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5 Unique Creations You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Made With Keto-Friendly Pizza Crusts

Cauliflower pizza crusts are having a moment right now, with everyone from California Pizza Kitchen to Whole Foods carrying them. One of the more interesting varieties comes from Outer Aisle Gourmet, who makes a keto-friendly crust with cauliflower, eggs, and Parmesan.

When it comes to this ketogenic cauliflower pizza crust, it’s how customers are getting creative with the crusts that piques some serious interest.

On social media, folks have been sharing a unique spread of dishes they’ve constructed by taking the pizza crusts beyond their intended usage. Whether you’re into cauliflower crusts or not, these are all innovative ways to create around the otherwise basic pizza base.


Outer Aisle Gourmet’s crusts lend to a versatile flavor. That’s because the Parmesan inside can play into a sweet-salty combo with maple syrup that will resonate with fans of the flavor combination.

Breakfast Tacos


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These taco shells are made with Outer Aisle Gourmet’s sandwich thins. So when you utilize it as the “tortilla” for a breakfast taco instead, you’re getting a low-carb, keto-friendly taco that’s big on flavor.


Cutting the cauliflower pizza crust into “chips” to make your own nachos is a solid game-changing move. I’d go even a step further and use pizza-based toppings to bring the entire dish full circle.



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Manicotti typically involves crepes or large pasta shells wrapped around a filling that’s smothered in tomato sauce and cheese before heading to the oven. These cauliflower crusts are pretty thin, so they can make for a ketogenic substitute to the standard crepe.

Reuben Sandwiches


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With the thin crusts acting as the “bread,” this Reuben may be more of a knife-and-fork job. That doesn’t make it any less delicious, however, and flatbread sandwich lovers will also be huge fans of this creation.

Of course, folks are also making some pretty bomb pizzas with the Outer Aisle Gourmet crusts that get shown off on Instagram as well.


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This pesto one with fresh mozzarella, for example, has a whirlwind of colors just on top that make it look visually stunning.


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You don’t have to stick to standard pizza ingredients, though, like in this post. The beet cashew sauce is a striking contrast to the avocados and other fresh produce on top.

Pizza in and of itself can get super innovative with the toppings you put on. So whether you let the creative juices flow on the pie or make something new with the crusts, there’s a lot of groundbreaking recipes to develop in the world of pizza.

If you’re interested in playing around with Outer Aisle Gourmet’s pizza crusts and sandwich thins, you can find them in Whole Foods and various retailers nationwide or on the Outer Aisle Gourmet website.

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California Pizza Kitchen Puts Cauliflower Pizza Crust On Menus Nationwide

Following a “highly successful” cauliflower pizza crust test in the SoCal area, California Pizza Kitchen has decided to put the veggie-based crust on menus nationwide.

cauliflower pizza crust

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

The cauliflower pizza crust game is hot right now, with one brand that offers it overtaking all frozen pizzas on Amazon in less than half a year. The gluten-free crust option is popular both because it has no wheat and that it’s veggie-based, appealing to those looking to switch most of their carbs to produce or looking for veggie-centric meals.

A word of warning to those with Celiac disease, however: CPK isn’t guaranteeing that trace gluten amounts won’t be on their cauliflower crust. Current kitchen space limits their restaurants to only produce their four gluten-free regular pizzas in the gluten-free kitchen. The crust is certified gluten-free, but it’ll be cooked in the same space as regular pizzas for now.

Guests can swap cauliflower crust onto any pizza on CPK’s menu at any location, barring those in universities, hospitals, airports, and hotels. It’ll be a $2.50 upcharge to get the crust typically, but CPK is waiving that through Feb. 9 as a way to get people to come in and try this increasingly popular pizza crust option for themselves.

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California Pizza Kitchen Is First Chain To Have Cauliflower Pizza Crust

One of the fastest-growing items in the food world right now is cauliflower pizza. As a gluten-free crust option, the plant-based pizza base has taken off, with one company becoming one of Amazon’s fastest-growing and top pizza brands in just six months. Recognizing that the cauliflower pizza crust game is strong right now, national pizza icon California Pizza Kitchen is hopping on the bandwagon early. They’re officially becoming the first national restaurant chain to incorporate cauliflower pizza crust into their menu.

cpk cauliflower pizza crust

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

The cauliflower pizza crust rollout is happening in two phases: Starting on November 27th, Southern California locations in Redondo Beach, Rainbow Harbor, and Manhattan Beach will begin offering the option to replace any crust on their menu with the brassica veggie. Early next year, every CPK location, barring those in hotels, airports, stadiums, and universities, will also have the gluten-free option available.

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

While it’s impressive to see a chain with CPK’s reach incorporate such a hot item so quickly, it’s gonna come at a steep price. Upgrading to the cauliflower pizza crust will cost an extra $2.50 per pie. But hey, if you’re celiac or on the low-carb pizza hunt, those options just became a whole lot more accessible.