Animated Short Shows Exactly What Happens To Cows Raised For Beef

The life of a beef cow is tragic one. The majestic bovine’s entire existence is centered around providing us carnivores with delicious red meat to grill, braise, and roast.

Sam O’Nella Academy created an animated video summarizing some common industry practices of raising and slaughtering cattle. The YouTuber notes, however, that no two farms are alike and that this video is merely a summary.

The slightly not-safe-for-work short follows a calf named Craig from birth to death. After the first ten months of his life, Craig is auctioned off to a feedlot until he is fully grown. He then goes to a packing plant to complete his life cycle and become beef.

After becoming stunned, or killed, the beef cows undergo an electrical stunning to speed up the process of rigor mortis. A few other things happen to Craig that we won’t go into detail with, but eventually he’s butchered into cuts and sent off to suppliers.

Check out the animated video to get an idea of what the life of a beef cow looks like. Their sacrifices will not go unappreciated.


China’s Animal Cloning Factory Launches Next Year And It’s Gonna Be Huge For Meat Production

The world has become one step closer to solving the crisis of world hunger.

Two companies, a biotechnology firm called Boyalife in China and a South Korean research company called Sooam Biotech, have joined forces to help create the world’s largest animal cloning center, slated to be build in the Chinese port of Tianjin sometime in 2016.

Cloning has been around for nearly 20 years, although the first cloned animal, Dolly the sheep, has been the source of plenty of controversy in terms of uses for cloned animals.

Many Chinese citizens expressed their hesitancy to eat the food, claiming that they would only build up enough trust to eat it if they saw the authority figures in their country eating it first. It only makes sense that skepticism runs rampant in a country riddled with food safety scandals.

The company will focus on three animals in particular: cattle for beef, dogs to work for the police and to be used as pets, and horses to be bred for racing. Boyalife will create 100,000 cow embryos a year, steadily increasing that number year after year assuming all goes well in terms of production and distribution.

While the idea in theory is great and could provide some much needed wiggle room for a country struggling to meet market demands for beef, it still leaves some questions unanswered that will need to be eventually satisfied. For example, how will the company provide enough food to feed these large grazing animals in a country that’s already struggling to feed the naturally born cattle? And what sort of environmental impact will that many cattle in one place have?

Image Source: Telegraph, Daily Mail

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

United Steaks of America

Better snatch these up before it’s too late. If you love meat, steak in particular and you also claim to be an art connoisseur then this is perfect for you. There is not much, food wise, that’s more American than steak. The United Steaks of America is a art series of 5-layer screen-prints on freezer paper, rendered in the shape of a US state. There are only 10 of each state being made, each one being 9″ x 16″ in size. $100 gets you all 50 states, and makes you the owner of one of the coolest art collections known to man. I should just buy a set, and then open a steak house based on that theme with the same name. Don’t take my idea. (Thx Etsy) (Source: Coolmaterial)