What a Pizza Illuminati iPhone Case Looks Like


Oozing cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives just waiting to be taken a bite of? Is it a pizza, or is it the symbol of the all-knowing secret society known as the Pizza Illuminati? The iPhone snap case, for both iPhone 4 and 5, sports a cheesy unique take on the Illuminati.

It’s made of a durable polymer that protects your phone from both dropping it while fishing for your keys or possibly even chucking it across the room in a drunken bender.

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New iPhone App Lets You Pawn Off Half-Eaten Leftovers to Complete Strangers


Have you ever ordered way too much at a restaurant and said to yourself, “‘I don’t want to ask for a box. I wish it was socially acceptable to ask that dude over there if he wants my leftovers?”

Yeah, me neither, but in case you ever do want to give away your leftovers, there’s an app for that. (Surprise!)

Launching on Aug. 30, the Leftover Swap app will allow you to snap a photo of your leftover food, upload it to the app and alert others of its availability, from there you can arrange a pickup or delivery similar to Craigslist transactions.

Leftover Swap claims many benefits including reducing the amount of wasted food that ends up in landfills and helping reduce obesity. The idea behind the latter assumes that users will give away their food after being full, rather than forcing themselves to keep eating.

Co-Founder Dan Newman told the Daily News that 16 percent of the American population does not have enough food to live a healthy lifestyle and that he hopes the app will be a small step towards reducing world hunger.

However, health officials in San Francisco, California have warned of the dangers that might come with Leftover Swap, stating that most foodborne illnesses come from leftovers.

The app will be free and released on both iPhone and Android devices.

You never know what will catch on these days, but I don’t expect the doggie bag industry to hurt too much.

H/T + PicThx Daily News


How’d You Like to Eat Your Dinner Off a Testicle Tonight?

Let your deep dark secrets out now ladies and gents. The way I see it, we only have three weeks left to live, so there’s no point hiding anything anymore. Been harboring some secret fantasy about eating dinner in a chemistry lab? How about winning the lottery, meeting the love of your life and moving to your own private island in Fiji?

Well with these cellular dishes, you can make at least one of those things come kind of true.

Designed by medical illustrator Emily Evans, the plates might look like some funky abstract art pattern, but in fact, they’re blown up images of human cellular tissue. Which is cool I guess, if you’re a med student, though why anyone else would want to eat their rocky mountain oysters off a plate that looks like, well, rocky mountain oysters, is beyond me.

via Incredible Things