You Can Actually Write on This Edible Chalkboard Cake

Chalk Cake

We’ve all wondered what chalk tastes like. Sure it sounds gross, but let’s be real here. At some point our five-year-old self wondered if chalk tasted just like those candy cigarettes at the corner store. Welp, thanks to this chalkboard birthday cake and candy chalk we can now fulfill our childhood dreams. (Hey, we aim high here.)

Surprisingly, this sweet creation is made from all familiar ingredients. The blackboard-esque cake is just regular box mix covered in black fondant, and the actual chalk is mostly white chocolate and granulated sugar. And get this — you can actually write on the cake! Creative, huh?

Chalk Cake

Ok, so this won’t fulfill anyone’s dream of discovering the chalk flavor secret, but super sugary treats always make up for the bad.

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21 Totally Unchalky Candy Heart Recipes


Candy conversation hearts are like the sugar-equivalent of the friendzone: A gentle way to show someone you really do care about them — you do — just not enough for something “real” right now, like Snickers or Starbursts.

But what if they didn’t suck so much? What if the most eloquent candy in existence actually tasted like something other than chalk?

Culinary colloquial Casanovas, your day has finally come.

1. Conversation Heart Fudge


Picthx Spoonful

2. Conversation Heart Cocktails


Picthx Stylish Home

3. Conversation Heart Cream Pie


Picthx Serious Eats

4. Conversation Heart Milk Chocolate Bark


Picthx Bakeat350

5. Conversation Heart Cake Pops


Picthx Sweet Simple Stuff

6. Conversation Heart Cupcakes


Picthx Hoosier Homemade

7. Conversation Heart Marshmallows


Picthx A Farm Girl’s Drabbles

8. Conversation Heart Confetti Marshmallow Cookies


Picthx We Are Not Martha

9. Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies


Picthx Annie’s Eats

10. Cream Cheese Conversation Hearts


Picthx twiggstudios

11. White Chocolate Conversation Heart Bark


Picthx Fashionably Bombed

12. Chocolate Covered Oreo Conversation Hearts


Picthx 1-800-baskets

13. Conversation Heart Rice Krispies


Picthx The Salted Spoon

14. Conversation Heart Fudge


Picthx Foodista

15. Red Velvet Brownie Conversation Hearts


Picthx McCormick

16. Teddy Bear Conversation Heart Cake Pops


Picthx Bakerella

17. Conversation Heart S’mores Pops


Picthx Love From the Oven

18. Conversation Heart Hot Cocoa


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19. Conversation Heart Cheesecakes


Picthx Hungry Happenings

20. Conversation Heart Toast


Picthx Hungry Happenings

21. Conversation Heart Macarons


Picthx Bubble and Sweet


How to Turn a Table Into Chalkboard for Telling Stories and Labeling

Some of us are kinesthetic learners, some are audio learners, but those who are visual learners are in for a sensational dining experience with the Chalkboard Kitchen Table thought up by Mi Piace Kate. Take an old wooden table, sand, prime and paint it with chalkboard paint. After three days of drying, that once average dinner that took place on a drab table will have transformed into an interactive experience, all while feeding your desire for sleek and stylish furniture.

Remember that anxiety you get sitting next to your older brother who picks off your plate? Solved. Don’t know if you’re eating spinach or collard greens? Solved. And if you’re that person who thinks it is acceptable to move all the objects on the table, leaving people without a fork, beverage and condiments, to explain a traffic situation then I highly suggest you take up this weekend project and tell your stories with a piece of chalk instead.

via Design Sponge


Chalkboard Mug

For $10.00, you can pick up this awesome coffee mug with a chalkboard surface. That’s right, you can scratch special messages, your name, whatever. It’s never the same cup twice…unless you just leave it blank. In that case…touche. You can pick one up over on The Spoon Sisters website.