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The Newest Food Emojis Have Been Revealed

Photo by: Omari Allen

Emojis, the colorful language inspired by our collective imaginations and invented by The Unicode Technical Committee, now have new food icons. The new emojis include: round waffles, a stick of butter, yerba mate in a gourd with a straw, an onion, bulb of garlic, a juice box, large ice cube and probably the most anticipated, falafel. Although you probably weren’t clamoring for each new option, the additions should nevertheless spice up your text life. 

Considering how prevalent emojis have become in how we communicate, the perfect emoji for a witty response always seems to be missing. The reason behind this lies in the rigorous emoji approval process. Emojis aren’t just updates made in some windowless room by someone sitting behind a computer, the process is actually very democratic. Anyone can submit an emoji suggestion to the Unicode Technical Committee. Meaning, the balut emoji you’ve always been wanting to text your friends is a possibility. You just have to follow these guidelines to submit a new emoji proposal

The guidelines are fairly straightforward, but the subsequent deliberation can be tedious. For example, the falafel emoji could’ve been three balls rather than a plateful. Emojis work as a language bridge, so it’s important that designs translate across cultural barriers. Designs also vary from platform to platform. Food is a particularly popular area for emoji enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise many want their favorite dish represented.

With that said, writing about food emojis has made me crave food food. I’m sure these new emojis will inspire many funny convos and hopefully more creative submissions to the committee. I look forward to witnessing the evolution of the emoji language. Who knows, maybe one day someone will create an emoji cafe.


Will Ferrell Would Be The Dude Who Can Make You Put Your Phone Away At Dinner

Everyone’s favorite funnyman, Will Ferrell, has teamed up with Common Sense Media to promote a movement that we can all get behind: #DeviceFreeDinners

The hilarious PSA shows Ferrell as an obnoxious father who can’t seem to put his phone away at the dinner table, hurting his relationship with his wife and kids. It confirms what most already think of phone usage during dinner — it’s so annoying. In fact, it’s become so annoying that even fast food restaurants are testing out phone lockers to encourage patrons to socialize normally without any distractions while eating.

According to a Time article from 2015, Pew Research Center conducted a study where they found that 88% of respondents believe it’s generally not OK to use a cell phone during dinner, and that 82% of respondents said that using a phone in social settings hurts conversations.

So go through these four short PSAs starring Will Ferrell about #DeviceFreeDinners, stop being that person, and start putting your phone away at the dinner table.


Starbucks Adds Wireless Phone Chargers to the List of Reasons Its Customers Never Go Home


When going to Starbucks, the need to Instagram your coffee order can be pretty insurmountable. The only problem is your phone is practically dead and all the wall outlets are either taken by studious college students or guys writing life-altering screenplays. If only there was a way to get a quick charge before that whipped cream melted on your caramel macchiato.


Teaming up with Power Mat Technologies, Starbucks launched a series of test chargers at 200 of its San Francisco Bay area stores. Customers only need to grab a charging ring and connect it to their cellular device. They then just place it on the Powermat and wait for the battery to fill up. No need to carry around a bulky charger and no need to wait for an outlet to open up.

The San Francisco stores will be the first indicator of the Powermat’s success before a national launch. The rings can also be purchase at Starbucks stores for $9.99.

H/T Recode


Toast to Technology with An Ancient Cell Phone Flask


Probably one of the more creative flasks on the market, this Bev-Burry Flask is almost the perfect way to get your afternoon fix in the office. Notice we said, almost. With everyone all over the new iPhone, chances are this ancient-looking Blackberry wannabe would get called out, but you could definitely make friends by sharing the booze smuggled within this plastic “faux-n.” Ahem.

The flask holds 3 oz of liquor, ensuring you have enough spirits to get your Irish coffee on or to just sip straight up. No judgment. It even comes with a hand-strap and filling funnel to ensure you don’t lose any of that precious nectar. Slip this filled bad boy into your jacket pocket, go about your work day, and I’m sure no one will notice that Jalapeño tequila on your breath. Just be cool.


Bev-Burry Phone Flask, $16 @Amazon