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Cats Apparently Love To Steal Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that pets love to steal food. For the most part, watching animals steal food is quite entertaining — as long as it’s not your food that’s being stolen.

So, it’s no surprise Twitter is blowing up over a video of a cat expertly stealing a Wendy’s Chicken Nugget.

Twitter user @lindseycabales, posted a video of her cat, Zach, grabbing a Wendy’s chicken nugget without permission. The video, posted on July 22, has since made this famished feline famous. The original tweet now has more than 30K retweets and north of 40K likes. Which seems to be a lot for a five second cat video.

But, apparently, Zach isn’t the only cat that likes nuggets. Twitter users began uploading videos of their cats stealing nuggets, fries, and other human food items.

Twitter user @claire_mcnugget‘s cat seems to like nuggets. 

@666Melon’s cat is a fan of fries.

@kaylynweaverr’s cat steals plastic forks for some reason.

@xourt’s is another nugget lover.

Despite the cat’s human-like grabbing technique, Lindsey claims she did not allow her pet to ingest the nugget, as she admitted being in an inebriated state, and wasn’t in the mood to share.

Although, there’s a subsequent tweet that contradicts Lindsey’s account of the evening. At 6:41 a.m., on July 26, Lindsey tweeted to Wendy’s claiming that Zach “loved” their chicken nuggets.

So, considering her tweet, it remains unclear if the cat actually ate it. Either way, there’s no denying the level of cuteness in this now viral video.

However, the video did spark conversation about whether or not feeding a chicken nugget to a cat should be considered animal abuse. Judging by the initial video, it’s safe to assume Lindsey is looking out for the best interest of Zach. Although, as long as chicken doesn’t have bones that a cat can choke on, it’s safe for feline consumption.

Thanks for the laughs, Zach!

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Brewery Hires Adorable Kitty Assassins To Handle Its Rodent Problem

One Chicago Brewery has had enough with the cities’ increasing rat population, so they teamed up with a rescue and hired a feline named Venkman to take care of business.

Apparently the problem is so bad in Chicago that the city now even has a rodent task force! According to CNN, a woman in a surrounding neighborhood had exterminators come to her home to discover 400 rodents.

After the rodent task force’s failed attempts, Tree House Humane Society came to the rescue and as a no-kill cat shelter they’ve found a way for the cats to have shelter while satisfying their instinctual hunting purpose. They enacted the ingenious Cats at Work Project, and the cats have been effectively keeping the rats away ever since.

Empirical Brewery had one particularly pesky rodent that they appropriately named “Jesus” because every time they turned a corner, they were startled to be staring into the eyes of a strangely large rat, and would mutter “Jesus” all too often. Jesus is now nowhere to be found after being faced with 4 new furry enforcers named Egon, Venkman, Gozer, and Raymond!

Here’s one of them guarding the grain, like a boss.

The kitty extermination program turned out to be very cost efficient when considering the cost of monthly exterminating efforts that weren’t doing the job. Furthermore, the brewers now have some friendly, furry company.

Empirical has hooked the cats up with a custom shelter that they’ve named “The Dark Tower,” and it has become quite the attraction for people visiting the brewery.

You can follow Venkman and his squad’s late night rat attack missions on Twitter here.



Photo Credit: Venkman The Cat


Your Beloved Pet Just Ate Your Weed, Here’s What To Do Next

Anyone that’s taken an edible knows how volatile they can be. Take a 23mg Cheeba Chew and you don’t feel anything at all, except your wallet in your back pocket being $10 lighter for nothing. Take a 24mg Cheeba Chew, and you also don’t feel anything at all, but only because you’re certain that your nervous system has shut down and you’re dying and you’re on your way to the promised land. Sucks, doesn’t it? Now imagine if your poor labrador puppy had to go through that as well. That’s certainly a thought no one enjoys.


I would cry forever if anything ever happened to my two little furballs because of me.

With the rise in popularity of marijuana and the states slowly going through a domino effect of legalization, cases of pet poisoning have grown substantially. The average number of pot-related trips to the hospital was one every month. Since the legalization in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, that number has jumped to one every other day.

As it turns out, there are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to your cat or dog, or ferret if you swing that way. First, let’s cover the obvious ones.

Don’t leave your weed/wax/paraphernalia lying around: Seems simple, but you would be surprised how often pets (especially dogs) find their way to a leftover pot brownie or half-smoked blunt resting on the side of an ashtray.

If you do leave it lying around, keep it in a locked place: Emphasis on the word “locked.” Dogs and cats are pretty persistent if they see or smell something and want it. Too many times have I seen video of a dog or cat opening a drawer or jumping a fence or shaking down their owners for their drug caches. Ok, the last one was a lie, but not too far off from the truth anyways.

If you’re following these instructions and your little furball still finds a way to gobble up your ‘dro, then you need to take one or both of these more extensive measures.

1. Activated Charcoal

This stuff is basically your all-in-one poison controller. If ingested immediately after eating poison, it should absorb a large amount of it and prevent it from getting too ingrained into your body, i.e. making it to your bloodstream and being generously pumped throughout its entirety. Even when feeding this to Rex, be sure to have preparations made to rush to the vet’s office if need be. When it comes to our four-legged loved ones, not a single second should be wasted.

2. The Veterinarian

I mean, you don’t really want to risk it, do you? It’s not worth it. Yes, the bills will be outrageous, and the doc will probably just sedate your pet until their highness passes. The best part though? THEY WILL BE ALIVE. Unless you’re a veterinarian yourself, you can’t be sure how your pet will react. If the charcoal works out, fantastic. If not, get your asses in the car and get to the hospital STAT. While at the vet’s office, try to follow these steps:

Honesty is key: Lying helps no one, especially your struggling friend. The vet doesn’t care about you enough to judge you, and they’re certainly not going call the police on you. They don’t have the time or the energy. It’s weed, and it’s 2016. It’s not that crazy anymore. Furthermore, if you want to avoid telling the vet why you’re there, he’s going to have to take every test possible to figure it out what’s wrong with , and you’re going to pay for all of them, and he’s going to figure out that it’s weed anyways. Save yourself and your companion the time, trouble and money.

Keep your wits about you: Animals are very intuitive creatures and can tell when their owner is panicked or worried about something. You staying calm will help your little guy stay calm as well, or at least as much as possible while they’re still battling the THC demons.

Plan for the future: Learn from this mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again, for your pet’s sake. If you’re worried about looking foolish, don’t be. Nobody needs to know about this little mishap if you’re uncomfortable talking about it, as long as you did everything in your power to help. Still, use this as a virtual “what not to do” template for the future and hopefully you can prevent this little problem from ever happening again.

If you do, however, cause poor little Buster to go through this again…



Photo Credit: Woof In Boots, Toke Signals


Meet The Cat That Can’t Take Its Eyes Off Its Owner’s Omelette

Pet owners know that once you start cooking up something delicious, you’re going to have an audience. YouTuber JunsKitchen sets a perfect example of this law of nature when he sets off to make a fluffy Japanese Omelette.

Known as omurice, the dish features fried rice that’s topped with a an omelette with ketchup (or some sweet sauce) drizzled on top. Super fresh.

This dude’s cat knows for sure. As you can see throughout the video, the ever-watchful kitty doesn’t once take its eyes off of the omelette-making process.

Hilariously enough, the cat doesn’t jump at the chance to take a bite once the dish is completed. Maybe it was just more interested in the process.


Watch Ed Sheeran Serenade Adorable Kitties In A Cat Cafe


Last year, English musician Ed Sheeran took a trip to Japan. There, he visited one of the cat cafes that have been growing in popularity. What better venue for such a superstar than a room full of cats?

Overwhelmed with the amount of cuteness that surrounded him, Sheeran whipped out his guitar and began to perform his famous song “Thinking Out Loud” to the group of cats. The confused felines began to scurry away in fear.

Check out Sheeran’s Japan trip in the video below featuring his experience in the cat cafe. He starts playing around 03:54.

H/T: RocketNews24


Tokyo’s Cat Pub Is The Perfect Internet Happy Hour


In Tokyo, where cat cafes are a popular way to de-stress with drinks and animal companionship, some feline lovers have decided to upgrade their espressos for something with just a little more kick: alcohol.

Owned by 60 year old Koyanagai and his wife, the Neko Bar Akanasu is a retro-style bar that, in addition to serving hors d’oeuvres and wine and cocktails, also happens to have five cats roaming around at any given time. Taken in by the owners from local animal shelters, the cats technically don’t belong to anyone, though that hasn’t stopped them from taking naps all over the place, sneaking treats from tables, and basically looking like little drunken customers whenever they get the chance:





Basically it’s late night tumblr, just in real life. We can think of no better place to spend our time.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Pets Deli is literally a Gourmet Pet Deli For Your Furry Companions


As if we needed our pets to be even more finicky than they already are now we’re giving them their own restaurants? Germany based Pets Deli is exactly what it sounds like, a deli for pets. Pet owners can customize their companion’s meal to their individual tastes by choosing one item from each menu: meats, vegetables and carbs. Don’t worry about fido packing on the pounds from indulging in a gourmet meal every once and again, Pets Deli’s menu options have all been approved by the staff nutrition expert. Menu options include everyday ingredients such as beef, broccoli and rice but also includes more interesting proteins such as kangaroo.


With its old school deli look complete with chalkboards Pets Deli looks like it belongs more in Williamsburg than Germany. A meal at Pets Deli will run you between €3-€6 or $4-$8 USD. The price seems a bit high considering you can get a weeks worth of dog food at that same price. Cue the cute factor because meals eaten on location are served in metal bowls. Pets on a schedule can get their dishes to go packed away in a less adorable plastic container. According to Eater the deli “opened to mix reviews, with some detractors arguing that the shop is “decadent.” It’s a restaurant for pets, what the hell did you think it was going to be?

H/T Eater + PicThx Facebook


Too cute to shove off pizza, too hungry not to


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