PizzaRev Is Now Letting Kids Eat FREE At All Their Restaurants

While everyone’s advised to stay home, parents may have it pretty tough balancing a work-from-home life as well as the responsibility of feeding kids currently out of school. Yes, it’s every parents’ responsibility to make sure there’s food in their child’s stomachs, but what if that meant free pizza?

In an effort to bring some relief to stressed out parents, build-your-own pizza chain PizzaRev is letting kids eat FREE all day everyday.

With the purchase of an adult entree, a child will get his or her own personal cheese or pepperoni pizza, a healthy drink, and a dessert of their choice. Parent and child can sit down together and enjoy their own personally crafted pies from the safety of their homes.

PizzaRev is also offering beer and wine through DoorDash with proof of ID upon delivery. Just in case y’all feel like stress drinking.

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You Can Get Paid To Eat Free Pizza Hut, Here’s How

Pizza lovers, the job of your dreams just arrived. Those days crushing slice after slice, breadstick after breadstick, have all led to this — a job eating Pizza Hut for free while getting paid to do so.

A site named MyOffers is looking for individuals called Tester Keepers to go out, eat, report on the Pizza Hut menu, and submit some photos. According to the posting, you’re encouraged to grab some of your pizza-loving pals (or solo if you choose) and roll out to select Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom.

Man, days like this I wish my body could tolerate dairy. It just sounds like my college years, except I get paid for eating pizza — not the other way around.

The chosen applicants will get £125 ($165 USD) to splurge on pizza. At many of those locations, £125 will go a long way as the international chain offers a lunch buffet options (AYCE pizza, bread sticks, salad, and pasta).

Anyone interested in applying have from now through Aug. 31 to bust a move. All that pizza isn’t going to eat itself.

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YouTubers Successfully Recreate Jollibee At Home [WATCH]

Ah, Jollibee. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad memory at the popular Filipino fast food chain. The problem is my cravings will never outweigh the rising costs of gas. Can’t keep driving out for miles every time the Jollibee hunger strikes. If only I knew how to make it at home.

Popular YouTube cooking channel HellthyJunkFood channeled the essence of Jollibee and recreated three of the chain’s most popular items: Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog, and the Chickenjoy.

Because most fast food chains keep their recipes pretty close to the vest, hosts JP and Julia try their best to get as close as they can to the actual dishes based on their experience recreating popular fast food items and the descriptions provided by the Filipino chain.

If you’re itching to try this at home, you can find the recipes here.

Just watching this makes me yearn for a trip to Jollibee, as a statue of the pleasant, comely bumblebee waves me inside the doors, the smell of fried chicken and burgers welcoming me, luring me to the register.

Visually, I think they nailed the execution. The sound of that first crunch is also music to our ears.

Our only disappointment was that they don’t show you how to make Jollibee’s incredibly addicting gravy.  Though that’s fair, because if I knew how to make that liquid gold at home, I’d never leave the house.

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Here’s What Could Have Led To Jack In The Box Selling Qdoba

Photo: Bobak Ha’Eri | Wikimedia Commons

This morning, news broke that fast-casual Mexican brand Qdoba had been sold by Jack In The Box. The restaurant chain was sold to Apollo Management Group, who also owns Chuck E. Cheese’s, in a $305 million deal expected to close in April 2018.

USA Today attributes a number of factors that led to Qdoba’s less-than-ideal fiscal year. Company-owned same-store sales dropped 4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017, with overall same-store sales dropping 2 percent. There was also a 50 percent hike in avocado prices that definitely didn’t help.

Qdoba was purchased by Jack In The Box in 2003 when they only had 85 locations. In the 14 years since, the brand grew drastically under Jack’s ownership with more than 700 restaurants in the United States.

This, however, was during the era where fast-casual eateries like Chipotle were flourishing.

With a concept so similar to Chipotle, it was understandable that Qdoba had trouble finding a way to differentiate itself from the Steve Ells-founded brand. Between the two, Chipotle was much more recognizable.

It also didn’t help that Chipotle began serving queso dip this year, one of the few things that set Qdoba apart from the fast-casual chain. Ultimately, there wasn’t too much that made Qdoba stand out from other fast casual spots.

Earlier this year, Jack In The Box announced that they would prioritize value, soon announcing the release of a 2018 value menu. During that announcement, the burger chain kept pretty hush about the future of Qdoba.

Jack In The Box Chief Executive Lenny Comma did mention earlier this May that having two different business models has impacted the value of the company as a whole. He also said in a second quarter earnings release that one of the things that would cause Jack to reconsider their plans for Qdoba was valuation. Paired with higher wages affecting restaurant margins, the sale to Apollo began to make much more sense.

So what’s Jack planning after the sale goes through?

According to the release, Jack in the Box will use the proceeds of the deal to retire outstanding debt.

Hopefully, under Apollo, Qdoba will have a second chance to rebrand themselves into something fans will flock towards. An al pastor spit, for example, would blow our minds.

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This Mind-Blowing Daikon Chain Was Created By A ‘Bored’ Japanese Chef

Boredom can yield fantastic works of art in virtually any medium. A good example of this, is a recent photograph of a daikon radish has gone viral over the past few days. What’s special about this napiform root?

The radish has a perplexing design that draws you in almost immediately.

According to Rocket News 24, Twitter user @Zoe_Aishiteru uploaded this spectacular photo of a single piece of radish carved into a perfect linking chain.

According to the caption the head chef gave the daikon to the Twitter-using patron, claiming he was bored when he carved it up. The wachigai (linked-ring daikon) was a result of this apparent boredom.

No, it’s not a staged photo. In fact, another Japanese chef shows the process on how to create the chain in this instructional video here:

It’s just a simple matter of technique and consistent knife work. We have to admit, we’re very impressed with the skill that goes into carving up something like this.

We’re just not sure how bored a head chef can get in his own restaurant, he’s probably got a million other things to do. Maybe the guy just wanted a little fun to break up his duties.

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Chipotle Officially Adds Chorizo To The Menu


Earlier in the summer, Chipotle began testing chorizo at select restaurant locations. For a while, fans of the fast-casual chain had been wondering when the popular Spanish sausage would appear on restaurant’s menu.

Now, thanks to its meaty test results, Chipotle will have a nationwide launch for chorizo.

The new protein is made with a blend of pork and white-meat chicken. Chorizo aficionados will find a blend of paprika, toasted cumin, and chipotle peppers seasoned into the meat and seared on a grill.

Steve Ells, founder of Chipotle and co-CEO said:

The reaction to chorizo in the cities that have had it has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re making it available in all of our restaurants across the country.

While introducing new meats is a painfully slow process to the brand, we’d love to see the company evolve into serving other meats like buche (stomach), cabeza (head), and even lengua (tongue) on their menu. Though, seeing how long it took to get chorizo on the menu, that might be wishful thinking.

Chorizo officially launches on October 4, also known as National Taco Day. You can order it with burritos, tacos, salads, and burrito bowls.

Photo: Chipotle

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Judge Rules Starbucks Can Fill Cups With As Much Ice As They Please


One of Starbucks’ recent lawsuits claimed that the massive coffee chain used too much ice in their beverages so customers would not get as much of the actual drink as they should.

The suit claimed Starbucks was committing fraud, according to GrubStreet.

Not so much, according to Judge Percy Anderson. The judge said Friday that if kids can see that throwing ice in a cup can decrease the amount of liquid served, then it stands to reason that adults will be able to do that same.

So in other words, not fraud.

Anderson also said that Starbucks’ drink cups are clear enough for customers to see the ice and the company has nowhere said drink sizes are supposed to be measured exclusively in ounces of pure liquid.

It could be argued, if ice is too much of a problem, that you can just request your barista to go easy on the cubes.

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For One Day, IHOP Is Selling $1 Pancake Stacks For A Great Cause


Who: IHOP: The International House of Pancakes

What: All IHOPs nationwide will be offering a short stack of their pancakes for $1. While cheap pancakes are already a huge win, all of the proceeds from this one-day promotion will go towards the No Kid Hungry Campaign. No Hungry Kid works to deliver food to locations where kids live, learn, and play.

A short stack features three buttermilk pancakes, with prices varying by location. The fluffy breakfast staple is typically sold around the $4-5 range.

Where: You can get your  pancakes at any participating IHOP locations in the United States.

When: Tuesday, August 23 from 7am to 7pm