Our New Favorite Dessert Portmanteau – Birthday Cake Pie from Marie Callender’s


The choice between cake and pie has never been a particularly difficult one. Cakes are for parties, for birthdays and weddings. Pies . . . are for potlucks? Which is a shame because pies are delicious, and surely deserve a little more time out in the (key) limelight.

For those who aren’t quite ready to redefine their preconceived notions of traditional dessert fare, however, might we suggest a compromise?

In honor of Southern California-based chain Marie Callender’s 65th anniversary, the Celebration Cake Pie is this month’s cronut. According to Los Angeles Magazine, the birthday cake x pie mash-up is made up of “layers of white cake with vanilla cream and vanilla frosting in a flaky crust, finished with fresh whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles,” and will be available until the end of June for $6.50.

It’s all the sweetness of a creamy cake with the crunch of a well-crafted crust. It’s just too bad “pake” isn’t super catchy.

H/T LA Mag + Picthx Marie Callender’s FB