North America Opens its First Cat Café, Coffee and Cuteness Ensues


So, cat cafés are becoming a thing. It all started in Tokyo, where cat cafés have curiously become commonplace. Then a spot opened up in London for cat lovers to break bread with their feline companions. Now it has made its way to North America with a spot called “Le Café des Chats” opening its doors in Montreal.

Eater reported that cat enthusiasts flocked to the café’s grand opening this weekend to drink coffee, eat pastries and spend some quality time surrounded by 12 adopted cats that were brought in by the café. The Montreal café said the cats were vaccinated, insured, neutered and micro-chipped (illuminati shit), as the kitties were allowed to roam free around the restaurant.

As the cat café trend grows around the world, there are actually plans to open some in the United States such as “Kittea” in San Francisco and “The Cat Cafe” in San Diego. There was a pop-up cat cafe in New York last April, but it was only open for a week.

With cat cafés starting to pop up everywhere, crazy cat ladies can fulfill their dreams of drinking tea, opening up a good book and cuddling with a kitty in a public restaurant. And it will all seem normal. Kind of.

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Tokyo’s Cat Pub Is The Perfect Internet Happy Hour


In Tokyo, where cat cafes are a popular way to de-stress with drinks and animal companionship, some feline lovers have decided to upgrade their espressos for something with just a little more kick: alcohol.

Owned by 60 year old Koyanagai and his wife, the Neko Bar Akanasu is a retro-style bar that, in addition to serving hors d’oeuvres and wine and cocktails, also happens to have five cats roaming around at any given time. Taken in by the owners from local animal shelters, the cats technically don’t belong to anyone, though that hasn’t stopped them from taking naps all over the place, sneaking treats from tables, and basically looking like little drunken customers whenever they get the chance:





Basically it’s late night tumblr, just in real life. We can think of no better place to spend our time.

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Restaurant Mon Petit Serves up Cat Food for People in Honor of Cat Day


From cat cafes to cat’s only wine Japan has a soft spot for their feline friends, so of course they had to do it big for Cat Day. February 22 a.k.a “Cat Day” is an unofficial holiday for cat lovers to celebrate and pamper their pets but this year owners can get in on the festivities.

Hosted by Restaurant Mon Petit, also known as Fancy Feast here in the states, will be serving up a menu that looks like your furry companions favorites. Patrons will be welcomed by a kitty maître d’ and a set of their own cat ears to wear as they get ushered to their table. In between courses cat lovers can enjoy some cat-ivities such as an interactive kinect-esque motion capture that turns you into a digital feline. Meow.

The menu is French inspired created by Chef Phillipe Batton. Dishes include recreations of actual Mon Petit products: Turkey Terrine (that looks like it’s fresh outta the can), tuna with bonito flakes, creamy seafood soup, chicken breast cooked in thick broth, grilled beef and seafood, a chicken turkey snack dish complete with cat treat looking croutons and creme brûlée for dessert. At first glance the majority of the dishes definitely look similar to their kitty counterparts but hopefully they taste much better.

Sadly the restaurant isn’t open to the public, only 175 lucky patrons will have the change to indulge in this free dinner. Check out more photos of the dishes below:




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