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Marshmello, Tommy Lee and Shay Mitchell Amongst Celebs Competing In Secret Burger Competition

Jay-Z versus Solange, KimYe versus Taylor, The Rock versus Tyrese — the public loves a good celebrity feud. Spats between the showbiz elite always capture headlines, and for the most part, it’s the usual he said, she said and finger pointing narrative. Yawn. Beef’s gone stale these days, really.

But what if I told you that celebrity beefs can actually be put to the test over how juicy their actual beef is in a burger battle? Confused? Intrigued? Both? Good. Let me break it down for you. This Saturday, May 26, Postmates and foodie favorite app, Off The Menu, are throwing together a Secret Burger Showdown as part of the LA Food Bowl festivities that involves celebrities teaming up with Los Angeles’ hottest restaurants to create wildly inventive and mouth-watering burgers to duke it out against one another.

So think EDM DJ Marshmello tag-teaming with Plan Check to create a Marshmello Burger that’s got a patty comprised of prime ribeye dry-aged for 28 days and topped with charcoal-infused ketchup leather made up as the face of the party-rocking maestro himself. Then imagine them going toe-to-toe with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell and Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron of WOLF, who’s got the formidable Bourgeois Burger that features decadent details like a Beyond Burger patty, truffle mayo, and truffle shavings.

The battle’s gonna be bloody (slightly, at least, because medium rare, of course) and contentious, but most of all, lights out delicious. Check out the running list of who is throwing down in the Secret Burger Showdown, brought to you by Postmates and Off The Menu and stay tuned for any additional updates that we’ll provide.

Burgerlords & Alexa Losey – “Slaw & Order”

Vegan burger with braised Swiss chard, classic coleslaw with mustard, vegan mayo, and crunchy sweet potato chips.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter

Button Mash & Timothy De La Ghetto – “Double Dr. Pepper Teriyaki Cheeseburger”

Dr. Pepper-marinated, coffee-blackened beef patty on top of a Dr. Pepper-marinated deep-fried beef and pork menchi katsu patty with double provolone, Dr. Pepper teriyaki sauce, apple slaw, and onion.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter


Plan Check & Marshmello – “Marshmello Burger”

Prime ribeye 28-day dry-aged patty, house-made Swiss cheese, charcoal ketchup leather, kombu pickles, onion, watercress, salt & pepper mayo, all in a crunch bun.

Photo: Marc Kharrat – @marckharrat

WOLF & Shay Mitchell – “Bourgeois Burger”

Beyond burger patty (optional), truffle mayo, truffle shavings, bacon-onion schmutz, white cheddar, on a potato roll.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter
Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

CELEBRITY RIDERS: All The Food 8 Celebs Ask For Backstage

Imagine being so famous and so wanted that you can demand for anything from a private jet to only having blue M&Ms prepared for you. Celebs put in hospitality riders whenever they perform or make appearances, making (negotiable) demands for room temperatures, flowers and decor, and certain brands of alcohol — not to mention, particular amounts of bottles #turnup. It sounds pretty over the top, but also like… we highkey want that life immediately. Curious as to what your fave celebs have on their riders for food/drink selection? Let’s find out.



A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

If you’re reading this, it’s too late to show up without a bottle of Pinot Grigio. According to Complex Magazine, Drake sticks to his half Jewish culture by demanding for pork-free food, as well as Pinot, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Patron Silver, Grey Goose, and Hennessey. With all these alcoholic demands, we hope he doesn’t plan to Drake and drive.


A post shared by Adele (@adele) on

She could have had it allllllllll, but Adele only has a *few* simple food requests. The soulful singer needs 12 small bottles of still spring water at room temperature, 6 new, washed, and dried large tea mugs with 6 metal teaspoons, 2 “squeezy” bottles of clear honey (not organic), a bottle of the very best quality red wine, and an assortment of chewing gum. She also enjoys a small plate of assorted freshly made and individually wrapped sandwiches to include chicken salad, as well as a selection of fresh fruit — but you’ll be saying hello from the other side if you include any citrus fruit, yikes.

Mariah Carey

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Known to be one of the biggest divas in the industry, Mariah’s food requests are… well, you can decide if she’s truly a diva after reading it:

12 1 Liters of Fiji Water
3 Bottles Chardonnay — Chilled
12 Cokes
12 Diet Cokes
12 Vanilla Protein Drinks
6 Sparkling Water (Pellegrino)
12 Melon Flavor Gatorade
6 Red Wine Glasses
6 White Wine Glasses
Fried Chicken (warm)
12 Small Bottles water (room temperature)
3 Whole lemons and honey
Sugarless gum

…yeah, and these are just the food requests on the rider. We’re sure Mariah gets a lot of hate for these demands, but she probably just shake, shake, sh-shake, shake, shakes it off.

Alicia Keys

A post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on

Though she might keep on falling in and out of love, she will surely stay hydrated with all the room-temp Evian and Aquafina that she needs. Alicia also asks for cans of chunk white tuna, Nutri-grain bars (blueberry, cherry, apple, strawberry), individual packets of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal (brown sugar, apple cinnamon), and an assorted fruit platter with strawberries, seedless red grapes, bananas, mango, blueberries, cantaloupe, and raspberries. She also requests for two cases of beer — one imported and one domestic. No one, no one, NO ONE can keep her away from her seafood and Italian restaurants either, as she requests for three different menus of local restaurants to order meals from as well.

Taylor Swift

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@lurkingtaylor) on

Some people probably question how any performer has so much energy for them to perform so amazingly night after night on tour, but T Swift’s food/beverage requests might be the answer to that. Aside from her stick of butter and 3 boxes of mac/cheese, she needs 2 four-packs of Red Bull, a bag of Twizzlers, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and a pint of their Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt. The sugar overload doesn’t stop there — if she is to arrive before 11 a.m., she needs a grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet-N-Lows, a grande iced Americano with two Sweet-N-Lows and soy milk, and a slice of pumpkin loaf from Starbucks. Hopefully she keeps up regularly with her dentist, or else she’s going to have a blank space baby, and it’ll be where her teeth used to be before the cavities took over.

Rae Sremmurd

A post shared by Rae Sremmurd (@raesremmurd) on

Rae Sremmurd ain’t got no type, Spicy Crunch Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell are the only things that they like. No but really, their rider requirements include two of the aforementioned tacos, 2 dozen chicken wings, 2 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne, 2 bottles of Moet Chandon, and a bottle of Hennessey. Oh, and they also ask for small Super Soakers, beach balls, $300 in single dollar bills, and a 15 passenger van equipped with a stripper pole for airport transfer. That van will be anything but a no flex zone tbh.

Meek Mill

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Take a look at his not-so-meek list of food requirements.

100 mild or lemon pepper wings
5 lbs of seasoned turkey meat
potato chips, cookies, Doritos
2 half gallons of Simply Raspberry Lemonade

Fresh baked, fried or grilled fish
Real jerk chicken
Oxtails, rice and peas
Mixed Grill, including ribs, steak, BBQ chicken, and shrimp
Roast turkey
Orange Roughy
Chinese Stir-fry
Collard greens, veggies, red beans, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, etc.


7 bottles Moet Chandon
3 bottles Brignac Brut God Ace of Spade
5 bottles Ciroc
2 bottles Patron Silver

We can only hope that he’s planning to share this with his crew, yikes.

Jason Derulo

A post shared by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

Jason’s long list of demands includes very particular food/drinks, including what he is not down to swallalalala — like Dasani water or Tropicana orange juice. For his gig at Wright State University, he requested a huge list of items, but the best part (imo) is the “medium breed dog” he wanted to play with during the day, because tbh same.

“NO DASANI WATER OR PURIFIED WATER” This demand is so serious since the rider included it in the contract at least three times.
One small to medium breed dog to play with for the day
100% fresh squeezed orange juice (no Tropicana)
3 healthy clean meals and after show food
Real knives, forks, spoons, plates, and napkins ONLY.
Room should be set to 72 degrees.
1 juicer and assorted fresh fruit and vegetables
2 boxes of Uncrustables
5 liters of Gatorade (2 lemon-lime/3 orange)
6 individual bottles of coconut water (NO PULP)
Fresh quality bread

However, his demands don’t stop backstage — check out his entourage and tour bus needs:

5 different menu options which need to include vegan and vegetarian options (Stay away from pizza).
3 10LB Bags of ice
1 bag of Tortilla chips
1 jar of fresh medium salsa
Package of dry Almonds
Organic Moroccan mint tea
6 real coffee mugs
Make your own salad bar
No greasy fried foods
Cold cuts or sandwiches must be accompanied by hot selections in order for it to be acceptable.

The healthier options on the bus make it seem like it’s a Subway on wheels #TheDeruloTrain.

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Try To Tell The Difference Between A Wine Review And A Movie Review

We recently saw the trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming film Mother! and it looks batshit crazy. You can bet we’ll be going into that theater with a slight buzz. Have you ever wondered, however, what it would be like to go drinking with Jennifer Lawrence herself?

Omaze featured Lawrence in a new video promoting a wine-tasting experience with the actress.

While some aficionados may have some apprehension towards Lawrence’s expertise with wine, the actress sets out to prove she knows the difference between a movie review and a wine review. She demonstrates her knowledge with a spirited game of “Movie Review or Wine Review” to see if she can label each critique correctly.

Here’s an example:

Full-bodied. Strongly grounded. Simply sensational.

See if you can tell the difference between reviews of Jennifer Lawrence films or reviews of various types of wine. If you’re interested in that wine tasting with the star of X-Men: Days of Future Past and Silver Linings Playbook, you can enter here.

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Oprah Is Launching Her Own Food Label

Oprah Winfrey is taking a beat from media and stepping into a entirely new industry: food.

The Queen of All Media has partnered with The Kraft Heinz Company to create a line of soups and side dishes under the name O, That’s Good!.

O, That’s Good! features dishes such as mashed potatoes, pasta, broccoli cheddar soup, and tomato basil soup. Some of the dishes include a heftier addition of veggies than their original counterparts. The mashed potatoes, for example, feature a fair amount of cauliflower alongside the titular starch.

Ten percent of the proceeds from Mealtime Stories’ profits will be donated to Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America.

While select grocery stores are already carrying O, That’s Good! items, you can expect a nationwide launch this October. These dishes don’t sound half bad, especially when they go towards a good cause.

Celebrity Grub Film/Television

The Internet Is FURIOUS Over ‘Man Vs. Food’ Returning Without Adam Richman

Nearly a decade ago, the Travel Channel aired a show that could arguably have pioneered the concept of food porn. Man Vs. Food followed host Adam Richman around as he submitted his body to food challenge after food challenge across the country.

The show ran for 85 episodes before ending in 2012.

Now, food challenges are at the height of their popularity and the Travel Channel is bringing back its hit series – only without Richman.

Travel Channel announced the return of the beloved show with a new host, actor, and comedian Casey Webb. This news did not bode well with Twitter fans of the original show, who had no qualms with voicing their opinions regarding the announcement of the new host.

We’re sure fans new and old will learn to love Mr. Webb once the new Man Vs. Food airs. Kind of like how everyone loved Josh Meyers replacing Topher Grace in the final season of That ’70s Show.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Video

A Waitress Once Asked Shaq For A $4,000 Tip And He Paid It

Have you ever wondered how much celebrities tip their servers? We just got a glimpse into how generous Shaquille O’Neal is when it comes to gratuity.

Last week, the basketball legend and titular hero of the cinematic masterpiece Kazaam, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the new Shaq statue that unveiled outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. During the interview, Shaq revealed that he was a pretty generous tipper.

The former NBA star and current owner of a Krispy Kreme franchise said that when he went to restaurants, he would tell his servers:

The quicker I get my order, the bigger your tip will be.

At the end of the service, he’d then ask how much his server wanted as a tip. One lady, he claimed, asked for $4,000. When Kimmel asks Shaq what his response to such absurd request, Shaq simply said he paid her $4,000.

Set down your pitchforks because the gesture didn’t go without appreciation. The grateful waitress burst into tears thanking the celebrity who pretty much paid two months of her rent.

What a nice guy.

Shaq also mentioned that he would tip his valet drivers about $300 too, at least on the days he has cash on him. Man, imagine what it must be like to be the Postmates driver delivering his orders.

Celebrity Grub Fast Food Restaurants

Shaq Loved Krispy Kreme So Much, He Bought His Own Franchise


We all know Shaq loves his donuts. The basketball legend has made his affection for the fried breakfast cakes quite clear over the years.

Krispy Kreme just announced that the star of Kazaam and former Laker has become an owner of the the brand’s downtown Atlanta location. The 60-year-old location can be found on Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Georgia city.

Here’s what he had to say about the purchase:

Krispy Kreme prides itself on spreading joy and supporting local communities, and that’s a cause that I am thrilled to be a part of. Our goal is to help people find their happy place, and what better way than with a box of delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts.”

If you’re still not buying Shaq’s love for donuts, take a quick peek at this sensual video of him enjoying some Krispy Kreme glazed.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Recipes Video

Gordon Ramsay Shows Us How He Enjoys His Tacos

As we’re craving tacos on the glorious day that is National Taco Day, we found ourselves drawn to a Gordon Ramsay recipe from a few years back.

The Michelin-starred chef shows us how he does tacos by making some marinated beef tacos with a wasabi mayonnaise.

First, he starts off by searing the steaks. As the meat cooks, he works on creating a miso-marinade. Once the steaks are seared on both sides, they go into the mixo mixture. While the meat is soaking, Ramsay preps his lettuce, toasts the tortillas, and makes the wasabi mayo.

For the mayo, Ramsay uses a dime-sized portion of wasabi and thoroughly mixes it with three tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Finally, the steak is removed from the marinade and sliced into strips. With all the ingredients ready, he starts assembling his taco.

Ramsay’s version is a pretty elevated take on the classic Mexican dish. While it may not be for everyone, the world-famous chef definitely knows how to make a good-looking taco.

Speaking of tacos, it’s time to go grab some.