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Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Goes Bankrupt

Famous celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was “deeply saddened” to announce that his Great Britain restaurants have gone bankrupt. This means 22 out of 25 locations will end up being closed and about 1,300 people might be out of a job. 

Jamie Oliver’s chain struggled with debt and a saturated market for a long time, writes The New York Times. According to KPMG, the firm hired to administer the business for creditors, not all employees will be out of a job, more like 1,000 out of 1,300. The only three restaurants that will stay in business are two Jamie’s Italian restaurants and a Jamie’s Diner at Gatwick Airport. They will remain open indefinitely.

“I’m devastated that our much-loved UK restaurants have gone into administration. I am deeply saddened by this outcome and would like to thank all of the people who have put their hearts and souls into this business over the years,” wrote Oliver on Twitter when he broke the news.

Jamie Oliver shut down restaurants in 2017 as well

This isn’t the first time the celebrity chef had to close restaurants. In 2017, he had to shut down 6 Jamie’s Italian restaurants in the United Kingdom. He said at the time that Brexit is the main culprit, especially because the ingredients he used in his Italian-inspired restaurants got more expensive.

The restaurant group got started a decade ago and had Jamie’s Italian, Jamie Oliver’s Diner and Barbecoa steakhouses. The chef became famous thanks to his cooking shows and he also launched cookbooks and a cooking website.

Some of his restaurants had at-risk youth as employees, in a social component that allowed the teenagers to learn the trade and also have means of sustaining themselves. Oliver also had problems in the United States, when he angered some parents because he wanted school cafeterias to have healthier, more nutritious food.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

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6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually Liked The Food On ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

To say Gordon Ramsay is a pretty critical guy when it comes to food, is an understatement of epic proportions. You don’t become a world-renowned chef with Michelin stars coming out of your butt without a palate for what tastes good.

In his show Kitchen Nightmares, chef Ramsay visits various failing restaurants to try and salvage the business with his expertise and knowhow. More often than not, Ramsay can’t stomach the dishes served to him.

However, there have been some rare occurrences where Ramsay actually enjoyed the meals of the restaurants he visits on the show.

Check out all the times Chef Ramsay surprised his hosts by cleaning out the plates put in front of him. The best part is seeing all these chefs and restaurant owners’ genuine feelings of joy on how well-received their signature dishes were by the man himself.

Now, excuse us while we binge Kitchen Nightmares for the millionth time now.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roast People On The Street In This Hilarious Prank

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to constructive criticism. The world-famous chef has offered his colorful critique on many of his shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares.

In his latest appearance on the Nightly Show, he decided to prank some pedestrians on the streets of Brighton.

On an advertisement for a fake new show called Ramsay’s Great British Roast, chef Ramsay utilizes the wonders of modern technology to place himself in the poster to interact with passersby. He surprises multiple people on their lunch break, commenting in typical Ramsay fashion on the foods they choose to eat.

Check out the hilarious video as the world-famous celebrity chef heckles, roasts, and straight up insults strangers in good fun. One thing’s for sure, I know I wouldn’t want Gordon Ramsay to tell me my lunch looks like a dog’s dick.


Emeril Sous Chef’d For A Culinary School Student To Help Her Win A $20K Scholarship

emeril lagasse

In addition to having celebrity chefs taking over a Las Vegas BuffetBon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d Food Festival also brought together Chef Emeril Lagasse and Le Cordon Blue student Elsa Sabellano to compete at the Chase Sapphire Preferred Grill Challenge. The stakes? $20,000 of scholarship money toward culinary education. The twist? Chef Lagasse would have to take orders from first-year culinary student Sabellano whilst competing against the other chef-student duo of Michael Mina and Kristina Burdick.

Chef Lagasse would also need to leave his everyday responsibilities as a restauranteur and executive chef behind, exchanging culinary direction and celebrity meet-and-greets, for… chopping onion and celery. Both chef-student duos created an iteration of Bouillabaisse, a traditional fish stew originally from France, with the Lagasse-Sabellano dish taking home the prize with its black garlic and lemongrass variation (pictured below).

Photos by Isaac Brekken for Bon Appetit.

emeril lagasse black garlic lemongrass bouillabaisse

Elsa Sabellano Jenstad, Emeril Lagasse, Krista Burdick, Michael Mina


This is What Happens When 5 Celebrity Chefs Take Over a Vegas Buffet

Julian Serrano, Michael Mina, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Shawn McClain and Masa Takayama all took over various counters of The Buffet at Aria as part of Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend. Vongerichten, of his self-titled steakhouse at the Aria, graciously took over the carving stations. And instead of asking for a sliver of turkey breast or standard prime rib, patrons had the opportunity to indulge in a Soy-Glazed Beef Brisket, Ancho-Chile Glazed Kurabota Pork Rack, Chimichurri Butterflied Prawns and his Tomahawk Prime Rib Roast (pictured below).

McClain was not to be outdone bringing his signature pizzas from the Aria’s Five50 including his Gotham and Forager varieties – a pepperoni, salami and Italian sausage pie and a mushroom, spinach ricotta and white sauce pizza (both pictured below), respectively. If you’re a long-time reader of the site, you may remember that he’s the guy that stole my heart away from The Secret Pizza Kitchen.

Mina, of the new and highly touted Bardot at the Aria, served a mixture of rillettes and charcuterie – but what really took the cake (outside of the dozens of desserts provided by the Jean-Phillipe Patisserie), was his puff pastry version of escargot (pictured below). Our previous visit to Bardot included this fantastic steak tartare, and this 6-inch vertical block of melt-in-your-mouth french toast.

Serrano of PicassoJulian Serrano and the brand-new Lago at Bellagio, introduced us to a fancy pig-in-a-blanket: a swiss bread stuffed with spanish chorizo. But it was his take on a Spanish Tortilla that deemed to be most interesting made of potato, egg, onion, an aioli bread (pictured below). And lastly, hidden in the back corner of the sushi station was Takayama’s Toro Tuna and Caviar rolls. A full roll at his Aria restaurant barMASA would normally cost $240, so obviously we indulged in a few. And then a few more. 

Check out the photo array below and stay tuned for more coverage from the Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d.

Michael Mina’s Bardot – Escargot Puff Pastry

escargot puff pastry michael mina bardot las vegas

Masa Takayama’s barMASA – Toro Caviar

Toro Caviar Sushi Roll Masa Takayama Las Vegas

Shawn McClain’s Five50 – Gotham Pizza

Shawn McClain Gotham Pizza Aria Five50 Las Vegas

Jean-Georges’ Steakhouse – Tomahawk Prime Rib

jean georges steakhouse aria tomahawk prime rib

Julian Serrano’s – Spanish Tortilla

Julian Serrano Spanish Tortilla

Shawn McClain’s Five50 – Forager Pizza

Shawn McClain Forager Pizza Five50 Aria Las Vegas

Michael Mina’s Bardot – Charcuterie