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Caviar Butter Might Be The Best Bougie Gift For Foodies This Holiday Season

The treat yoself mentality is one that we wholeheartedly subscribe to around here. If you feel some type of way about doing so with a pinky up, then by all means, I encourage all to channel their inner epicurean. Which is why when butter caviar came across my radar, I knew that something so doubly decadent would be a prime treat to try.

Marky’s Caviar Butter, to be specific, is the product. And if you’re keen on giving your next bite a luxurious kick, then this is for you. A scoop of caviar butter will definitely elevate any meal this holiday season. Made with high-quality French butter and 35% Marky’s Osetra Caviar, this is the perfect bougie gift for yourself or a loved one. For context on how baller this caviar butter is, Osetra is one of the most prized and expensive kinds of caviar and is gathered from Osetra sturgeon.

Available for $68 at Madison and Florida locations of Marky’s Caviar, as well as via It’s the perfect bougie present for you or any fellow foodie.

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Why Caviar Might Become The Next Big Sports Supplement

Aspiring athletes are always looking for that next big health food to give them the competitive edge. Right now, especially in the NBA, that happens to be plant-based meats, with big names like Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, and more jumping onto that movement.

While a vegan product is taking up the athletic spotlight right now, one item is gaining some traction and the possibility of being the next nutrition craze: caviar. The fish eggs, more widely known as a delicacy, just recently got selected to be part of an NBA Labs project. Tins of Brooklyn-based Pearl Street Caviar can now be purchased with logos of various basketball teams on them, signifying a co-signage between the basketball community and the consumption of caviar.

Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Caviar

This is the latest, but not the most recent, example of caviar and sports associations teaming up. In 2015, the Swiss Katusha cycling team got brand Caviar de Riofrio to sponsor them, which included supplementing the athletes with tins of the fish eggs.

Look, I know how crazy that sounds. Caviar is a luxury good rarely seen outside of fine dining, right? What are NBA players, or athletes in general, going to do with such an expensive, tiny scoop of fish eggs?

There’s actually quite a bit of potential for what anyone can do, as the narrative around caviar is beginning to change. As caviar has increased in production volume while maintaining a high quality, its price has begun to drastically drop, to the point where even the NBA was confident enough to put out tins of the luxury good with team logos emblazoned on it. Given all of the nutritional properties caviar possesses and its potential to drastically increase in accessibility, it could very well be a food that we all begin to eat as part of our active lifestyles.

Caviar may just be regarded as an expensive, frivolous accompaniment, but it actually comes packed with a ton of nutrients. Sarah Dimitratos, a registered dietitian and PhD candidate in nutritional biology at the University of California, Davis, told Foodbeast that in particular, caviar can match and even surpass sports drinks in certain scenarios.

“Caviar may be closer to sports drinks with regards to electrolyte profile,” Dimitratos said. “However, caviar will certainly surpass sports drinks with regards to overall micronutrient content. ”

A single ounce of caviar contains significant amounts of minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium, according to the USDA’s Food Composition Database. It also contains nearly the entire recommended daily value of vitamin B12, one of the key nutrients we need in our diet. For reference, an ounce of caviar would be approximately 3 full scoops of caviar from one of those ornate, miniscule mother-of-pearl spoons they typically come delivered with.

That’s not a lot of caviar, but it still has 7 grams of protein packed within it, which is surprising given how small a portion is. You would definitely need a larger tin to get to the equivalent of a scoop of protein powder, which may not be possible given the whopping amount of sodium you’d ingest (420 mg per ounce). However, when treated as a complementary recovery item, like a sports drink, it could act as a more natural and bio-available substitute.

Dimitratos doesn’t recommend using caviar as a protein supplement, however, seeing as you need 3 servings worth (and nearly a day’s worth of sodium) to get the equivalent of a meal or snack. “It is generally recommended that active individuals consume meals or snacks containing 20-30g protein, spaced every 3-5 hours throughout the day to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis,” she stated.

Thus, while it may not make sense to replace your protein powder with caviar, it can be something you could consider instead of a sports beverage mix. Dimitratos implied that it could be more beneficial, since “obtaining nutrients from whole food sources (like caviar) is generally regarded as best practice due to enhanced bioavailability.”

Of course, despite all of the potential nutritional benefits caviar contains, there’s still the big question surrounding its cost. To properly be designated as caviar, the fish eggs should come from sturgeon. Based on the sturgeon’s location and breed, caviar’s price normally falls around $50-$75 an ounce at minimum.

While that may have been the case in the past, an increase of production in China has drastically affected costs. China’s takeover of the caviar industry has sent prices plummeting in the US, despite a 25 percent tariff implemented earlier this year. According to the Washington Post, the wholesale price of caviar has plummeted 13 percent in the past year, and 50 percent over the past 5 years. At a current price of $350,000 a ton, getting caviar from China has allowed the price to significantly drop. The Pearl Street Caviar x NBA tins, for example, costs $25 for a 12-gram tin of Siberian Select, which comes out to just under an ounce.

Why is so much caviar coming from China, you ask? The country’s sturgeon farmers can produce caviar at a higher, more consistent quality than most places here in the US, and at a higher capacity to boot. Thus, everyone from Michelin-starred restaurants to Pearl Street is utilizing Chinese caviar, and can use it a lower cost to themselves, as well. Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Caviar

Caviar definitely has the nutritional profile and lowering cost to make it a more appealing workout nutritional aid. Historically, it hasn’t had much use, although USSR Olympic athletes were persuaded to eat caviar because of its protein content.

In today’s modern world, however, it’s not as common, even in the sports organizations that are starting to back the usage of caviar. Interviews Foodbeast conducted with multiple players in the NBA revealed that while it’s still used to show off at dinners and such, caviar hasn’t yet made it as a health food.

“I personally never heard of any basketball players eating it on the regular,” Orlando Magic guard D.J. Augustin told Foodbeast. “Maybe a few international players here and there!”

Indian Pacers center Myles Turner concurred with Augustin’s words, saying that “I personally don’t know a lot of players who use it as a dietary thing. I personally like it a lot! Most of the time when guys are at fancy dinner they’ll try it just to say they have, but it’s grown on me over the years.”

While it hasn’t seemed to have broken a ton of ground in the NBA, that doesn’t mean the potential for caviar to make it as health food doesn’t exist. However, if patterns in price slashes continue, the electrolyte and micronutrient profiles of caviar could make it convincing enough for professional athletes in the US to incorporate it into their diets. If that pattern begins to grow, caviar could become the next big nutritional supplement in the athletic community.

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You Can Now Buy Caviar Branded With Your Favorite NBA Team’s Logo

There are all different kinds of gear you can get branded with NBA logos, from the obvious jerseys, to athletic gear, stickers, and even portable phone chargers sporting the trademark of your team of choice. An item you might not expect that can come with these emblems, however, are tins of caviar.

Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Caviar

The NBA has teamed with Pearl Street Caviar through their NBA Labs program to create these limited-edition tins of marked caviar. Available in Siberian Select and Keluga varieties, you can choose between a personal-sized 12 gram container or a bigger 30 gram option that containers enough caviar for up to 3 people.

Caviar itself is known for being a high-end, expensive product, and while these tins are pricey, they’re not at exorbitant amounts like you would expect. A 12-gram tin costs $25 (and contains several spoon worths of caviar), while the 30-gram size ranges from $44-$64. The caviar itself comes from sturgeon sustainably raised in the HuaiYu mountains of China.

Pearl Street is hoping that through programs like these, they can help bring caviar to more everyday consumers. They’re trying to convince folks that caviar is a powerful health and sport food, containing beneficial nutrients like protein, electrolytes, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, selenium, iron, and calcium in high amounts.

While people probably aren’t going to spend $25 a day on health foods, this could be something that more and more professional athletes take a look at, especially with the exposure the NBA is now giving to caviar.

The caviar tins are now available on the Pearl Street website for six different teams: the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets, and the New York Knicks.

Restaurants Video

This Uni and Caviar-Topped Filet Mignon Is Surf & Turf At Its Finest

We’ve had surf and turf before, but not like this. Oh boy, not like this.

Salt + Charcoal, a steakhouse located in Brooklyn, NY, is serving a massive filet mignon that’s topped with uni and caviar.

Hand selected by the restaurant’s chef Tadaaki Ishizaki, the 50-day dry-aged cut of beef is grilled over organic wood charcoal on a custom-made crank designed by the chef himself to most effectively utilize the heat and flavor of the steak. What a pioneer.

The steak is spread with a seaweed umami sauce made from a combination of kombu and moshio salt. It’s then topped with a hefty amount of Maine uni and ikura caviar. To say this dish is decadent would be the understatement of the year.

Lowkey hating our NYC family for getting to try this before we did. Lowkey.


These Are 8 of the Saddest Meals We Found On @cookingforbae

When we get into a new relationship, most of us try to impress bae with the life skills we’ve acquired. Some of us might use our skills of being cute AF (is that a skill or a gift?) to woo our partners, while others use decisiveness to impress their significant others (very important).

And then, there are those who want to WOW! our baes with our amazing cooking skills. However, some of us just aren’t as culinarily gifted as others, as represented on the @CookingForBae account. Sure it’s all fun and jokes, until someone gets a stomach ache…

This Dress Is Hand Krafted

I will never look at cheese the same. #struggleslicesunday

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Bae is always looking for a one-of-a-kind #ootn for date night, so why not go the DIY route and get a little Krafty? At least she’s taken and not Single; she’s doing something right. She just needs to make sure to stay in a cool setting, only warm enough to melt the heart of her soulmate (and not her dress).

“I Just Want A Little Of Everything”

In what welfare line was this created??? 🤢🤢🤢 #welfare#foodporn#cookingforbae#breffusforbae#gmfu

A post shared by Amber♡🧜🏽‍♀️ (@amby_latte) on

Sometimes, bae can be a little indecisive, but it’s okay — that’s why you have to show bae that you’re into variety. From a side of not so Lucky Charms to a wiener that looks more like a loser,  @amby_latte certainly found a solution for someone with a rather… wide palate. Bae has so many options, how can they be upset?!

Men Are From Mars…

When bae asks you what you want for dinner and you tell him you need space, he takes it to a whole new dimension. @andrewtweeddale clearly hits the essential parts of the food pyramid: greens and sweets. What more could you ask for in a man (besides cutlery maybe…)?

Do You Like Your Cheese Shredded or Chunky?

Just…….why?? #UncalledFor #BaeAlmostHadItRight #StruggleSliceSunday #ChunkyCheese #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Conceptually, it’s all there — who doesn’t enjoy some cheese with their steak and eggs? The execution of the dish is a solid 2/10, seeing as bae wasn’t quite sure what form of cheese was necessary to make this dish an 11/10. Bae might melt our hearts, but bae needs to melt the cheese too.

Spa-Get These Noodles Out of My Tacos

Happy Cinco De Mayo y’all! Spaghetti tacos on deck. #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

So maybe bae was trying to show you the different blends of cultures or maybe bae was trying to be innovative, but either way, this Mexitalian cuisine might be too, uh… ahead of its time. Sure, you can make pasta stuffed shells, but the recipe probably isn’t calling for taco shells. Bae tried it, but we’re going to have to give it a hard pass #CincoDeMayNO.

“I Know How To Keep My Man”

…keep him on the toilet, yikes. @tees_and_pearls finishes our thoughts on this dish, and there are so many things to discuss about this plate, we don’t know where to begin. The hard boiled eggs, the corn, the cheesy pasta all revolve around a quite vibrant (and disturbing) hue of orange/yellow, making even the unhealthiest of people crave a salad or veggies. GIVE US COLOR!

Cheese Reduction Sauce

You already know what it is. #struggleslicesunday

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Bae went all out with the Kraft reduction sauce and a side of Kobe beef hot dog on this special evening. We’re just wondering if the night ended with a session of Netflix and chill or sweet, sweet cuddles with the porcelain throne.

Caviar Waffles 

Where is Waffle House when you need it. #wafflesandfeet #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Is it wrong that all we can think about when looking at this is Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus Andromedon singing “Pinot Noir”? Vogues to “Caviar, Myanmar, Mid-sized car, You don’t have to be popu-lar, Find out who your true friends are…”


These Russian Models Throw Down In A Pool Full Of Caviar [WATCH]

This feels like a flashback to classic WWE wrestling, when women walked around in thongs, were told to “suck it” and fought each other in pudding. Back when the industry treated women as objects, and not so much as athletes.

Well, it looks like this form of wrestling still exists, at least in Russia. Russians are classy folks, though, so they’re not going to make their women swim around in chocolate syrup, or strawberry Jell-O. Instead, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Russian Ruble in the “President Hotel,” the Russia’s Ministry of Culture had two Russian models roll around in an inflatable pool filled with 159 liters of caviar.

Not sure who wrote the script for the match, but it was pretty terrible by wrestling standards. There was zero finesse in their grappling, and it almost looked like they weren’t trained fighters, at all.

Maybe this would have cut it in the 90s, but women’s wrestling has evolved so much, that this looks borderline ridiculous, and dare I say, a little sexist.

As a wrestling fan, I expected better. Maybe this is considered quality wrestling in Russia, but that would never cut it in Vince McMahon’s business.


Hit-Or-Miss Humor

The 5 Best Things Brad Pitt Has Eaten on Screen (And Why They Mattered)

When it comes to snacking on the Silver Screen, Brad Pitt is king. If he starred in a movie about our world’s resources being all but depleted and it was the last few days of humanity, you’d still have a scene of his character chomping on bar nuts as he spoke. It doesn’t matter if it’s historical (Troy, Legends of the Fall), action (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Inglorious Basterds), or a damn biopic (Moneyball), his characters eat.

Yet, if you deconstruct some of these items from the perspective of the actual character, they seem less frivolous and more powerful, more purposeful, and more absorbing. So here are the top five raddest things Brad Pitt’s characters have devoured in movies and why they mattered.

5. Smoothie
Chad Feldheimer, ‘Burn After Reading’

SMOOTHIE - Chad Feldheimer in 'Burn After Reading'

There is likely no greater sustenance on Earth for a dim-witted lovable goofball personal trainer like Chad. With friend, co-worker, and extortion teammate, Linda Litzke, Chad enjoys a smoothie from Jamba Juice, which is probably his second favorite place on Earth after his local gym and office, Hardbodies.

Although Chad doesn’t push for the $50,000 ransom from Osborne Cox to be paid in juice bar gift cards, it wouldn’t have been out of character. This is a dude who could run the treadmill and his mouth forever. He’s so stoked to be alive, so jacked to be healthy, and so pumped on being pumped. This man lives for the next day because he’s like a cartoon dog that’s come to life in order to ride his bike, get babes babe-lier, and drink goddamn smoothies.

He could be tied up at supervillain’s lair getting swiped left with brass knuckles, but if they offered him a smoothie, he’d be all grins and forgiveness. Working surveillance, tracking operatives, and making cryptic espionage calls about “having your shit,” none of it matters, because there is always time for a smoothie.

4. Caviar
Benjamin Button, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

CAVIAR - Benjamin Button in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'

Children know what caviar is and what class of Americans eat it long before they even come close to understanding problematic wealth distribution. But nobody has tried caviar in a way that strikes a better balance of class-act and bad-ass than Benjamin Button, the man born elderly who aged in reverse.

Button tries caviar for the first time when he’s emotionally 23 years old and physically like a tired yet beloved older stepdad who teaches philosophy at the nearby college. It’s the year he’s in Murmansk, Russia, where he affairs it up with Elizabeth Abbott, the British Trade Minister’s wife. In their tender candlelit moment, Button shifts between unsure and bold, while she starts things off with the Russian toast of “Na Zdorovie” and then immediately follows it with, “You haven’t been with many women, have you?”

To give her audacious character credit, she was the first woman to try swimming the English Channel, but ultimately confesses to never having done anything with her life afterward. All he does to comfort her is calmly lay his hand over hers. She responds as if the slowest electricity has warmed her from a world of grey. Before they kiss, she observes, “I can feel the wind in your cheek.”

It’s a beautiful, strange moment and the battle of emotionality vs. physicality comes to a lovely calm of firsts. After guilt or sense steps in, however, Abbott makes an abrupt exit and Button, forgetting or never really caring about the fancy, expensive delicacy that is caviar (because OMG WOMAN), narrates, “It was the first time a woman had ever kissed me. It’s something you never forget.”

3. Nachos
Rusty Ryan, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’

NACHOS - Rusty Ryan in 'Ocean's Eleven'

Rusty eats throughout the entire Bellagio-Mirage-MGM heist and it’s wholly unmissable. The gang works around the clock, so there’s no time for anything resembling “supper” — and maybe there’s a smidgen of stress at play, even for the coolest of the cool. But while Rusty devours the breadth of Vegas munchies, from cotton candy to a shrimp cocktail, it’s the nachos that are inherently the most rewarding and, honestly, the ballsiest.

In a robbery, you need to be ready to abandon everything that isn’t crew. But nobody just throws nachos away and you certainly can’t run with them. They’re to be treasured, to be adored. Sure, even though every dumb-decorative-shit-on-the-wall chain joint has (at least an attempt at) nachos on the menu, the Pollack-esque flavor parade is still savored each and every time as if someone at the table hasn’t ever seen nachos before, let alone beheld their spiritual experience of cheesy other-worldly beyond. Nachos just do that to people. Even if nachos were legally required to be served at every restaurant, regardless of cuisine, someone would still sit down and say, “Hey, they’ve got nachos,” waiting like a drunken tiger for some table-side samaritan to say, “Yeah, I’m down.”

But Rusty’s no dummy. I mean, in just what we know, he’s pulled off three successful heists and won over the very cunning and gorgeous Europol Detective Isabel Lahiri twice. Yet he orders nachos, the boldest of ballsiest moves for someone who may need to run for his life at any moment. He knows the risk, but he also knows nachos are worth it. Die doing what you love eating.

2. Peanut Butter
Joe Black/Death, ‘Meet Joe Black’

PEANUT BUTTER - Joe Black/Death in 'Meet Joe Black'

Death tries peanut butter for the first time, and it’s truly one of the best scenes in a movie. Not because of the dialogue, the acting, or the scenery — all of which are fine — but what knocks your blockhead is the profound representation of the minute things we appreciate about our short lives on this (often troublesome) planet. Of course love, of course family, of course picturesque vistas at sunset or whatever, but to have been around for all of world history, seen every incarnation of human demise, individual and collective, and then finally wind up with five senses and a fresh beating heart… and then taste fucking peanut butter? Any brain of any creature from any dimension would absolutely, obviously, totally melt!

Think of the “Part of Your World” song from The Little Mermaid, except Ariel is actually Death who’s taken the form of a man killed by two cars slamming into him in the same (batshit fluke of an) accident. Death is discovering every single thing about human existence, a surreal glowing world that he’s only observed from afar. So when someone offers him peanut butter — after some of the most wily kid-like bounce of a grown man’s eyes, courtesy of the frosted-haired hunk that is Death — it’s for sure a bewildering moment of appreciating the little things. He inspects the first spoonful like the alien visitor that he is and nearly chokes on it like a doofus. The second time, though, he takes his time with it, rolling his tongue over the utensil and licking his gums, before finally stating the simplest, highest praise that could ever come from the Grim Reaper himself: “I thoroughly enjoy this peanut butter.”

This single two-bite spoon-snack has such a daunting effect on Death that his love interest, the glorious spark of quiet, humble life that is Susan Parrish, needs to clarify if it’s somehow better than sex with her.

Susan: “Do you love making love to me?”

Joe: “Yes.”

Susan: “More than peanut butter?”

Joe: “Yes. Much more.”

I have not become death, the destroyer of girls, but damn, if a woman asked me if I enjoyed midnight antics with her more than, say, soft pretzels, I’d for sure… well, actually hold on… this would require clarification. In this hypothetical, would she be inherently asking for me to straight up choose soft pretzels or lovemaking? Or would she be asking me to choose between soft pretzels and lovemaking with her specifically? Well, I ask you this, how fresh are the soft pretzels? I REPEAT, DAMN YOU, HOW FRESH ARE THE SOFT PRETZELS?

Okay, sorry. That outburst was unnecessary. I’ve come to the decision that any woman who would put me on the spot like that is some sort of temptress and I would naturally recite an ancient incantation to banish her from our realm.

1. Human Blood
Louis de Pointe du Lac, ‘Interview With a Vampire’

HUMAN BLOOD - Louis de Pointe du Lac in 'Interview With a Vampire'

You can’t beat a fancy dressed immortal drinking human blood. You just can’t. It’s too baller.


Most Bloody Marys Pale In Comparison To This INSANE Mimosa

More often than not, you can order a Bloody Mary and end up getting a free meal out of it. Most of them have some sort of garnishment, and many of them have ridiculous ones, like a burger, some onion rings and a ri-gosh-dang-diculous slice of pizza. It’s easy to forget that sometimes there’s a drink underneath all of that codswallop.

Well, one Texas restaurant called Nectar Wine Bar and Ale House has decided to cater to the people who love food on top of their drinks but don’t love Bloody Marys because, frankly, they’re disgusting.

Introducing…the Ultimate Mimosa! Aside from the orange juice and champagne in the mason jar, this gargantuan display of ridiculousness has an array of absurd garnishments, including fruits, cheeses, fuckin’ caviar, a god damn lobster tail, some MF smoked salmon and a FREAKING MUFFIN! I wish you could see my “WTF” face right now because it is as “WTF” as a “WTF” face can get.

With a $28 price tag on this bad boy, it would come as a shock if anyone actually ordered a meal with their drink.

Now I’m just gonna wait until we inevitably start throwing beef brisket into our Jack n’ cokes. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be mad about it.



Photo Credit: Guyville, Panda Whale, Facebook