Sweet Lew Burger

We’re looking at the $40 Sweet Lew Burger, an amazing tower of a burger that consists of two hamburger patties, a fried chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, gravy fries, a fried egg, your choice of cheese, and aioli all-the-while sitting on a cheddar kaiser roll and stabbed with a whole pickle. Served up daily at The Chef’s Table in Rocklin, CA, if you finish this crazy burger, your meal is on the house, plus you get your picture taken and put up on the wall, and on their Facebook page.


BF Burger


This BF burger is part of the challenging menu over at the Big Burger Shack. Their website is a barebones look into their menu offerings, and a wall-of-fame of their customers who have finished this burger and other accompanying menu items that they offer. Interesting enough…eat on!