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KFC Japan’s Hand-Held Ice Cream Makers Trump Your Kid’s Meal


Seems like the international branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken are always getting the cool stuff. KFC Japan chains are now offering One Piece-themed, hand-held ice cream makers for purchasing select combo meals. This is definitely worth it for those Foodbeasts in Japan with a sweet tooth.

For those unfamiliar, One Piece is a long-running anime and manga series from Japan that centers around the pirate Luffy on his quest for the legendary treasure known as One Piece and his never-ending attempt to become the Pirate King. The manga has been around since 1997 and is still running. KFC will be offering three different variations of the ice cream maker: Luffy, Chopper and the main cast of One Piece.

KFCicecreamWith a few well-placed shakes, customers can now make their very own ice cream wherever they go. Whether it’s to the mall, the park, the library, or even to the United States to rub it in our faces, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, they still have to buy their own ingredients. Come on America, let’s get on those hand-held deep fryers already!

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KFC Singapore Now Serving — Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts

Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts. Yep, you heard right. KFC Singapore is now offering their new seafood items to customers. These unique new dishes are sure to garner curious customers to the overseas KFC franchise.

The Shrimp Stars are made with shrimp nuggets in the shape of stars that are breaded and deep-fried. The Fish Donuts are what appears to be fish patties breaded and deep-fried into the shape of donuts.

The menu items are available in a special “Snacker’s Combo” which is sold for $3.95 in Singapore. A quick Google conversion shows that it will come around to about $3.15 USD. Whether or not these novelty menu items will make a splash in Singapore, it’s too soon to tell.

But I can tell you this, those Fish Donuts are sure as hell making my mouth water right now.

Note to self: Pitch Popcorn Shark and Alligator Double Downs to KFC.

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Magic Chain Wine Holder

Impress your friends with prestidigitation! They will all be astounded that you were able to use that word in a sentence. You can also show them some magic while you’re at it with this magic chain wine holder.

The wine holder creates the illusion that your favorite wine is magically levitating, bringing a metal chain along for the ride. Okay, it might not be the most impressive illusion ever, but at the very least, it’s an interesting way to display your wine. It goes for about $25 for those of you who  in trickery that doesn’t begin with “pick a card, any card,” and it’ s definitely a lot safer than sawing a woman in half.

($25 @ Home Wet Bar)


Wahoo’s To Open 32 More Stores, including New York & Vegas

Wahoo’s is expanding! The California-based fusion taco and burrito purveyor just announced that they are to open approximately 32 new locations across the United States including a location in New York.

Wahoo’s first east coast location is set to open this November at 333 Park Avenue South, just a few short miles away from New York University and is to be the first of many locations to be opened in the state.

Wahoo’s co-founder Wing Lam has just signed a deal that would put into motion a 32 unit expansion of the 52 unit chain currently located in California, Colorado and Hawaii. Lam intends to bring the glory of fish tacos to locations all over the US such as Nebraska, Nevada and Texas.

The Chain is also going to open its first Santa Barbara location within the vicinity of the University of California Santa Barbara, one of the state’s most notorious party schools. Lam has declared this location “Our first school pub” where beer and wine will be served and hopes to open the new location by the next fall quarter.

(via OC Register)