottle like Mark Sanchez on Thanksgiving.

Do not let this man hold your baby, or anything of value, ever.

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Champagne House Hires Former Porn Star To Rep Brand, Founding Family Sues

The Champagne House of Charles de Cazanove, one of the oldest in the Champagne region of France, has pissed off one of its founder’s descendants. Charles de Cazanove hired a former adult actress, Clara Morgane, to represent their brand, and they’re now being sued by the descendant to keep the family name from being associated with her name.

In an interview with Europe 1 Radio, descendant Count Loïc Chiroussot de Bigault de Cazanove proclaimed that his ancestors would be “turning in their graves” if they knew that Morgane was the new face of Charles de Cazanove Champagne. Morgane currently works as a television host and singer, according to the Times of London.

The bubbly business has been working with Morgane since last year, and they debuted a Cuvée Brut Rosé with her name on it in November.

That apparently was too much for the lengthy-named count, who sued the brand to keep Morgane’s name off the same label as his family’s former business. The Count said that the partnership was “simply scandalous” because of Morgane’s past as a porn star.

The Cazanove family sold the business in the 1950s, according to the Daily Meal, and its changed hands between multiple firms since then.

Morgane took to Instagram to blast Count Loïc Chiroussot for ridiculing her in such a way. A rough translation of her statement reads as follows:

“Today Charles de Cazanove is a big house of Spain to which I am proud to have joined. This gentleman CHIROUSSOT, great nephew of the family who creates the controversy should have asked the question of the will of his ancestors before the sale of their name and that long ago.
I imagine that his little anger prevented him from tasting our delicious nectar. I propose to send him a bottle so he can have a good time of liberating emotion. “

A representative of the champagne firm told FOX News that despite the lawsuit, Morgane’s bubbly rosé is still selling pretty well.

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These Cocktail-Inspired Gummy Bears Are The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

We all know there’s no shortage of candy during the holiday season. This year, as the store shelves become packed with candy canes and popcorn tins, find something sweet to take you away from the repetitive holiday season routine.

While there will always be room for tradition, Project 7 has created some must-have holiday treats that are perfect for gifting — or just keeping to yourself.

Project 7 has introduced a brand new line of non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired gummy bears featuring flavors like Old Fashioned, champagne and Moscow Mule. But just because these one-of-a-kind gummies are non-alcoholic, doesn’t mean they won’t get a party started.

Just think, these craft cocktail inspired gummies will surely be a hit at the company work party, or as a gift for the boss that’s the total opposite of NSFW.

It gets even better – these gummies are made with organic sweeteners, they’re non-GMO, and contain no artificial flavors colors OR preservatives.

So, if you’re still trying to pick out the perfect gift, or just need some legit stocking stuffers for the family, get your Project 7 gourmet gummy bear fix at any Target store.

Don’t wait, though – these treats are only available during the holiday season, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! You can find them in the holiday section at your local Target, or on

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Project 7

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Usain Bolt Has New Gig As CEO Of Maison Mumm Champagne

When superstar athletes decide to retire, the question is often, “So, what’s next?” For Usain Bolt, its a run straight to the boardroom as Chief Entertainment Officer of Maison Mumm, makers of G.H. Mumm Champagne.

Installed as “CEO” last year, Bolt has been inspiring the world with his signature celebrations. This latest production shows off his dancing skills, as the legendary sprinter is versed in other talents with his feet.

Directed by Luis Cervero (Pharell Williams, Justice, etc.), the video also features former Jamaican Miss Universe contestant Yendi Philipps in an up-to-the-minute expression of Maison Mumm’s signature values of “Dare. Win. Celebrate.”

Recently, Bolt made an appearance in Tokyo at the Japanese launch of the Mumm Grand Cordon cuvee. He unveiled a bottle design that embodies Mumm’s affinity with daring achievers everywhere.

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Bottle Popping Emergency? Dom Perignon Is Now Delivered On Demand

We’ve all been there. You’ve got the models frolicking in the pool, the music is blasting, and you run out of champagne… record scratch. Well, if you live in New York or Miami, there is a super simple solution to that.

This month, Dom Pérignon began offering consumers in those cities, with more to come, the ability to cop bottles via its website and have them delivered chilled by Thirstie, a spirits and beer delivery start-up, in one hour. You will also be able to order bottles via the Thirstie app.

“A continuation of the Moët Hennessy USA ambition of innovation in the market, the launch of a 1-hour luxury delivery service for Dom Pérignon presents a new avenue in which to delight the Dom Pérignon consumer, in the on-demand and immediate world they live in,” explains Jorge Cosano, Vice-President of Dom Pérignon. “We are continuously looking to find new ways to further drive innovation and deliver on our commitment to building luxury brands with a strong consumer focus and to create new opportunities to strengthen our partnership with our retail customers.”

Between this and Baskin-Robbins, you may never need to leave home again.

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Pop Bottles On The Go In Vegas With This Champagne Vending Machine

Las Vegas is full of the most luxurious and extravagant experiences you can find on the planet. Everything is taken up to the next level when it comes to Sin City.

That apparently also includes the vending machines.

One vending machine on the 23rd floor Sky Lobby at Mandarin Oriental dispenses mini bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. You can get a 200 ml bottle of Rose wine or Imperial Brut from the machine, as well as a golden flute that lets you drink straight out of the bottle.

Delish has claimed that while this is the first consumer champagne vending machine in the United States, Moet-Hennessy’s corporate offices in New York also have one of these machines, which can hold up to 320 bottles at a time.

Getting yourself one of these bottles isn’t as easy as a regular vending machine, however. You have to get a special gold coin for $20 from the front desk (after showing your I.D., obviously), which you can then use on the vending machine to grab your bottle of bubbly.

While it’s definitely pricey for a little bottle of champagne – it’s Vegas, man. You go all out, you do it in style, and you do it for a lot of money. May as well class it up a little bit with some bubbles while you’re at it.


Chinese Man Steals Champagne From First Class And Goes On A Drunken Rage

A Chinese passenger was booted off a United Airlines flight bound for New York after he stole champagne from first class and went on a drunken rage because he was denied a seat upgrade.

The passenger, identified only as Lu, was aboard flight UA097 departing from Shanghai when he was reportedly denied a seat upgrade request. Lu proceeded to sneak in to first class several times, stealing a bottle of champagne in the process.

Lu allegedly refused to identify himself to the crew. With a champagne bottle in hand, he began to run up and down the aisle drinking and screaming. When he refused the crew’s request to leave the plane, police were called.

Lu then threw himself in the middle of the aisle and kicked officers as they tried to restrain him. Passengers armed with zip-ties assisted the authorities who eventually dragged the man kicking and screaming off the flight before it departed.


One passenger uploaded the scene to YouTube along with this description:

“Man decided to “upgrade” himself from economy to first class. He got caught multiple times and refused to identify himself to the crew, at one point even walking down the aisles drinking champagne that he stole from first class. The crew asks him to leave the plane and he refuses. Finally, the Chinese authorities arrive to drag him off the plane. However, they claim they are not allowed to handcuff someone that is mentally unstable (???). Finally, with the help of some passengers and plastic zip-tie cuffs provided by the crew, the man is carried off the plane kicking and screaming the entire way.”


Written by NextShark || Source: Shanghaiist